Dachang style: try the 20th anniversary of the Shimonoseki Tea Dedicated Green Tree in 2019

Two sentences in Pu'er tea circle can be said to be familiar and well-known. The first sentence is called "giving birth to Shimonoseki, and it's ripe to benefit. " The reason for this is naturally derived from the recognition of numerous old tea friends for the raw tea of Shimonoseki tea. You word of mouth can be seen in the second sentence; the second sentence is called "A special hand in hand, the world I have" (or a hand in hand, the world I have), of course, the world I have is a joke, but as the Shimonoseki tea The factory's classic tea products, Jiayu, Tejiu have always been close to the people's prices, good performance after aging, super high cost performance, countless fans, Shimonoseki tea naturally won countless fans.

As the traditional four state-owned factories and the true first-line factories, the Shimonoseki Tea Factory has a long history, originating in 1902 and beginning in 1941. It has been reborn since the founding of New China and has flourished to this day. Counting it has gone through more than a hundred years. With a long history and a long history, the development of more than 100 years has enabled Xiaguan Tea to form a perfect product system, firmly occupying half of the Pu'er tea empire. In addition to the familiar representative teas of Jiabei, special tea, and sales law , classic tea products such as 8653, Baoyan tea , and red, blue, green, and round tea have also emerged from the Shimonoseki Tea Factory. Among many classics, there are some classic tea products that will be branded with special marks. These tea products often bloom with unique brilliance. For example, the familiar FT (flying table) special armors, mushrooms, and discus. Such as XY (new industry) specially made 8853, Shangpin Jinsi, and then our green tree . In fact, the 10-year sales law is also being sold because of special production. The iron powder has been ranked at the top of the sales law list for nearly a decade .

Regarding Shimonoseki tea, about those classic tea products, I think, I ca n’t talk about it for a few days and nights, so I just talk about tea, take a drool, and sink my heart to taste the taste of this cup of green trees.

The first is packaging, special, Yiwu Zhenxuan, 1999-2019, 20th anniversary and other words will vividly display this tea in front of us, cotton thread, pattern, phoenix bird, elegant and good. Open the outer tissue paper, and the inner tissue paper explains the origin of the tea in detail.

Front packaging

Introduction of tea packaging

Basic Information

Name: 2019 Shimonoseki Tea Dedication No. 20 Green Anniversary Tea

Brand: Shimonoseki Tea

Tea: Pu'er Tea (Squeezed Tea)

Year: 2019

Price: 980 yuan

Back packaging

Brewing preparation

Apparatus: Empty Valley Orchid and Xingtao High Stone Scoop Pot (full pot capacity 190ml)

Water: ordinary vat of pure water

Tea volume: 6.9g

Amount of soup: about 140 ml

Tea washing: once, 10 seconds / time

Water injection method: fixed point low impulse

Wake up time: not woke up

Tea volume

Dry tea

Dry tea

The pie shape is square, compact and compact, and the edges are not loose. The pie noodles are clear, the color is dark, and the oil is slightly moist. Raw tea for the year, in line with the introduction of old materials and new pressure.

Positive pie chart

Recent pie chart photo

Pie chart on the back

Recent pie chart photo

Side Pie Chart 1

Side Pie Chart 2

Tea soup

1 soak for 10 seconds: soup color apricot yellow is bright and clear, no offensive green taste, slightly bitter, fast melting, slightly sweet in the throat, the soup has a certain thickness;

2 soaks for 8 seconds: slightly astringent on the tongue, slightly bitter, and melts quickly;

3 soaks for 8 seconds: it has a honey scent, a little bitterness on the tongue surface, fast opening, mid-throat regaining sweetness, better strength, and slightly lingering on the bottom of the tongue;

4 bubbles to 6 bubbles for 8 seconds each: weak astringency, fast opening, weak bitterness, fast opening speed; better return of sweetness in the middle and lower part of the throat, a little fluidity at the bottom of the tongue; thinner waterways, fuller mouth feel, thicker thickness Well, there is a certain honey fragrance;

1-6 bath chart

3 bath chart

6 bath chart

9 bath chart

7 soaks for 15 seconds: the soup becomes light, the sweetness remains, the bitterness is weak, and the honey fragrance remains ;

8 soaks for 25 seconds: the soup becomes lighter, the bitterness is less, the astringency is weak, and the thickness of the soup is still;

9 brews for 40 seconds: The tea taste is still, the waterway is soft, the thickness is slightly reduced, and it can still be brewed.

4-9 Soup

Leaf bottom

The bottom of the leaves is yellow and green, the stalk leaves are fatter and tender, and the flexibility is better. Some long stalks are lightly rubbed and rotten, and have a certain activity. The uniformity is good, the buds and leaves are relatively complete, and obvious transformation can be seen; based on the process of the bottom of the leaf and the materials, there is some room for aging.

Bottom of the leaf inside the pot

Leaf map

Recent leaf map

Recent leaf photos 2

to sum up

1. Look and feel:

Dry tea: The cake is round, compact and compact, and there is no looseness on the edges; the noodles of the cake are clear, the color is dark and black, and the flower is slightly mixed; the cake has a few buds, yellow slices, slender stems, and ingredients Good quality. it is good.

Bottom of the leaf: The bottom of the leaf is yellow and green, the stalk leaves are fatty and tender, and have good flexibility. Some long stalks are rotten when rubbed, and have certain activity. ; The bottom of the leaf is well-formed, the buds and leaves are more complete, and the transformation can be seen; comprehensive processing of the bottom of the leaf and the use of materials, there is some room for aging. better.

2. Soup feeling

Aroma: No green, off-flavors, or honey. better.

Soup color: Tanghuang apricot is bright and clear, and has good permeability. it is good.

Huigan: Huigan is better, with better persistence, weaker bitterness, faster melting, and less bitterness than astringency. better.

Shengjin: The Shengjin is acceptable, the durability is good, the tongue and astringency is weak, and the melting speed is fast. better.

Thickness: The thickness is better, and the mouth feels fuller. it is good.

Waterway: The waterway is more delicate and has no discomfort. well.

3. affordability

Bubble resistance: 9 bubbles out of soup, can continue brewing, bubble resistance is better. better.

Chen Fang space: good material selection, good picking tenderness, process in place, leaf bottom flexibility activity is good, it can be seen that some transformation, transformation effect is better, there is a certain aging space. better.

Price: 980 yuan a cake, good materials, reasonable technology, the process is in place, return to Gan is better, Shengjin acceptable, quality is good, the conversion effect is good, there is a certain space and cost performance. better.

Generally speaking, a tea that performs better. The astringency of the new tea period has long faded away, and replaced by the taste of the transformed time, which can reflect the characteristics of Yiwu tea to a certain extent. The bitterness is low, the soup is soft, and the honey is remarkable. You can try it if you are tired of bitterness.

(Author / Xing Chen Liaoluo; Source / New Tea Network)

Original link: http://www.xincha.com/paicha/reports/2861/

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