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If ten years means anything to a person, some people lament that ten years are fleeting and old, and some people lament that ten years is not the whole of life, but the beginning of career, family, or love. And for our 10th anniversary, it is precisely because of the company of Dianfen, Diancha tea industry can go further and further ...

The tea cake is compact and firm.

Pry out a shape that loves you

As sweet as ever

What I want to experience today is the souvenir of the tenth anniversary of the top tea industry-[One Pickup], a warm and transparent soup color, and a smooth and sweet taste. The rain, the endless sound of the piano reverberating in the mountains and rivers, close your eyes in the place, think about the beautiful scene, and you can wash your mind when you are in it.

Sweeter than first love

The color is reddish brown and oily, the buds are exposed, and there is no loose edge. The comfortable brown sugar is sweet and sweet, just like first love, the cold fragrance is clean and lasting. The tea soup is sweet and smooth at the entrance, the texture is smooth and delicate, and the throat is slightly cool. The red and brown fat at the bottom of the leaves is soft and bright.

Amber tea soup

Leaf base is plump and plump

Xiaocha helped the top fans taste it in advance,

I just want to say I have no regrets in this life ~


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