Zheng Hao is pushing a cup of tea for the Spring Festival to bring this warmth home!

The Chinese New Year comes early this year!

Did you choose your gift?

Zhenghao Cup of Tea

Environmentally friendly, fast and stylish

Solve your troubles easily

1. Environmental protection and health, quality assurance

Choose gifts, safety is the most important

Zhenghao Cup of Tea

Selected high-quality ecological alpine tea ingredients

36 procedures to make a good cup of tea

Multiple security procedures, ingenious mix

Cup body made of sugarcane corn

Safe and odorless, environmental protection can cool down

Let you buy assured, drink happy

2. Convenient and fast, various styles

Visiting relatives during the Spring Festival is indispensable

Whether it ’s entertaining guests or giving gifts

Just a bubble, stylish and diverse

Zhenghao Cup Tea

Is the best choice for your gift purchase

Many flavors come one after another, stay tuned

3. Go all out, just because of you

In order for more people to experience it

Zhenghao cup tea expands

No regional restrictions, no industry restrictions

Whether you are in a hotel, mall

Even among the returning high-speed rail

Can see our figure

(Welcome everyone to purchase at Zhenghao Tea online or offline stores!)

A cup of tea facilitates our lives

Also pulled into the distance between us

More than just a cup of tea

It is a warmth and company!

Zhenghao Tea is also in the new year

Wish you a happy new year

Vientiane updates, good tea is always with us!

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