The Integration of Yiwu King and Queen of Banpen: 2016 Tianhong Xiaoao Jianghu Cooked Tea Samples Appraisal Report

In the snowy season, it is the end of the year, a glass of wine is red and well-cooked, and a few friends talk about the world, which is really a blessing in life.

The snow is coming

On the day before the Double Twelfth Day, Xinchawang launched such a "big wrist" good cooked tea, which is a 400g trial tea of " Swordsman Jianghu " that Tianhong has been aging for the past four years. The hill opposite the ancient Yiwu style can be described as the fusion of "king and queen". With its freshness and chicness, it naturally attracts all heroes to express their love. It's been a long time since the cooked tea was evaluated, and the last time was during the peak season of the "Lichma" crossing in the summer. Fortunately, it is pleasant and comfortable. Thanks for Tianhong, Thanks for the new tea network, Thanksgiving.

Let us continue quickly!



First, walk into the brand

Yipin Tianhong, fate thousands of miles. Unity of Heaven and Man and Hong Pu's Tea "Han Hongguang" and "Da Tianhong" are full of meaning and profound ...

Tianhong, the brand name is grand and full of my traditional Chinese culture. The Chinese have always respected the heavens and the earth, and everyone is most familiar with and thinks first of all about "the worship of the heavens and the earth"; Hong, the princes of all ages often used the name or word. All in all, the atmosphere!

After drinking Pu'er tea for several years, I didn't know much about Tianhong. I tried its pretty brick ancient pure before National Day, and I got a glimpse. After studying hard, he knew the tip of the "Tianhong" iceberg. Remember as follows:

The company upholds: establish a good corporate reputation, make the world's tea people physically and mentally healthy, "Tianhong only makes good tea " tea making philosophy.

The company follows the development principle of "Yi Tian Tian Hong, fate for thousands of miles".

The company's brands: Datianhong, Hongpuhao, Centennial Tianhong.

The company's products successfully passed the "National Food Quality and Safety QS Certification" in 2006, laying a solid foundation for the company to become bigger and stronger.

Tianhong is like this. In 1997, with the predecessor of "Yunnan Simao Tianhong Tea Factory", the chairman Mr. Li Chaozhong was established with the business philosophy of "integrating people with integrity and quality building brand", and paid close attention to product quality. For more than 20 years, Mr. Li has personally designed, cultivated and cultivated the "Heavenly" plants and trees. pay tribute!

Tianhong's headquarters is located in the largest tea trading market in the southwest--Kunming Kangle (a tea paradise familiar to tea friends) Tea Culture City. The products are sold all over China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and other domestic and international markets. Marveled at Tianhong's solid development, rapid development, development position and vision.

Chaxi Shengshi

Chaxi Shengshi

Opportunity Knocks

Tian Hong smiles proudly

Yipin Tianhong


Eternal smile

Comprehensive overview

Name: Tianhong Swordsman

Year: March 2016 (production)

Specification: 400 g / cake

Ingredients: Ancient tree sun-dried green tea in Xishuangbanna tea area, Yunnan

Tea set: ceramic lid bowl (160ML), glass fair cup, tea leaker, tea cup, dry bubble table (bamboo), simple tea room tea table, stainless steel kettle, 500ML glass graduated cylinder, wood-colored tea table, etc.

Water use: local 580 meters underground rock formation water.

Evaluation environment:

(1) Weather: Cloudy, sunny-3/4 ° C, dry, DF 3

(2) Geographical coordinates: 118 ° 03 ′ to 118 ° 23 ′ east longitude and 36 ° 58 ′ to 37 ° 23 ′ north latitude.

(3) wake up tea: simple tea room. The temperature is about 23 degrees Celsius. There is heating. Warm and dry. Comfortable and odorless.

Third, Yueshang dry tea

Holding in his hands Capricorn 400 grams of tea cake, quite texture. The tissue paper is thick and strong, with the cover of the mountains and flying birds, embedded with excerpts from the "Book of Tea", and other verses such as "winter to spring to autumn, how many times the world tastes like tea, such as the first glory, the last, the last, a smile, and a proud river and lake" And "Swordsman River" name and other tea information is particularly beautiful. It is said that verses such as "Every Age Smiles Proudly" are written by Mr. Li Zhaozhong, Chairman of Tianhong.

The top left of the cover is marked "Hong Puhao", let us know which series of tea belongs to Tianhong. The logo is marked on the upper left instead of the upper center, which is also a feature of this one. This detail also shows that the tea is not ordinary. The characters "Swordsman and Swordsman" are traditionally written in a traditional calligraphy style. The word "Extreme Ancient Rhyme" is engraved with a seal. In short, its design is unique , integrating poetry, calligraphy, and painting into one, which has a strong cultural tradition.

The information on the back and inside the ticket is detailed and detailed. Open the tissue paper and see the naked tea. The aroma is thick and strong. Going up, full of energy. Seeing the tea sticks are clear and beautiful, they look like works of art. The cake surface is oily dark red and bright, and the golden buds are mottled. It has been nearly four years since it was produced, and it has not been far away for me, but it is well preserved without too much broken tea or falling edges. Show Chen Yun , no odor. Good storage.

When ancient trees met cooked tea, was it a heritage of the traditional taste of cooked tea? Or will it reach the limitless state of cooked tea? Or write the immortal legend of the return of the king ? Or is it ever since then? (From the Chinese Pu'er Tea Net, the author is really talented, write a sentence into the name of Tianhong's five high-end ancient trees ripe tea) Ancient trees belong to raw tea, also belong to cooked tea. With a kind of faith and love, Tianhong people are not afraid of the old trees, cherished tea is difficult to do, face and practice challenges and transcendence, accumulate small streams into rivers and lakes, turn the impossible into reality, regardless of personal grudges, just for tea friends Life is proud.

