Dayi 1201 rock charm tasting

The famous Qing dynasty Ruan Fu's "The Book of Pu'er Tea" states that "Six mountains produced by Yuncha have different odors depending on the nature of the soil. Those born in terracotta or in the soil are best for digestion and cold." They grow on gravel sand The Pu'er tea tree in the environment with a hard bottom such as soil will have a prominent aroma due to the absorption of the golden stone aura, which has a rich taste and achieves a unique flavor.

Yanyun is one of Dayi's classic five rhymes. It uses fresh leaves of native tea trees that are born on the rocks in the virgin forest in Erhai County as raw materials. It cannot be copied at will from the growth environment and the difficulty of making tea. , Extraordinary quality.


The fresh leaves of native tea trees born on the rocks in the virgin forest in Erhai County are used as raw materials.

The product has a straight pie shape, tight buds and leaves, dark green oil and moistness. It is bright and orange; the soup is orange and bright; the scent of fragrant , fruity, and floral is harmonious, and the aroma is strange; the taste is mellow and sweet, the soup is full and smooth, balanced and powerful; quiet Taste of taste, such as being in the Valley of the Zen Temple, the lighter cigarette lightly carries a hundred flowers, and the charm is leisurely; the taste of fine products is felt through the turbulent springs of deep mountains and deep rocks, which is refreshing and unique.

Product Tasting

Tea maker: 150ml lid bowl

Tea volume: 10g

Tasting time: August 30, 2019

Tasting place: Erhai Tea Factory

1, 2 bubbles

The color of the soup is golden and bright; the fragrance of Chenxiang and honey is rich and elegant, and the fragrance is unique; the taste is strong and sweet, thick and gentle, and the sweetness and longevity of Ganshengjinyiyue are long-lasting. ;

3, 4, 5 bubbles

The color of the soup is bright orange and yellow; the faint floral fragrance exuding from the honey fragrance is harmoniously distributed with the scent of fragrant, the aroma is peculiar and overflowing; the taste is mellow and sweet; The soup feels full, thick, smooth, and balanced. It has the same flavor as the deep springs of high mountains and turbulent springs.

6, 7, 8 bubbles

The color of the soup is bright orange and yellow; the sweet and delicate flavor is fragrant; the taste is mellow and sweet, bitter and sweet, rich in layers, quick and long-lasting, and the throat is soft and long;

9, 10 bubbles

The soup color is yellow and bright; sweet and elegant; sweet and mellow, warm and palatable.

Bottom of the leaf: yellowish-green in color and aging, the cords are delicate and even, and the buds are plump.

Packaging specifications: 357g * 7 cakes * 6 mentions (total 15KG)

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