Baohexiang class name · Banzhang cooked tea tasting sharing

What do we expect from a cooked tea? Everyone 's mind must have words such as mellow, smooth, sweet, mild, and fragrant . These adjectives are often the most basic requirements for us to choose a cooked tea. But these are far from enough for Bao Fan who has been drinking tea for many years.

After Mr. Li Wenhua summarized the thinking during the 15-year tea making process, Bao Hexiang released the "Li Wenhua Fermentation Technology", which raised the awareness and pursuit of cooked tea for Bao Fan. Today, we will take the class name, Banzhang cooked tea that has just been on the market as an example to explore what is special about cooked tea under "Li Wenhua Fermentation Technology".

Class size · Banzhang cooked tea tasting sharing

Basic Information

[Name] Class name, Banzhang cooked tea

[Category] Pu'er Tea (Cooked Tea)

[Specifications] 357 g / cake, 7 cakes / lift, 2 lifts / piece

Tasting records

Tea volume: 7.8 grams

Tea Set: Baohexiang Logo White Porcelain Liddle, Glass Mug, White Porcelain Cup

Brewing method: brew at 100 ° C with boiling water, inject water at a fixed point (avoid direct flushing of tea leaves), and stabilize the medium-speed water flow.

The first bubble: the aroma is rich , the aroma of Chen Xiang is slightly fungal; the tea soup entrance is thick and smooth, and the bitterness is slightly bitter; after ingestion, Chen Xiang is left in the mouth, and it is OK to return to sweetness.

The second to fourth bubbles: strong taste, like soup soup with porridge, bitter, fast returning, blending with the sweetness of the tea soup; these bubbles are slightly astringent, the mouth is slightly tight after drinking; Chen Yun is full and comfortable.

Fifth to eight bubbles: At this stage, the taste changes are relatively rich, and the irritation is slightly reduced, but the sweetness is more pronounced, the soup is thick and the water is fine, and the aftertaste is long. When the eighth bubble, the back is hot and the body feeling is more obvious than before.

Ninth to thirteen bubbles: At this time, it is necessary to moderately increase the time for stuffing. The tea soup is bright and red, the taste is sweet and mellow, the soup is still thick, and the fragrance is fused with Chen Xiang and sweet fragrance.

Thirteenth to Twenty Bubbles: Near the end, the taste is sweet and pleasant, with a lingering aftertaste; when pouring water, you can increase the intensity of the water flow according to your preferences, but the tea leaves are violently rolled, which will affect the delicate feeling of the tea soup And slip.

In general, Banzhang · Bangzhang cooked tea fully meets our requirements for a high-end cooked tea, the thick flavor and strength of Banzhang tea base, the rich feeling brought by ingenious craftsmanship, and the warm and smooth experience of cooked tea . The personality it displays is far better than the mellow sensation of ordinary cooked tea, and it can give the drinker more shocking and extreme class atmosphere.

After the release of many word-of-mouth masterpieces, we can more and more understand the ingenuity contained in "Li Wenhua Fermentation Technology"-bringing tea friends with high-end cooked tea that is not only good for health but also tasteful. product.

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