Fuyuanchang 2020 Golden Rat Free Fusheng Tea Taste: Sweet Rungan

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Fu Yuanchang, Pu'er tea has a long history of 100 years. Yu Fusheng (late 19th century-1945), the founder of the Fuyuanchang, founded the Yiwu Street in the Republic of China. "Fuyuanchang" won the highest reputation by virtue of Yu Fusheng's diligent integrity, exquisite selection of materials, and excellent tea products, and was listed as one of the four famous tea estates of the year. The century-old Fuyuanchang Yuancha enjoys the reputation of "Puer Tea King" , and is the holder of the highest record among the best-quality tea lots in existence today.

Erhai County Fuyuanchang Tea Factory, with "Yufusheng Fuyuanchang" as its trade name, is determined to inherit the century-old Fuyuanchang's tea-making skills and spiritual and cultural essence. Based on the world's tea source and Pu'er tea's origin-Xishuangbanna, pure and high-quality raw materials are selected, and large organic tea trees from the alpine dense forest with diverse species and good ecological environment are selected. They inherit the essence of ancient tea-making techniques and restore the authenticity and spirituality of a cake. Fuyuanchang round tea. Tea is safe and healthy, and can pass international standard tests. It is a well-established and well-known brand in the Pu'er tea industry.

Fu Yuanchang celebrates the New Year with golden cakes . One session and one session each year. Each year's zodiac cakes are made from selected tea cups and are produced in limited quantities each year. Each cake is numbered independently. Each cake zodiac tea is like a unique you and me that cannot be copied, and a time that cannot be copied every moment, which is highly collectible.

2020 Fu Yuanchang Lunar Calendar Gengzi Zodiac Cake-Golden Rat Blessing

In 2020, the Lunar New Year's Gongzi Zodiac Cake of the Fuyuanchang-Golden Rat for Blessing, selected the ancient six major tea mountain raw materials, showing the style of old flavor. The six ancient tea mountains are the foundation of Pu'er tea's famous world, with a long history and a glorious history. The history of Pu'er tea's prosperity in the Qing Dynasty began in the ancient six major tea mountains and was strong. The ancient six major tea mountains, namely Yibang, Yiwu, Manzhuan , Manzhe , Gerden and Yoraku in Xishuangbanna today. The old tea houses and old tea houses of Pu'er Tea in Yunnan were first concentrated in the ancient six major tea mountains. Fuyuanchang Tea House witnessed history in the changes of Yiwu century. Today, the ancient Six Great Tea Mountain is still a key production area maintained by Fuyuanchang Tea Factory in Ouhai County. The protection of raw materials and craftsmanship continues the old flavor of the century-old tea house.

Golden Rat Blessing (Raw Tea) Taste

Water temperature: 95-100 ℃ Tea volume: 120g lid bowl 7g

Water injection method: high temperature and low impact

Step 1: Spare device (cover bowl)

Cover the bowl with hot water inside and out to make the tea more authentic .

Step 2: Take Tea

Take 7 grams of tea, 120ml water is recommended.

Step three: wake up tea

Wake the tea with 95-100 degrees of boiling water and wash the tea. Quickly dispense water in 3 seconds, discard the first tea.

Step 4: Water injection

After the tea is warm and stretched, the low flush keeps the high temperature into the water and brews.

Step Five: Soup

After 1 to 4 infusions of water, the soup is produced 5-10 seconds, and the 5th soak time is extended by 5 seconds for each soak. After 10 soaks, the soup time is controlled according to the strength of the tea soup.

Step 6: Drink and Feel

The first and second bubbles: The tea soup is bright and clear, and the nectar is high. It tastes sweet at the first taste.

The third bubble: The tea soup is bright and buttery, the honey fragrance is more obvious, and the wisps of wood are overflowing. Glutinous, cheeks growing, small bubbles appearing. Feel a little bitter and quickly melt away. The bottom of the cup is obvious. When the fair cup cools down, it will be light and elegant.

The 4th bubble: Koito tea soup, the throat rhyme is cool, the tea soup is thick, has a slightly astringent feeling, quickly melts away, and the Ganshengjin is obvious.

5th bubble: Soft and sweet tea soup, dense and fine, with rich layering. Flowing to the abdominal cavity, the warm and temperamental charm surrounds the whole body, full of vitality.

Nos. 6-8: The tea soup is sweet and supple, mixed with rich floral and woody fragrance, the tongue is cool, the throat is moist, and the teeth and cheeks are fragrant.

Nos. 9-12: The soup becomes sweeter and sweeter, and the throat feels warm and comfortable.

After the 13th bubble, the soup is fine and smooth, and the tea soup has a natural ice spring clear feeling.


Until the tail water is sweet and light

Comprehensive evaluation on the taste of golden rat giving blessing (raw tea)

The strips are oily and sparse, the nectar is high, the soup color is golden and bright, the tea soup is sweet and soft, the soup feels smooth and smooth, the layering is obvious, and it is wide and stretched.

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