Snow-covered black soil, end-of-year-old BRICS: 2019 Xinghai Tea Industry Xinghai Small BRICS Cooked Tea Trial Evaluation

Time flies, the four seasons reincarnate, and it's the end of the year.

Since I was over forty years old, I felt a little panicked at this time of the year. The exhaustion of the body and the sorrow of the heart turned into a sharp arrow, shattering the little dignity and confidence of the only "cheap but old and courageous" that survived. Yeah, I haven't spared years , but after all, I can't beat him.

It was getting cold at the end of the year, and it was getting cold day by day. Last night to this morning, it was a lot of snow, covered with silver, and very enchanting. A picture of how long the daughter has led her granddaughter to snowball and snowball in the open space of the community. I stood on the fifth floor balcony and looked at them, a warm current passed through my heart. Whenever I see the little guy lively and agile, I am very pleased. I am old, but looking at them, I feel that my life is full of sunshine and hope!

I have a cold these days and am very uncomfortable. I took a leave today, and I just had time to taste tea and write a tea review. Teasers teapots and teacups, drink a few cups of sweet tea soup, sweep away the emotional haze for several days, and refuel yourself.

Life was a short while, and the aconite was changed to a white head.

How many hundred years can there be, a big dream has no reason.

Where did Chu and Han of the year go? Xiao Cao had rested.

When you drink tea, you must drink it full, Liuyun will laugh.

Brand: Xinghai Tea

Category: Pu'er Tea-Cooked Tea

Manufacturer: Xinghai Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

Specification: 36g * 2 / small box 432g / box (6 small boxes) 20 boxes / piece

Net weight: 432 grams

Process: cooked tea

Shape: Gift Tea

Year: 2019

Ingredients: Yunnan large leaf seed sun-hair tea

Shelf life: the more the more fragrant

This is the first time that Lao Hei has contacted the brand "Xinghai", and has checked the relevant information on the Internet. The excerpt is as follows:

Xinghai Tea Industry Co., Ltd., formerly known as Xinghai Tea Factory, signed a cooperation agreement with Jiazhaoye Tea Industry Group in January 2018. The two parties integrated their advantageous resources, jointly built a development structure, and promoted the strategic planning of tea projects.

Xinghai Tea is located in the famous Pu'er tea core production area, Ouhai County, Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Yunnan Province. It focuses on the cultivation, research and development, production and processing of Pu'er tea. The plant has a building area of 11,000 square meters and an annual production capacity of 4,000 tons. It has become a medium-sized backbone tea production enterprise in Yunnan Province and obtained QS certification of the national food product quality and safety license.

In order to produce tea products that meet the standards of organic products, Xinghai Tea has established a full industrial chain from the source tea plantation, processing base to channel sales. It has more than 100 acres of ancient tree tea gardens, such as the Alpine Banpen and Hekai, with an altitude of 1500-2000 meters, and 1,600 acres of ecological tea gardens in the south. Covered by virgin forest, the natural environment is superior.

Excellent Pu'er tea product development and production technology has enabled Xinghai Tea to develop a variety of products that have won awards from professional organizations at various levels of tea associations. Excellent ripe tea fermentation technology has made Xinghai cooked tea products famous in the market. As early as the founding of Xinghai Tea Factory, it specialized in the "fermentation" process of cooked tea, and carried out professional discussions and studies. While following the traditional fermentation technique, in order to further improve the taste and quality of cooked tea, A, B, C, D four fermentation tanks, carefully caring for patience and cultivation, become the market's respected Pu'er mature tea fermentation sacred place. After nearly 20 years of experience in making tea, strict and standardized modern management has achieved a unique flavor of Xinghai.

Look at the tea packaging first.

As a whole, it is a pull-out cuboid carton, with a deep cyan blue on the outside and a bright yellow on the inside. The color mix is outstanding. On the top right of the front is the "Xinghai" brand logo, which is very quaint and cultural. Below is the name of the product, a few big gold characters that catch the eye. A large area of deep navy blue "sky" on the left is dotted with embossed "constellations", and the sense of art is extremely strong. Looking closely, this "constellation" is the radical and strokes of the two words "Xinghai", the poly is "a sea", and the scattered is "sky".

There is everything about tea on the back, and it is very complete and very formal. The production year of tea is 2019, new tea. But it doesn't matter. After the ripe tea is fermented, the tea is mellow, and it is gentle and round. Even the new tea can have a good tasting experience.

Open the box, there are three partitions, a total of 6 small boxes of tea, a small box containing two pieces, each 36 grams. An inner ticket is attached to a partition, and the manufacturer is very careful.

I took out a small box, opened it, and found that each small piece of tea was wrapped in a layer of soft tissue paper, and a little glue closed the mouth. The manufacturer is really quite attentive. Although the three "blockade lines" are positioned as fast-selling teas, the collection becomes handy because of such exquisite and compact packaging.

Rip open the tissue paper to see the dry tea.

The chocolate bar is designed to be sipped lightly. It is really convenient to drink it whenever you want. The "Xinghai" logo is engraved on the front. Zhuang Zheng has a sense of vicissitudes. Color black ink, oily, golden buds flash. It's not like noodles, so small, there is no need to deliberately "noodles." The cords are thin and the stems and leaves are quite "jun". It can be seen that the raw materials are very delicate. Smell it, it is fragrant, ripe, a little salty and sweet. Dry tea has no pile and warehouse taste, which is good.

