Colorful impressions, warm tea: trial of colorful Yunnan new colorful impressions in 2018

Product Name: Colorful Impressions (Raw Tea)

Packaging: flat cake pressed tea

Specifications: 357 grams

Tea volume: 8 grams

Tasting utensils: ceramic lid cup

Tasting water: weakly alkaline filtered water

Brewing times: 16

Reviewer: Blessings for the next 30 years

Note: I have received the colorful impression (raw tea) tea sample of Xinchawang a week ago, which is very elegant and fragrant ; I opened the cotton tissue for a few days and let the tea fragrance spread, so as not to affect the evaluation effect.

The tea cake packaging is very neat and neat, the selected cotton paper is also thick and feels good; the printing font is blue, which has a flavor of spring tea; the tea factory information is clear and clear, and the manufacturer's specifications are relatively high!

The tea cake has a lot of silver on the surface, which should be harvested from spring tea; the tea leaves are wide and stout, and the color is dark. It should be produced by old tea trees. It can be seen that the manufacturers choose fine materials and have higher grades.

The internal standard of tea cakes is relatively new, and 15 years of new tea is undoubted; although the tea cakes have been left outside for a few days, the tea cakes are still fragrant and full of tea .

The compactness of large tea cakes is relatively moderate, and the raw tea cakes are relatively dry, and it is easier to pry tea; the moderate tightness is also conducive to the later transformation of tea cakes.

Pry dry tea 8g, wash out the tea, tea perfume surplus, soup goose yellow, full of room fragrance, good! The tea cover is full of fragrance (I thought it was too long to wash the tea, I knew it was old tea after drinking tea.)

After washing tea, after the tea absorbs moisture, it stretches out, and the old tree leaves the old tea.

1 to 3 bubbles of normal 6 seconds out of soup, soup color, tea fragrance is not reduced, smooth and smooth; tea into the mouthpiece, there is no astringent, it should be the reason of the old tree tea!

The soup color of 3 to 6 tea soups is still golden, the tea aroma remains excellent, and some sweetness is returned.

The soup is brewed in 7 to 10 brews for 8 seconds. The tea aroma remains intact, the tea taste is mellow , and the tea is very resistant to frothing.

Evaluation summary: I personally feel that the large leaf old tree tea selected by the manufacturer, the tea leaves are thick, the soup color is goose yellow and translucent, there is basically no astringency, the tea flavor and tea flavor are good, the mouth is smooth and very foam resistant. Old tree tea that tea guests can save!

In warm winter days, can you make a cup of pure old tea, life geometry?

Author / ddd; Source / New Tea Network

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