New store opened Dongzhuo Tea Jinan Huibaotang store in Shandong opened grandly!

According to Lu Yu's account, "Tea is a drink, originated from Shennong's, smelled in Lu Zhougong", Shennong was the first ancestor to discover the drinking function of tea in China, and Lug Zhou in the Western Zhou Dynasty made tea famous throughout the world. Shandong tea culture has a long history.

On the 28th, Dongzhuo Tea Industry 's accumulation of tea culture in Shandong will also leave a classic moment. The opening ceremony of Shandong Huibaotang Store is very lively!

Shandong Huibaotang Address:

Lixia District, Jinan City, Shandong Province

Greenland Central Business District 10-2-101 Huibaotang

Ms. Sun Xiuli

Ms. Sun Xiuli, the general manager of Shandong Huibaotang Cultural Development Co., Ltd., prepared a generous thanksgiving gift for the tea friends who were invited to the celebration!

Before the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony began, a surprise and cheerful "Break the Egg to Win the Grand Prize" link lit the wonderful prelude to the opening ceremony.

The ceremony started, and the moderator opened to introduce the special guests today to the tea friends:

Ms. Sun Xiuli, General Manager of Shandong Huibaotang Cultural Development Co., Ltd.

Mr. Wu Suqiang, Chairman of Shandong Wudi West Coast Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Mr. Xie Hongtao, Director of Teaching Affairs Department, EE Center of Senior Management Education, School of Management, Shandong University

Mr. Lin Jiangbo, Chairman of Shandong Qingdao Huihaiyuan Private Capital Management Co., Ltd.

High-end Pu'er selected Mr. Wang Gang, National Marketing Director of Dongzhuo Xishuangbanna Erhai Dongzhuo Tea Co., Ltd.

(Ms. Sun Xiuli addressed)

(Mr. Xie Hongtao's speech)

(Speech by Mr. Wu Suqiang)

(Mr. Lin Jiangbo's speech)

(Mr. Wang Gang's speech)

With excitement, finally came to everyone's long-awaited "cut the ribbon" moment, with the guests' gold scissors and the salute flying, Jin Chan's tidbits set the stage for the high-end tea business!

The grand opening ceremony was over, and the grand tasting session began. Dongzhuo's professional brewing team presents wonderful Dongzhuo flavor to tea friends / Tibetans at the tea party!

Warmly celebrate the grand opening of Dongzhuo Tea Industry--Shandong Jinan Huibaotang Store! Official disclosure: The content of Dongzhuo Tea's "Opening Ceremony Series" at the end of 2019 will be exciting and exciting. I look forward to your "group photo and testimony".

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