I paired it with a persimmon, I wish you all the best, and wish Xinchawang rise every step of the way!

Everything is ready to start tea and tasting.

Cover the bowl and brew with boiling water and tea.

One out in 20 seconds, the second out.

Judging from the run of tea, the tea block is not tight. After being poured into the water for about 10 seconds, the tea leaves begin to swell and loosen. The bottom of the bowl was covered with a "golden blanket", which looked good.

This tea is excellent in quality and very fast. The color of the tea is strong, and the dark amber red is also black. The tea soup has a thick sensation, and the aroma is low, not scattered. The tea is poured out, and some impurities are acceptable at the bottom of the cup. For a better tasting experience, I went to the cabinet and took a strainer.

Look at the tea leaves in the bowl. Underneath the dark brown body is a thick "soy sauce soup", exuding a slight pile of smell. Open the lid and wake up for five minutes before drinking.

One to three soups, all in five seconds.

The tea soup is dense and heavy, and it is hung in cups. The aroma is mainly woody and sweet, woody is more prominent. Cold cups are basically non-fragrant, leaving a little pile of flavors one or two.

By the third course, the heap of flavors disappeared completely. For cooked tea at this price, it is very good to control to this extent.

The soup color is basically the same, covered with a layer of oil film, and thin gold rings on the edges.

At the entrance, the first feeling is the bitterness in the tea soup, which is very rushing, and melts into the throat, leaving a slight sweetness, but the retention time is short. There is no astringent feeling, there is a slight acidity under the tongue of the two or three teas, and it flashes away.

The tea soup is very strong, with medium smoothness, flat taste and average fineness. Tea soup has a slightly lower oily sensation. After the soup is in the throat, the taste in the mouth and throat is average, and the maintenance time is short. The sweetness is not bad, there is no hotness or dryness in the throat, and the body feels pretty good.

It is also necessary to explain that these three teas always have a sense of "fire", yes, my true experience. As a new tea, there is no sober link, which is normal.

Tea is innocent, and Lao He is guilty.

Four to five water, 15 to 25 seconds, without lid.

The sense of fire and gas disappeared, the soup color decreased, and the soup quality decreased from Liutang.

The woody aroma is stronger, the mouth is light and bitter, and the soup is fragrant. It is woody and sweet. The woody fragrance of this tea is very special, and it also has a little rouge smell, which is my real feeling.

The soup feels mellow, peaceful, neutral, thick and tongue-pressing. Smooth, thick, sweet and smooth, the flavor of returning to sweetness becomes heavier, and the tongue is slightly refreshed, which makes the mouth feel richer and more three-dimensional.

The oily feeling of the soup body is average, and by the time of the six soups, the tongue can hardly feel the oily smoothness and elasticity. Fortunately, the caramel in the soup is sweet and rich. Although the rhyme is not strong and the structure is average, it is delicious.

I think that's enough!

For seven or nine soups, add the lid for 30 to 40 seconds to make the soup.

When you open the lid, the sweet fragrance comes out, and the woody fragrance is not felt.

The tea soup became transparent, pale orange-red, and cold cups were scentless.

Looking at the soup color, the richness and thinness of the tea soup are already clear, and the feeling of the entrance confirms his own judgment. Seven soups have a watery taste and some mellow sensations; Eight soups have a stronger water taste, almost no aroma of tea, and the cohesion of the tea soup disappears completely. The sweetness decreases, it is sweet and slightly cool. But what surprised me was that Shengjin was still tangible, and I was really surprised.

This tea has a normal foam resistance, but I didn't waste any of it, one cup after another, one cup after drinking and three cups. Take two pieces of cake and one persimmon by the way.

I'm overweight, but when I finished the last bite of cake just now, I made up my mind: start losing weight tomorrow, eat less carbohydrates, and drink tea and oil.

The ideal is "skinny" and the reality is "full".

Look at the bottom of the leaf.

Dark color, crushed material, no tea fragrance.

Delicate, soft and oily. Integrity and toughness are average.

The degree of fermentation is not very good to judge, I hope that tea friends will give pointers.

I think if you mix some old and strong ingredients, will the soup's sweetness and foam resistance be improved?

This is Laohei's first time to drink "Xinghai" cooked tea. Thank the manufacturers, thank you for the new tea! In the few cold days, this warm gift is so considerate, it really makes Lao Hei be moved and grateful!

This tea, let me come to the final evaluation, I think it should be eight words: no success, no problems.

Some friends may be suspicious, and may say: You are a big slipper, old black, itchy, and still want to comment. Say a few unrelated sentences, no opinion, no position.

Haha, just kidding!

This tea is more than two hundred yuan and more than four hundred grams, which is heavier and fuller than a standard seven-cake . Aside from the price, tea doesn't always feel too authentic .

This small gold brick is beautifully packaged, convenient and practical for drinking, the ingredients are tender, the soup is dense and smooth, the sweetness is good, the health is good, and the body is comfortable.

In terms of returning sweetness, retaining rhyme, moisturizing and foam resistance, it is indeed slightly weaker. But its price and positioning are clear, the products and enterprises are down-to-earth, dedicated, and full of feelings and sincerity.

The wise men of fast-selling tea, the blessings of ration tea, will have no problem.

The chronological order changes, and time flies.

The new year is coming soon, and Black Earth sends you my most sincere blessings:

The years are beautiful and the people are rich.

Author / Black Land; Source / New Tea Network

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