Wake up a little tea, ready to drink.

Detailed information

One after another

Golden Bud Flourish

Color fragrance foot

Beautiful and delicious

It seems like a manual stone mill

Four, drinking prelude

It is not difficult to pry the tea, and the suppression is a little tighter. It is recommended that tea friends see the needles and prick them slowly. After the large pieces loosen, they should focus on picking the objects.

Then wake up tea, weigh, prepare water and tea, wash cups and burn, and start orderly!

Water is the mother of tea. Tea lives in water. Drinking water is about to begin ...

Good tea also



Jiayu is in place

Five, Jiayu's detailed evaluation

Wash the tea quickly with boiling water at about 90 degrees Celsius, and the soup will be bright red. Smell the leaves and the tea-washing soup. The fragrance is pleasant, very pure, glamorous , and exuberant. Another cup of incense and lasting. Good tea sure enough.

Good tea home


Wake up slowly

Wake up for about 7 minutes.

Bring the water to a low position and spin the lid. The first 3 bubbles quickly enter and exit the water, and gradually rise to 10 seconds to produce the soup. The next 4-7 bubbles are 10, 10, 13, and 15 seconds. The next 8-10 soaks, and the soup comes out in 15-30 seconds. In order of tasting, keep in mind the following.

1, 2 bubbles: soup orange red is transparent and shiny. The tea base is dark brown and has a strong and full aroma. Tea soup is mellow and smooth. Chen Xiang tea rhymes echoed for a long time. After a few minutes, his stomach was warm and his forehead was slightly sweaty. Is this the so-called "tea" body sensation?



3, 4 bubbles: tea soup wine is red and translucent, so far it has gradually entered a good situation, strong and rich, full of flavor. Slightly bitter, flashing, no irritation. The throat is long and sweet. There is no foreign matter on the bottom of the cup, which is hygienic and clean.





5, 6 bubbles: soup color, leaf bottom performance is stable, showing Chen Xiang Chen Yun. After a few years, there is no too strong stimulation. The tea soup is generally mild, but rich and rich. Back to Gan Shengjin. Drink a little cooler soup, stay in the mouth for a while, feel more sweet, and the throat is deep.



7, 8 bubbles: tea soup wine is thoroughly red. Back to Gan Shengjin lasting, with a hint of caramel, soft and smooth. Hardly bitter. The mouth and throat are sweet and comfortable. Refreshing, physically and mentally pleasing. Every bite is full of happiness .



9, 10 bubbles: soup color is red and stable. The tea rhyme is long, the bitterness is weak, the smoothness is good, the sweetness is still, and the throat rhyme is very sweet. So far, there is almost no pile of smell, and the technology is superior. Both sweetness and aroma are good.



11 bubbles: add a lid and stuffy for about 3 minutes. Grumbling sips, Chen Xiang Chen Yun, sweet. Yiwu's sweetness is smooth, and the brown- tree mature tea is mellow and harmonious . The pain is a little bit heavy, the convergence is good, and Shengjin returns to Gan is faster and stronger. This style is very pleasing and enjoyable. That's it for now.

King of Eleven

1 --- 11 Boiled Soup: Slightly bitter, no longer the stimulating sensation of heavy taste when Brown is the new tea, transforming pleasing. The blessing is good, the mumbling mouth is warm and beautiful, the taste is full and strong, and the harmonious fusion of Brown and Yiwu is harmonious and pleasant.

The photos of 1 --- 11 bubble soup are as follows:

Hongtong beautiful

Leaf tasting

The bottom of the leaf is reddish brown, thick and oily, and the tea sticks can be seen clearly and evenly after being bubbled. Be the same as it is. No foreign matter or foreign taste was seen. The ancient tree has obvious characteristics, and the collectibles are exquisite . give it a like.


Tea sticks are clear

Close-up of tea sticks

Overall evaluation

Mr. Li Chaozhong, the founder of Tianhong Tea Industry, is commonly known as "Crazy" in the process of developing old ripe tea. It can be seen that this statement is true.

Look back

Maybe time is a precious thing. People who drink alcohol are happy and excited when they drink old wine. People who love tea can feel very happy when they drink old tea. The four-year-old "Swordsman" is packed in a literary style. The dry tea strips are clear and beautiful, and full of Chenxiang. The soup color is red and thick, and the tea base is rich in black and brown oil. The entrance of the tea soup is thick and sweet, and the taste is rich in content. Tea is plentiful, the throat is long, and the body and mind are happy.


The days of tea are good times! Alone, quietly soak, and sip slowly without heart. The tea soup entrance should be swallowed slowly, let it stay for a while between lips and teeth, feel it with all your strength, taste it thoroughly, and do n’t hesitate about this rare opportunity and repair. This Swordsman Tea is called "Extreme Ancient Charm" and it is worthy of its name. The Banpen and Yiwu ancient trees are scientifically matched and fermented moderately. After four years and the "wonderful love" of time, it is smooth and smooth, sweet and concentrated, with a mellow taste and a long-lasting ancient charm. Pu'er tea, especially the bitterness and strong stimulus of Brown Mountain, has turned around gorgeously after being carefully served and aged by the Tianhong tea people, and faded away, and sublimated the sublimated. Thousands of attempts, from excellent to excellent, have stood up to the ground through hardening, and the achievements are Tianhong people and high-end ancient tree ripe tea, which is enough to "a smile for all ages."

"Brown Phoenix cries clearly, and the Mancha tea returnees return to heart." The combination of this class and Yiwu, the queen and the queen is wonderful and precious. Tribute to the classic!

Yipin Tianhong, fate thousands of miles. Thanks for meeting! Good luck to everyone!

Author / Mount Qingshan; Source / New Tea Network

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