Mr. Zou Guangtian attended the 2019 Yunnan Tea Circulation Association General Meeting

Learn, communicate, inherit , and innovate. The Yunnan Province Tea Circulation Association's 2019 General Assembly and the sixth member's bi-monthly event day of 2019 were held in Kunming. Chen Xunru, founding chairman of Yunnan Tea Circulation Association, experts who enjoy special allowances from the State Council, Zou Guangtian, president of Yunnan Tea Circulation Association, and more than 100 representatives including members of the association, members of the expert committee of the association, invited guests, news media, etc. Gathered together, heard and reviewed and approved the "Yunnan Tea Circulation Association's 2019 Work Summary and 2020 Work Arrangement", "Yunnan Tea Circulation Association's 2019 Financial Work Report" and "Yunnan Tea Circulation Association's 2019 Supervisory Board Work Report".

During the meeting, Zou Guangtian, an expert who enjoys special allowances from the State Council and president of the Yunnan Province Tea Circulation Association, made a summary of the work in 2019 and a report on the work arrangement for 2020. He first thanked the leaders, members, experts and guests who attended the event. He said that in 2019, I will do a lot of work in strengthening party building and promoting development, concentrating together to celebrate the National Day, industrial poverty alleviation and strong management, quality traceability and health protection, and bi-monthly activities and strong publicity. He pointed out that in 2020, he hopes that all members will seriously study the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session and do a good job of all the work; the Association will establish an industry early warning mechanism, strengthen accurate services, do a good job of brand activities, earnestly and firmly promote the evaluation and detection of traceability, and promote the public The relationship develops harmoniously . He emphasized that in 2020, we will do a good job in accordance with the requirements of "observing the original heart , shouldering the mission, finding gaps and grasping implementation", earnestly fulfill the purpose of the association and strive for greater achievements.

The conference aims to learn, communicate, inherit, and innovate, summarized the work of the association in 2019, and arranged the work in 2020. During the period, the Tea House Special Committee, the Tea Travel Special Committee, the Tea Sets and Tea Ware Special Committee, and the Oolong Tea Special Committee made a report on their work in 2019.

The sixth member bi-monthly event of the Association was held simultaneously this year, and relevant industry experts were invited to share the scene.

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