Chinese Tea Old Chapter: The King of Tea from the Heart of Brown Mountain

It is already a consensus in the industry that Pu'er talked about the mountain.

Hundreds of thousands of tea mountains in Yunnan, due to the different geographical environments, have made Pu'er tea's ever-changing taste.

Among the many hills, the old banzhang is the place where the pilgrimage place of tea lovers, the hometown of souls, is mentioned.

Tea produced in Lao Banzhang Village, located in the hinterland of Mt. Brown Mountain, Erhai County, is considered as the " tea king " in Pu'er tea industry because of its excellent quality.

Lao Banzhang has an altitude of 1700 to 1900 meters, an average annual temperature of 18.7 ° C, an average annual sunshine of 2,088 hours, and an annual rainfall of 1,341 to 1,540 millimeters. It has sufficient sunshine, dense clouds and high humidity, and maintains its ecological environment very well. The tea tree grows in the wild and has a long age, so it has a strong mountain flavor and full of tea.

Chinese tea Laobanzhang Pu'er tea (raw tea) is used to squeeze tea. The old tree Zhangrui of Laobanzhang before and after the Qingming Festival in 2019 were selected. The tea cake is round and full, the cake noodles are strong and complete, and the color is dark and green. The color of the soup is yellow and green, the aroma is strong and strong, and the blue fragrance is obvious. , The bottom of the cup is fragrant.

product information

Product Number: YTPA11BC0261

Product Name: Chinese Tea Old Class

Product attribution: Pu'er tea (raw tea) pressed tea

Product specifications: 357 g / cake, 7 cakes / box, 2 boxes / piece.

Suggested retail price: 31800 yuan / cake

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