Tasting Gourds in Shimonoseki, Qingxin in 2020

Original title: [Tasting] Jiqing Gourds , New Year's Day in 2020

Written by Shi Lei, Candylan

Edited by Candylan

Picture of ︱ 关 茶

Shimonoseki tea

New Year's greetings in 2019.

Jiqing Gourd ,

That is auspicious and joyous, more than Jiqing.

It is not only the "Ji" ending, but also "celebrating" the coming of Japan.

"Xiang Rui is so, Ji Qing will come"

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Jiqing Gourd,

Using Shimonoseki tea's unique fermentation process

And Gourd tea making skills.

Product appearance

Jiqing Gourd has a round shape and moderate elasticity.

Articles are fat, and golden disclosure.

Early stage (1-2 bubbles)

Soup time 3-5 seconds

The soup color is reddish brown and bright,

The aroma of Chen Xiang is strong,

Gao Yang has a sweet fragrance,

The caramel flavor at the bottom of the cup is rich and long-lasting.

Taste sweet and smooth.

Mid section (3-12 bubbles)

Soup time 5-8 seconds

The soup is red and bright,

The aroma is rich and sugary,

Fragrant into the tea soup, there is a clear lip and tooth fragrance.

Tastes smooth and refreshing,

The soup is thick and rich in texture and coordination.

The last section (13-15 bubbles)

Soup time 15-20 seconds

The soup color is red and bright,

The aroma is fragrant and sweet.

Tea wake up, Tang Hong,

All eyes are red silk at this time.

Take a sip, it's silky and mellow ,

Also, slightly sweet.

Jiqing Gourd

RMB480 / box

National unified retail price

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