Caramel sweet and light-fermented cooked tea: 2019 trial report

Product Name: Lin Ye Fang Fei (Pu'er Cooked Tea)

Raw materials: Brown- leaf tea

Place of Origin: Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province

Storage conditions: In a clean, ventilated, dry, dark place, free from odors and pollution

Shelf life: suitable for long-term storage under the storage conditions

Product implementation standard: GB / T22111-2008

Commissioned Production: Ouhairongyehao Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

Production license number: SC11453282227815

Postcode: 666200

Production date: 2019-07-16

Manufacturer: Yunnan Shanqinghua Burning Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

Cultural Square, Yiwu Town, Mengla County, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province

Net weight: 250g

Total: 17740 tablets

When I received the blue and white flowers and Lin Ye Fangfei, I was really surprised. The main reason is because the packaging is very intimate, with a kraft paper tea box, the tea bricks are packed in a white cotton tea bag, and double-layer cotton paper is wrapped. Luxurious, complex and best-in-class, it not only solves the trouble of later storage, but also adds a bit of delicate ritual sense.

The second point to praise is that the tea bag is accompanied by a product manual and tea soup aroma card, which introduces in detail: the brand story of the blue and white flowers; the production background, raw materials, the meaning of the name, and the flavor of the Lin Ye Fangfei cooked tea Features and other information; there are specific tea prying guidelines, brewing guidelines. These details are very user friendly.

Pu'er tea itself is a product with a strong sense of experience. How can consumers get to know Pu'er tea and establish a good first impression ? Drink Pu'er tea and build a deep emotional foundation. From the source of the product, the purchase process, and the product experience, "details" run through the entire process. After drinking a lot of Pu'er tea, at this point of the user experience, boast the heart of the blue and white flowers.

【brewing method】

Tea maker: 120ml bowl, fair cup, tasting cup

Tea volume: 8g

Brewing water: purified water

Water temperature: just boiling boiling water (refer to the boiling water temperature of each place)

Brew: warm water cup ware, infuse with water for 30 seconds, pour out tea soup, wake up once

The aroma of dry tea is pure and elegant. The tea bricks are pressed tightly. It takes a bit of effort to pry the tea and it is easy to pry the tea. The tea soup of Xingcha will be a little cloudy.

The first three cups of tea soup will have a little pile of flavor, and the back gradually disappears. Lin Ye Fang Fei cooked tea, perhaps because it is a lightly fermented cooked tea, its taste is relatively soft, caramel flavor is very obvious. Starting from the 6th and 7th bubbles, the sweetness of the tea soup will gradually have a "sweet flavor". Overall, this is a "sweet" cooked tea.

From the bottom of the leaves, there is indeed a mix of new and old materials.

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