The wildness of the mountains and the rich, sweet fragrance: the 2019 Jeep Tibetan Peak Red Dian Black Tea Tasting Report

The wildness of the mountains, the flowers are strong and sweet

2019 Jeep Zangfeng Red Yunnan Black Tea 100g Tasting Report

Into the brand:

Recently, the Jeep has been swiping the screen continuously, and several awards have been won at the Guangzhou Tea Fair. The organizing committee has to modify: the rule for a tea company award cannot exceed three. No one's home right? Fortunate to be able to taste Jeep products.

2019 Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair

Special Special Tea King Award

Won Ding Cheng Tea King Competition for 3 consecutive years from 2017-2019

Special Gold Award Tea

In order to choose the tea king!

Jeep with super strength

Became the first tea king award-winning company in Pu'er tea category

Also the only award-winning company in Pu'er tea

Among them [2020 version of Jishu 503 ] [2019 version of a pint of orange]

Winner of the Tea King Award

6 of 6 shots, all gold!

Gold Medal Grand Slam Again

The story of the Jeep originated from the world's origin of tea sources --- the deep mountains and dense forests of the Lancang River Basin in Yunnan, China. We uphold the ultimate player spirit of young people, deeply root the tea mountain, die the ancient industry, and create the "yuan" process of cooked tea fermentation. Our core goal is to combine the rational tea-making attitude with the exploration of players, and create a tea product that evokes the happiness of Pu'er tea enthusiasts. Jeep is a young team, because of its love for Pu'er tea ...

The Chashan Heihua column on Jeep's official website is very good, and a lot of knowledge has been learned from it. Tea oil can look at Kazakhstan.

product information:

Producer: Ouhai Jiptang Tea Co., Ltd.

Category: Black Tea

Manufacturer: Yunnan Xishuangbanna Ouhai Zhongyi Tea Factory

Specification: 100 grams

Packing: bag

Ingredients: Yunnan large leaf seed green tea (603 same material)

Executive standard: GB / T22291-2017

Production license: SC11453282224742

Production date: 2019-5-12

Start tasting:

Time: 2019-12-18 night

Weather: light rain (just right for tea at home)

Temperature : about 4-9 ℃

Location: Zhenjiang, Jiangsu

Tea making tools: 110 lids, fair glass, cups, etc.

Weight: 8g

Water: Self-use

Tasting people: tea drinkers and friends

Packaging appreciation:

The red rectangular packaging is festive and generous, and the word "Hangfeng" is embossed, waiting to be revealed. The word "red" is artistically shaped, with mountains on the left, and the word "work" on the right represents the spirit of craftsmen. 603 same material, the spring of 2019 illustrates the source of raw materials.

image description

image description

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Dry tea appreciation:

Unpacking, the nectar scented with game taste

Boiling water, warm cup, tea

The first 1-3 bubbles: water at about 90 °, the soup comes out in seconds: the soup color is golden red and bright, and it has a thick feeling; the taste of the wild mountain is strong, and it is unrestrained in the mouth. The fragrance is strong, the taste is pure and thick;

image description

image description

image description

4-12 bubbles: water at about 90 °, each bubble is delayed 5S compared to the previous bubble: the soup color is golden and bright, a bit of amber; taste: mellow taste, smooth and pure taste; sweet back, strong Jinsheng, Yamano breath Stability, can not help but toast with friends.

image description

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Tail section: Water above 90 °, suitable test time 60S: Observing the soup color, bright yellow, bright and bright, although the soup color, the mountain atmosphere fades a lot; but still can feel the aftertaste, it seems to have just stepped out of the deep mountain forest; the entrance of the product is still sweet and the waterway seems more The delicate, but mellow feeling is not as strong as before.

image description

Leaf bottom:

The bottom of the leaf is thick, and the whole strip is complete. The picking is very intact, oily and bright, and very active; such leaf bottoms with solid materials are rare.

Leaf bottom

overall evaluation:

Bottom of the leaf: solid material with high grade, thick raw materials, active oil, and high foam resistance;

Soup color: The soup color is golden red, bright, and thick like amber.

The taste: strong mountain wildness, stable output, charming and drunk nectar; full-bodied, pure taste; sweetness, strong vitality.

It is worthy of the Jeep No. 603 Gold Award Black Tea, but the price is not so close to the people.

Author / Tea Drinker; Source / New Tea Network

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