The top tea bricks taste: unique aroma bricks cooked, red soup color Tsinghua

Original title: Pinzhu | Unique fragrant Chinese brick cooked, red soup color Tsinghua

Unique fragrant Chinese brick cooked, red soup color Tsinghua

Huazhu Cooked Tea File

Specification: 75g * 4 bricks / box, 18 boxes / piece

Tea nature: Pu'er ancient tree ripe tea

Ingredients: Selection of the entire Erhai tea area

Process: "Tianmai" national patent technology of bamboo basket off-ground fermentation

Ding! Time is up!

Brewing: 8.1g + top tea small lid bowl 120ml

Run Tea 50s + Wake Tea 3s

Wake up tea: Fair cup full of medicinal and sweet sucrose

The first bubble: a touch of pure medicinal scent, the soup scent has no vapor. The soup is red and thick, slightly cloudy, but the bottom of the cup is still visible; the mouth is unexpectedly sweet and smooth. After swallowing the tea soup, it immediately returns to sweetness, after which it is full of sweetness.

The second bubble: the tea soup has a much higher transparency, the entrance is very smooth, the taste is sweet and full, and it keeps returning to the sweetness; the bottom of the cup has a rich and full of medicinal sweetness.

The third bubble: tea soup red thick and clear, moisturizing. The tea soup contains a strong medicinal fragrance in the mouth, which tastes sweet and mellow, and is swallowed smoothly from the entrance.

The fourth bubble: There is a flash of wheat fragrant at the entrance of the tea soup, the taste is smooth and sweet, and the vitality on both sides is obvious.

Fifth and sixth bubbles: The combination of medicinal and wheat aromas, the aroma is full, the soup color is deep orange-red, clear and bright; the tea soup entrance is smooth and contains rich wheat aroma, sweet and mellow taste, full of comfortable and sweet.

Seventh to Nine Bubbles: The soup is orange-red and translucent. It is full of sweet straw and smells very pleasant. It is full of sweetness and sweetness from the tip of the tongue to the ingestion.

Tiles, cooked, a quiet you deserve ~


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