Seeing Yiwu Tenderness at the Beginning: 2018 Yiwu Ecological Arbor Trial Report of Xinghai Tea Industry

Yiwu is an insurmountable place for Pu'er tea, both past and present. Hundred years ago, Yiwu was the distribution center of the six ancient tea mountains , the origin of tribute tea, and the birthplace of the century-old tea that still exists today.

The history of Pu'er tea is traced, but the Yiwu tea area has experienced the hardening of time, and it is difficult to retain a clear and traceable memory of tasting: whether it is the tribute tea that entered the palace of the Qing Dynasty, or the old The four treasures in the tea tasting have a distinctive "Yiwu origin". It is at this point that it is easy to find the source and change the martial arts.

The “Yiwu Ecological Tree” Pu'er raw tea launched by Kaisa Industry Xinghai Tea, won the “Eighth Dingcheng Tea King Race” in the exhibition by virtue of its excellent R & D tea-making technology and full-bodied taste. The award marks the end of the 2018 National Industry Tour.

On January 28, 2018, Jiazhaoye Group and Xinghai Tea Industry Co., Ltd. held a cooperation signing ceremony, and the Jiazhao · Xinghai Tea Industry brand opened in the first year. Xinghai Tea Co., Ltd. is located in the core production area of Pu'er tea-Erhai County, Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Yunnan Province. It is a specialized company engaged in tea planting, processing technology promotion, tea culture dissemination and tea marketing. Xinghai Tea Industry, formerly known as Xinghai Tea Factory, was founded in 2002. It has 17 years of history of Pu'er tea making, with an annual output of 3,000 tons. It is one of the ten well-known brands of Pu'er tea.

Brand: Xinghai Tea

Category: Pu'er Tea-Raw Tea

Manufacturer: Xinghai Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

Specifications: 357 g / cake, 7 cakes / lift, 6 lifts / piece

Net weight: 357 grams

Process: raw tea

Shape: Cake Tea

Year: 2018

Ingredients: Yunnan large leaf seed sun-hair tea

Standard: GB / T22111

Shelf life: the more the more fragrant

Go for a cup of tea for your sake,

Toiled and toiled to bring pleasure to the jug of wine.

The last couplet reflects the recent work-life attitude. Being a man really requires work and rest, and will enjoy life. First of all, thanks to, I have the honor to try Xinghai Yiwu ecological trees today.

The front of the package is mainly orange and yellow characters on a white background, which is printed with soft and powerful Yiwu bronzing characters. The raw materials can be seen from the characters to Pu'er tea in Yiwu tea area. On the back side, it is basically similar to other products. The type of raw materials, batch, weight, standard, license number, storage method and manufacturer and origin are the same. Easily torn security labels give consumers a guarantee of authenticity.

Unpacking the outer packaging, the tea cake is pressed tightly, and the cake shape is round and round. Seeing the little knowledge, we can see the deep pressing ability of Xinghai tea from the tea cake shape. Taking a closer look at dry tea, the raw materials are preferably Yiwu high-altitude arbor spring tea as raw materials. The tea sticks are thick, the color is black and bright, the silver is exposed, and the light fragrance is pleasant.

Easily pry the right amount of tea and simply prepare tea sets , boil water, sanitary ware, and cast tea ... At this time, I am so busy that I have been immersed in the gentle fragrance of Yiwu!

One bubble: The tea soup is pale yellow and translucent, with elegant aroma and slightly floral fragrance , sweet and soft on the mouth, and very comfortable.

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Second bubble: The tea soup is bright orange, the flower and honey are fragrant, the mouth is sweet, with a bit of astringency, and it changes relatively quickly.

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Three bubbles: The tea soup is orange and bright, the aroma is long, the honey at the bottom of the cup is obvious, and the soup at the entrance is soft and smooth, with a bit of astringency, and it will return quickly.

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Four bubbles: The tea soup is golden and shiny, the aroma is high, and the cup is full of aroma. The taste is delicate, smooth, full of layers, the vitality is obvious, and the sweetness is lasting.

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Five bubbles: The tea soup is more golden and shiny, with a long-lasting honey fragrance and rich floral and fruity scent.

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Six bubbles: Tang Xinghuang is bright, the cup is fragrant for a long time, the taste continues to deepen, the taste is rich and full, and the coordination is good.

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Seven or eight bubbles: The soup color is gradually lightened, and the taste is slightly lightened, but the aroma is quiet and elegant, the taste is mellow, and the sweetness is sweet and delicate.

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The leaf buds of the tea base stretch well, the color is yellow-green, oily, and full of activity. Hold the cup lightly for a long time with a faint scent of tea, and flip it in your hands.

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This product Xinghai Yiwu ecological arbor, as soon as you see Yiwu tenderness. The tea soup is golden and shiny, with a sweet and soft taste, bitterness and subtlety, honey and elegant taste, long cup hanging time, throat rhyme, and long flavor. The tea is relatively stable and has a rich background, which makes people have a soft aftertaste. It is also the top grade of Yiwu tea. Don't seek the best, don't want the fever, just the pure. Not forgetting at first , this tea can be made into an authentic Yiwu tea.

(Author / Donggua; Source / New Tea Network)

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