New store opened Dongzhuo Xiyingmen: Grand opening of Zhanjiang Image Store in Guangdong!

Welcome to Guangdong Zhanjiang Image Store!

In the early morning, Zhanjiang Image Store has ushered in many "Dongzhuo old friends" one after another, with deep friendship, only after years of precipitation will become more mellow. Just like this mellow cup of Pu'er tea, it also accumulates the beauty of the years. The entrance is instant but intriguing.

On the morning of the 27th, the ribbon-cutting ceremony began and the opening ceremony of the Zhanjiang Store was opened.

Zhanjiang Image Store Address

Chikan District, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province

Huasheng New Town Phase II Shop No.07, 18.19

Mr. Zheng Zhipeng

Mr. Wu Xihui, the founder / chairman of Dongzhuo Tea , and Mr. Zheng Zhipeng, the Zhanjiang image shop, jointly opened the new store silk brocade and announced the grand opening of the store!

In accordance with the beautiful customs of Xiyingmen in Guangdong, of course, the golden pigs must have a good start . President Wu, Mr. Cai, and Mr. Zheng Qiqi present the golden pig wishes to everyone. Here, I wish you all the best!

Everything is ready, including a high-end Pu'er feast, professional brewing and explanation by Dongzhuo tea people, staged a variety of tea pairings, so that tea friends / Tibetans who come to congratulate deeply feel "high-end Pu'er · Xuandong" Zhuo's true charm.

Warm congratulations to the grand opening of Dongzhuo Tea Industry, Guangdong Zhanjiang Image Store! Official disclosure: The content of Dongzhuo Tea's "Opening Ceremony Series" at the end of 2019 will be exciting and exciting. I look forward to your "group photo and testimony".

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