Top tea Chinese brick products: Hold Yihua brick students, send tea lovers

Pu'er tea, fragrant tea, tea also tastes like a song; Dianxiao tea today brings everyone a cup of tea that can be hidden.

Brewing: 8.5g + top tea small lid bowl 120ml

Wake tea: 90 ° C run out soup + 100 ° C3s out soup

The first bubble: fresh and elegant flowery fruit fragrance, tea soup slightly cloudy, golden and orange. When the tip of the tongue is in contact with the tea soup, the sweetness is obvious. It flows smoothly through the mouth without bitterness. The taste is mellow and sweet.

The second bubble: the soup color is golden and bright, and the turbidity is lower. The rich nectar smells, and the smell of it. The mouth is sweet and smooth, the taste is mellow, the soup is thick and full, the throat is sweet and deep, and the back is hot.

The third bubble: the tea soup has a weak turbidity and an improved clarity. The taste is smooth and smooth, and it is full and sweet like drinking nectar.

Fourth-six bubbles: The soup color is golden, bright, clear, and rich in nectar. It tastes smooth and sweet, and there is a floral fragrance in the breath.

After the seventh bubble: The floral fragrance is unchanged, the soup is pale yellow and clear, and the brightness is high. The taste is sweet and mellow.

Huazhuan raw tea profile

Specification: 75g * 4 bricks / box, 18 boxes / piece

Tea nature: Pu'er ancient tree tea

Ingredients: Selection of the entire Erhai tea area

Process: Top-style "Cluster Tea" process

Leave yourself a pot of tea every day

Is a reward for one day

But also an attitude towards a better life


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