Tips on top tea: I look back, but the tea is in the dark.


Friends come from far away


Listen to cicadas

Taste the taste

Talk to the confidant

Very wonderful


Red Sun West Slope


Look back

The answer is clear


"One Pick Up" Tea Cake


Aroma: The fragrance of the fair cup and the bottom of the cup is exceptionally strong and persistent, sweet but not greasy.

Soup color: Deep red soup, shining like a gem, clear and bright.

Taste: Warm tea soup has the best taste, smooth and full, sweet and hearty.

"One Pack" Tea Soup

Middle tone

Aroma: The clear and natural sucrose sweetness is blended with the tea soup, and the plumes of smoke are attached to your heart.

Soup color: The tea soup is poured into a glass cup, which reflects the charming and bright red and bright colors under the light.

Taste: Warm and smooth as jade , sweet and mellow, exciting, bringing you back to the best time.

"Yishi" tea soup is bright in color

Post adjustment

Aroma: The sweet aroma of wheat straw fills the mouth as soon as it floats from tea soup to ingestion.

Soup color: clear and transparent, light red, and extremely bright.

Taste: sweet at the mouth, sweet from the tip of the tongue to the heart, and sweet and lingering .


Goodbye to Jun

Must be thousands of miles away

Talking and laughing

Life taste

A brief introduction


If love is long

How about the twilight


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