A touch of warmth in winter: The 2018 Shimonoseki tea classics sold in Taiwan

First of all, thank Xincha.com for giving me the opportunity to taste so many good teas and meet so many tea friends! In the process of communication, I benefited a lot! 16 days ago I received the "2018 Shimonoseki Tea Classic Sale Taiwan Yunan Tea Instant Cooked 100g" from Xincha.com ! Due to busy work and many reasons, I don't have time to sit down and enjoy a cup of citron , I'm really sorry!

1. Brand introduction

"Bright atmosphere, good friends, good tea" is the excavation and generalization of the original advertising slogan "100-year-old classic Shimonoseki tea", and it is also the secret of Shimonoseki tea's achievement of a century-old classic. For more than a hundred years, Shimonoseki Tea has always insisted on being a man of integrity, devoting himself to making tea, and excelling in the industry.

"Atmospheric reasoning, good friends and good tea" leverages the Dali spirit of promoting and demonstrating Dali to the world; highlights the unparalleled natural conditions of Shimonoseki tea and the irreproducible origin environment; emphasizes that the quality of advocating "atmospheric reasoning" The prerequisites and inevitable results of becoming a "confidant good tea".

"Atmospheric and reasonable, good friends" reflects the philosophy and core values of Shimonoseki tea, which is a sublimation from tea to human nature. She is not only the desire and pursuit of Shimonoseki tea people to cultivate themselves, but also the health care of the world's tea people who drink Shimonoseki tea, a blessing from the soul!

The auxiliary graphics adopt the Yunnan tie-dye expression mode, and the four characters "wind, flower, snow, and moon" representing the advantages of Dali's four sceneries and tea processing are embedded in it. Select the natural elements such as Dali Gate Building, Bai building, tea, camellia, snowflakes, and the abstract graphics of the classic tea trademarks such as Songhe and Baoyan, and add them to the Chinese character pattern. At first glance, you can feel the joy and flying in it. The tea character of Zhiyuan gives people a space for reverie and a long aftertaste.

Packaging Introduction

The packaging is tight and not squeezed!

Baby was not harmed

A touch of woody fragrance comes out

Packaging Information

The tadpole is round, the color is taupe brown, and the cord is thick. The shape is bowl-shaped.

Still noticeable, buds, leaves and stalks are also clear.

Moderate tightness

Basic Information

Name: Shimonoseki Classic Taiwanese Tea (Cooked Tea)

Ingredients: Yunnan big leaf seed sun tea

Place of Origin: Dali, Yunnan

Net content: 100 grams

Shelf life: suitable for long-term storage under the storage conditions

Address: 13 Jianshe West Road, Xiaguan Town, Dali City, Yunnan Province

Production date: May 5, 2018

Price: 30 RMB / 沱

Third, tasting

Weather: Cloudy Temperature 9 ℃

Location: Office

Bottled mineral water

Tea is about 8 grams, which can be easily removed with a tea needle. Feeling slightly broken!

1.Warm Cup

Warm cup with boiling water.

2, wake up tea

I have been awake these days when I received the tea. I washed the tea quickly with 96 degrees water and warmed the cup again! The tea soup is brown and translucent, and the bottom of the cup is fragrant! Friends praise!

3.Tea tasting


First bubble

Second bubble

Third bubble

Fourth bubble

First bubble to fourth bubble contrast (1/2/3/4 from left to right)

Fill the water at a fixed point, and it will come out instantly. The soup brown brown oil is bright and transparent, the second bubble entrance is slightly bitter, but it melts away instantly, the wood scent appears between the lips and teeth, but not too strong, and the fourth bubble soup water has a slight sweet taste, sweet and mellow taste . After four drinks, my body became hot, and my friends praised him, thinking that it was cost-effective and cheap! We didn't produce the scent of Shimonoseki (compared with the raw scent, the raw scent is stronger)


Fifth bubble

Sixth bubble

Seventh bubble

Eighth bubble

Comparison of the fifth bubble to the eighth bubble (5/6/7/8 from left to right)

Fill in with water at regular intervals and make soup in 10 seconds. The soup color is still brown, red, shiny, clean and refreshing, with a strong woody aroma at the entrance, and a slightly strong taste. The tea soup entrance is smooth, without bitterness, and it is sweet and moist around the throat. After the fifth bubble, there is a slight return to sweetness. Cheeks grow ill.

Final stage

Ninth bubble

Tenth bubble

Eleventh bubble

Twelfth bubble

Comparison of ninth bubble to twelfth bubble (9/10/11/12 from left to right)

Inject water at a fixed point, ninth and ten bubbles, and make soup in 20 seconds. The eleventh bubble is covered with a stuffy bubble for one minute. The soup color has faded, but it is still shiny and transparent, and the light is beautiful and bright, and the tea fragrance is weakened.

Leaf bottom

The black bottom of the leaves is bright and shiny, the cords are fat and tender, the stalks, leaves and buds are uniform, soft and tough.

General comment

The dry tea is round, thick and thick, showing whiteness, moderately tight, and exuding a slight woody scent. The soup color is bright and shiny, clean and refreshing, with a strong woody aroma, smooth mouth, no bitterness and astringency, and it is not too strong, but the sweetness and tenderness around the throat teeth are refreshing! The bottom of the leaves is soft and even! Bubble resistance is average! Personally, I think it is a cheap ration tea!

Author / Dugu Sword; Source / New Tea Network

Original link: http://www.xincha.com/paicha/reports/2869/

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