2019 Xinghai Tea Industry Xinghai Small BRICS Cooked Tea Trial Report

I had known the tea name Xinghai for a long time, but I never had the chance to taste it.

First, the brand Xinghai tea industry classification Pu'er tea-cooked tea

Manufacturer Xinghai Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

Specification 36g * 2 / small box 432g / box (6 small boxes) 20 boxes / piece net weight 432g

Craft cooked tea

Shape gift tea

Year 2019

Raw Yunnan Big Leaf Seed Sun-Dried Green Tea

Standards--the shelf life gets older and more fragrant

In 2002, Xinghai was established in Erhai County, the core producing area of Pu'er tea, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan. In order to produce safe, healthy and assured tea products and meet modern food standard requirements, Xinghai has built a tea factory into a new modern factory with a construction area of 11,000 square meters and an annual production capacity of 3,000 tons. Tea plantation and processing bases have been established, with nearly 3,000 acres of ancient tree tea gardens and ecological tea gardens . The founder, Ms. Zhang Jianli, led Xinghai people. With her love for Pu'er tea and her skillful tea-making skills, more tea friends got to know Xinghai: build a branded tea-making company that everyone is familiar with. For more than ten years, too many and well-known Xinghai products have become the classic products of tea friends, and have written countless industry stories. On January 28, 2018, Xinghai became a holding subsidiary of Jiazhaoye Group, creating a new chapter in the history of Xinghai tea industry. Ke Xinghai people are still next to Erhai's village called Man En, making tea with diligence and diligence .


The outer blue square carton packaging, the upper right side is the golden Xinghai tea company logo, the net content of Xinghai small gold bricks : 432g (6 boxes). Back production time is January 20, 2019

There are six small boxes in each box, two pieces in each box, 4 pieces for a total of 36 grams

Xinghai logo on each front,


A touch of tea. See the dry tea golden buds reveal, easily break open

Three evaluations

Evaluation tools: purple sand pot, fair cup, several cups, electric kettle, drinking water for evaluation.

Evaluation location: Nanchang, sunny, around 15 degrees

Reviewer: Brother Hui loves tea

Time: December 15-25, 2019

Wash tea

The first three bubbles are deep and strong

Dry tea: Jinhao reveals a touch of tea.

Washing tea: bursts of Chen Xiang , with the aroma of jujube and milk mixed.

The first three bubbles: about 10 seconds out of the soup, the color is deep and the taste is strong, the color of the soup is red and bright and the color is deep, the flavor is in the soup, the throat is sweet and waxy. , Shengjin is slower and less heaped.

Medium and three bubbles, about 10 seconds out of the soup, the soup is sweet and smooth, the soup is thick and smooth, and the water is delicate. Mixing the scent and sweetness, it feels good.

The last three bubbles: add soup for a long time, the sweetness is good, the mellow feeling is general, and the water taste is also felt, but the mouth is always sweet.

Leaf bottom: The leaves can be seen as brown golden buds, few stalks, and moderate fermentation.

In summary, the appearance is concise. The tea cake has a complete and tight knot, the bud heads are evenly distributed, the color is dark brown, and it is golden. Easy to open. The tea soup is red and bright in color. The tea soup is smooth and sweet at the entrance, light in stacking taste, mellow and smooth, the aroma is rich, moist and sweet, and the entrance is comfortable and the sweetness is obvious. The bottom of the leaves is soft, and the color is dark brown with golden buds. It can be seen that the Xinghai tea has good materials and spills too quickly. The first three soups should be quickly out. The whole tea is relatively regular in all aspects. Suitable for self-drinking, collection, and gifts.

Author / Hui Ge loves tea; Source / Xincha

Original link: http://www.xincha.com/paicha/reports/2887/

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