Jeep No. Tea Mountain Collection: Cracking "Puer Tea Metaphysics", Buying Tea This Year Without Paying Tuition

Original title: Deciphering "Puer Tea Metaphysics", Buying Tea without Paying Tuition This Year

Chashan black talk special series

"Pu'er Tea Xuanxue" launched high-energy

Is there a master who can discern mountains and years with a sip?

Stored tea appreciation faster than buying a house?

Yunnan Pu'er tea Yunnan people don't drink by themselves?

Calcium deficiency, backache, back pain, all rely on tea?

How deep is Pu'er tea? Xiao Hei takes you on a trip


Drinking the mountain year with one sip, is it really possible?

It is often heard in the workshop that there are "masters" who can judge the mountain of Pu'er tea by just a sip of tea soup, a cup of belly, Banzhang, Hekai, Mahei, Daxueshan, etc. can all talk about it.

At this time, we have to stand up as a rational player: if the information content is incomplete, you can tell the Pu'er tea mountain just by the taste of the tongue, which is simply heaven and earth !

Bogo has been steadily stationed in the major tea mountains in Yunnan for many years. With the most professional and authoritative selection experience, it controls the raw material end of the Jeep tea product. But even for such a character, the extreme that can be identified by blind drinks is only the production area of the tea product. Should it be detailed to a certain mountain village? It's almost impossible!

Influenced by Yunnan's unique three-dimensional geographical ecological environment and regional micro-ecological environment, Pu'er tea presents a variety of flavor characteristics of "one mountain and one flavor".

The big environment: the altitude, latitude, sunlight, rainfall, and climate change of the location of the mountain tea area.

Small environmental aspects: soil, vegetation richness, tea tree species, etc.

In terms of manual treatment: maintenance methods, proportion of picking buds and leaves, tea making process, storage conditions, brewing methods, etc.

In terms of tasting: water temperature, water quality, brewing methods, the proportion of buds and leaves in tea, etc.

The diverse natural environment of Yunnan has created a variety of tastes for Pu'er tea

Drink Pu'er tea mountain and year in one sip. Do you believe such a master?

Come see Teacher Black speak with facts

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"Cheap tea is not good , isn't good tea cheap?"


Yunnan people do not drink Yunnan Pu'er cooked tea?

As we all know, Pu'er tea, a specialty of Yunnan, is divided into tea and cooked tea.

But many foreign friends will find an unbelievable phenomenon when they come to Yunnan: Why don't Yunnan people drink Pu'er cooked tea?

The water temperature drops by one degree, and the aroma is halved.

Pu'er mature tea is suitable for brewing at high temperature due to the characteristics of fermented tea, but the boiling point of Yunnan water is low. When brewing cooked tea, the aroma is not strong, which results in that cooked tea consumed in Yunnan is not as tasty as raw tea .

Not all water can make tea

There are many minerals in Kunming, and the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions is very high. The water quality is too hard. But when brewing cooked tea, the softer the water is, the more it will stimulate the fragrant, waxy, and smooth side of the cooked tea.

Making cooked tea in Kunming is really bad.

Getting cooked tea to get angry?

Yunnan basically belongs to the subtropical plateau monsoon climate, with distinct wet and dry seasons. The air is dry, people are prone to skin allergies, dry mouth, and get angry.

After Pu'er matured tea undergoes fermenting process, the tea nature will tend to be mild, which will conflict with the hot body. Therefore, some people in Yunnan are prone to blistering lips, acne on their faces, and constipation after drinking cooked tea.

"Low-end" and "dirty" stereotypes of cooked tea

The Pu'er matured tea process began in 1973. At that time, the demand for Pu'er matured tea was consumed by ordinary people. Therefore, the demand for Pu'er matured tea was relatively low-end, resulting in the low-end raw materials for fermented tea. Therefore, the indigenous people of Yunnan at that time had resistance to cooked tea.

Until now, some people in Yunnan have neglected the more mature, hygienic, and standard cooked tea process system brought by scientific and technological progress, and believe that cooked tea is too dirty to be suitable for entrance.

Time, place, person and

Many factors cause Yunnan people rarely drink cooked tea

Inside exposure of Pu'er cooked tea! People in Yunnan don't drink it?

Reasonable Answer from Teacher Aboriginal Tea Man in Yunnan


Does drinking tea affect sleep quality?

Have you experienced this before?

Why does drinking tea affect sleep?

The content of fresh tea leaves contains caffeine and tea polyphenols. These two types of substances are generally alkaline, and they have a certain stimulating effect on the human body and nerves after drinking.


Caffeine is an alkaloid that is commonly found in tea and coffee berries. Caffeine causes excitement in the central nervous system of the human brain and enhances the process of excitement in the cerebral cortex.

(The picture is transferred from Pu'er Tea Net in China)

Tea Polyphenols:

Tea polyphenols are the total amount of polyphenols in tea. It is the main ingredient that determines the color, aroma, taste and efficacy of tea. Cooperating with caffeine can promote the digestion of food in the body and excite the nervous system of the body.

Therefore, we must admit that the unfermented tea, which is very rich in substances, does indeed affect the sleep of normal people.

