Jeep Class 703 of Jishu Class 2019: Warm throat, sweet and mellow

Banpen Laozhai (also known as Bangpen Laozhai, both of which are transliterated words) is located at the intersection between Xishuangbanna Township and Bulangshan Township , and is closely connected to Laobanzhang Chashan, only 2 kilometers away from Laobanzhang Village. Therefore, both belong to the Brown Camellia area. The altitude, climate, soil, ecological environment, and tea tree age are the same as those of the old Banzhang, but the average altitude is only about 100 meters lower than the old Banzhang. The soil is yellow-brown soil, the natural ecological environment is good, and the forest shade is moderate. The Lahu ancestors settled here before planting nearby Lao Banzhang village.

Jeep Class 703 pot of Jishu cooked in 2019. When you get the tea cake, the first thing that catches your eyes is "703", "7" is the series of 7 series, "0" is the main production area of Erhai Lake, and "3" is the raw material grade. Level 3.

The bronze square seal, the center of the whole tea cake, a circle of black, a circle of bronze, and a dark-lined unicorn pattern set off the 2019 Jihai, and the vermilion square seal "Yuan Craft" is the finishing touch.

The back of the tea cake is folded into horizontal strips, and all the product information is clearly printed on it, anti-counterfeiting labels, Yunnan Pu'er Tea Association certification, Chinese geographical indications, all printed, dedicated and professional.

Unpacking the double-layered tissue paper, the tea cake has a soft woody tea fragrance. The cotton paper inside, scarlet dots, and a unicorn in the middle, looked cute and unique, and the inward flying was still a bronze-colored strip.

The dry tea cakes are densely packed with golden buds, red and brown oil, and the tea is obvious. The tea cakes are round and stylish, the lines are clear, and the dry tea has a woody fragrance.

Prepare a tea needle. Press the entire tea cake with your hands and gently press the loose tea (the back of the tea cake is facing up). When you hear the sound between the tea leaves and the tea stalk, pry the tea needle from the tea nest on the back of the tea cake. Produce about 8 grams of tea.

Start making tea, 100 degrees water temperature, warming the tea cup.

The first step in washing tea and waking up the tea is to inject water regularly. The water does not pass the tea leaves. The tea leaves slowly spread out from the pressed tea, and the tea fragrance diffuses a little.

When the tea leaves are unfolded, the soup is ready (about 25 seconds). The first soup is bright, clean, and lightly woody.

The first bubble, the soup comes out in 7 seconds, the soup is red and oily, clear and translucent, with a woody fragrance and a light glutinous scent. When I drink it, I feel the soup feels smooth and the tongue is slightly bitter, but it turns into a slight sweetness.

The second bubble, the soup comes out in 8 seconds, the soup is red and rich, the bitterness of the tea soup entrance, quickly melts on the tongue, the mouth is sweet, the glutinous fragrance is comfortable, the throat is natural, mellow , and it is slightly sweet.

The third bubble, the soup comes out in 10 seconds, the soup has a deep red wine color, woody fragrance, glutinous fragrance, and a strong sense of thickness at the entrance of the tea soup, and the bitterness is still quickly turned, pure and plump.

The fourth bubble, the soup comes out in 12 seconds, the soup color is oily and plump, and the soup is drawn out to draw the soup, which is mellow and glutinous. The tea flavor is pure and high. The taste at the entrance of the tea soup is like the "water contains fragrance". Incense and sticky incense "jump" in the mouth.

The fifth bubble, the soup comes out in 14 seconds, the soup color is still oily, full, and mellow. The color of the fair cup of soup is beautiful and beautiful. Take a sip of tea and gently press it under the tongue. Creamy.

The sixth bubble, the soup is released in 15 seconds, and the tea soup is slowly poured out from the fair cup. The bitterness has been transformed into smooth sweetness, gentle throat rhyme, sweet and fragrant , and warmth.

The seventh bubble, the soup is produced in 18 seconds, the soup is dark wine red, the bitterness is gone, the sweetness is still, the glutinous fragrance is pure, the sweetness is sweet, and the throat is comfortable and natural.

The eighth bubble, the soup comes out in 20 seconds, the soup color is not so thick red at first, the bitter taste is gone, soft and soft, slightly waxy.

Ninth and ten bubbles, the soup time is extended to 25 seconds, the soup is bright, clean, rosy, and sweet.

The bottom of the leaf is finely selected, oily and plump, fresh, and the shoots occupy a large proportion.

product information

Product Name: Jishu 703 Basin

Brand: Jeep

Specifications: 357 g / cake, 5 cakes / lift, 10 cakes / piece

Process: cooked tea

Year: 2019

brand introduction

The story of the Jeep originated from the world's tea origin --- the deep mountains and dense forests of the Lancang River Basin in Yunnan, China.

We uphold the ultimate player spirit of young people, deeply root the tea mountain, die the ancient industry, and create the "yuan" process of cooked tea fermentation.

Our core goal is to combine the rational tea-making attitude with the player's exploration heart to create an excellent tea in the hearts of Pu'er tea enthusiasts.

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