Glutinous sweetness: 2019 Xinghai tea industry Xinghai small BRICS trial drinking report

There are many types of tea, but only cooked tea. For me who is often accompanied by cooked tea, a cup of warm cooked tea, from the smell of fragrance, entrance, tasting and aftertaste-is like going through a lifetime of nagging. Anterior segment = childhood ignorance, middle segment = adult colorful, posterior segment = calmness of old age.

Cooked tea is often cake. As the saying goes: cakes are better than cakes, and cakes are better than bricks. In terms of transformation, cakes and bricks are more perfect. (Only on behalf of personal views).

I often drink cake tea , and now I am fortunate to get this (2019 Xinghai Small Gold Brick ) as a treasure, no matter what its real taste, I have been satisfied with it!

So: let's get started!

Packaging is blue carton, with pull-out design inside and out. The top right corner (Xinghai Tea) tea and trademark LOOG, and the bottom (Xinghai) small BRIC cooked tea, with a net content of 432 grams, are 6 small boxes.

It is divided into 3 small pieces, and there are 6 pieces in the upper and lower layers.

Two pieces up and down, the color bar pull-out is more convenient!

Each box contains two small bricks.

The bricks are even and moderately tight. There are patterns on the bricks, but-I do n’t recognize ,,,

The material is fat and stout, with clear roots and more golden buds. A tea needle was originally prepared, but no one knew that there were ribs on the back. Exquisite and tempting like chocolate!

The materials used should be mainly grade 5 and grade 7 materials. (personal opinion). Take out a piece of smell without smell, there are clear Chen Xiang , Nuo Xiang!

Start tasting preparation utensils: You can clearly watch the changes in tea soup with cover bowls, fairness, tea leaks, small cups, and filtered 100-degree pure water for home use!

Because the small gold bricks are pressed a little tighter, water infiltration quickly wakes up. Inject water several times to stretch the tea!

1 bubble: see the soup out of the cup for 10 seconds, the tea soup wine is red and fair, but oilier. The mouth is slightly waxy, and Chen Xiang is strong. I suspect this material has been stored for a long time. It is sweet and moist, and the exquisiteness of the throat drop process is average.

A little soy sauce to catch the feet.

2-3 bubbles: The soup is dark, oily and plump, and the gold circle is bright. The entrance is mainly Chen Xiang, and the sweetness is good! The tea soup has a clear caramel flavor, and the aftertaste of the throat is wheat. Fine and smooth!

5-6 bubbles: The soup comes out in seconds, and the taste level changes little.

7-8 bubbles: The taste change is not very obvious, and the sweetness is good. Levels: Chen Xiang, Caramel, and Mai Xiang.

9-10 bubbles: The foam resistance is good, and the color of the soup is slightly indifferent, but the consistency is still acceptable. In the later period, the sweetness became more and more obvious. Chen Xiang was absent. It was mainly wheat fragrance. The tea soup became soft and thin!

The last bubble: In fact, you can soak a few more times, but you can't drink it. Mai Xiang's sweet and tender soup is delicate and soft. It has a good aftertaste in the mouth and throat.

The tea base is clear and does not rot, soft and elastic. More tea stalks have guaranteed the thickness of tea soup!

Author / Resolutely blooming; Source / New Tea Network

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