Drinking Pu'er cooked tea can help sleep?

Yunnan Pu'er mature tea is a full-fermented tea. After fermentation, the tea polyphenols and theophylline contained in the tea will be decomposed in large quantities and converted into non-irritating ingredients such as theophylline and theophagein.

Makes tea milder, less bitter and astringent, mellow and sweet at the mouth, and has little effect on sleep at night. This is why many old tea friends think that drinking cooked tea and Dian black tea is not easy to affect sleep, but has a certain soothing effect.

Drinking tea like this before bedtime will not insomnia!

Tea actually has two functions of "refreshing" and "reinforcing" at the same time. The key is to see how you drink it. So what should you do to avoid "sleepless tea at night"? Here's how you do it:

Good tea, good sleep, can have both

Does drinking tea affect sleep? Here comes the truth!

Little Black teaches you how to drink tea without insomnia


Overnight tea is carcinogenic! Can't drink?

Overnight tea refers to overnight tea, and the saying that overnight tea cannot be drunk has been around since ancient times and is popular all over the country.

Let's see what the rumors say:

茶水隔夜后维生素会丧失且产生亚硝酸盐,这时的茶水饮用后有致癌的风险。 1: Overnight tea will cause cancer: After drinking tea overnight, vitamins will be lost and nitrite will be produced. At this time, tea may be carcinogenic after drinking.

茶水隔夜后,茶汤颜色会变浑浊,汤中的蛋白质、糖类等会慢慢成为细菌、霉菌繁殖的养料,促使细菌微生物批量繁殖。 2: Overnight tea is spoilage: After the tea is left overnight, the color of the tea soup will become cloudy, and the proteins and sugars in the soup will gradually become the nourishment for bacteria and mold to propagate, which will promote the bacterial and microbial proliferation.

Can you drink overnight tea?

"Complex" is the main reason for tea soup becoming cloudy

Complexes, also known as "coordination compounds", are a class of compounds with characteristic chemical structures that are widely used in daily life.

Tea is rich in elements such as tea polyphenols, theaflavin, theophylline, caffeine, pectin, and protein, and they will combine with each other to produce complexes. The appearance of these complexes usually gives tea soup a rich variety. The taste experience is harmless to the body itself.

Overnight tea's "nitrite" content is not enough to cause cancer

After drinking tea overnight, trace amounts of nitrite will be produced. Nitrite is a carcinogen, so this is the origin of the "overnight tea carcinogenesis theory".

But in 2014, CCTV's truth-seeking program broke this rumor. In the national sanitary standards for drinking water, the content of nitrite in drinking water should be less than or equal to 1 mg / L.

Tea can inhibit the reproduction of "colony colonies"

"Everything that is stored for a long time is bound to produce bacteria." Is it the same in tea? Studies have shown that the number of colonies in overnight tea water is actually much smaller than the number of colonies in overnight boiled water.

Because tea contains a large amount of anti-oxidant substances, they all inhibit the existence of bacterial reproduction. Tea soup itself is not an environment that bacteria like or are suitable for growing.

Long-lasting things don't necessarily go bad

This Pu'er Tea is the clearest

Overnight tea, poisonous as a snake?

Teacher Black refreshes your cognition with biochemistry


Deficiency of calcium, Lai tea?

There are roughly three kinds of online sayings about "tea drinking will cause calcium loss." Today we will use scientific principles to tear open their hoods and restore the truth!

Macromolecules in tea inhibit calcium absorption?

Tea is rich in macromolecular substances. It will bind to the small molecule "calcium" in the human digestive system and envelop the small molecule calcium, making it difficult to be absorbed by the intestine.

Break the rumors:

The food or drink that our body consumes every day is itself rich in a variety of large and small molecules. It is simply because the macromolecules in tea inhibit the absorption of calcium molecules in the body, such a conclusion is too one-sided.

Does oxalic acid in tea affect calcium absorption?

Tea contains oxalic acid, which is easy to combine with calcium to form "calcium oxalate", which can affect the absorption and utilization of calcium.

Break rumors

Tea does contain oxalic acid, but compared to the oxalic acid in vegetables that we usually import, its content is very small. The combined absorption of oxalic acid and calcium is a particularly complicated process. In the end, the calcium that can be lost by the human body is only a few milligrams at most, and it will not affect the body.

Caffeine in tea promotes calcium loss?

Tea contains caffeine, which has a diuretic effect, so drinking tea will promote the loss of calcium with a large amount of urine, leading to negative calcium balance and bone calcium loss.

Break rumors

The content of caffeine in tea is actually very small, and the effect of caffeine is not only diuretic; from another perspective, the water and fruits (such as watermelon, grape, pineapple, etc.) that we must ingest every day can increase people Urinary output of food. It is not rigorous to attribute the loss of calcium to tea.

Whether you drink tea or not, calcium is needed every day

Drinking tea can cause calcium deficiency? Tea: I don't carry this pot!

Here to listen to Black's calcium supplement tips


Be a rational Puer player

The content involved in the long-term program is the exclusive cognition summarized by the Jeep in running the mountain, making products, and communicating with customers. Each analysis can stand the test of science and practice.

Jeep will continue to uphold the original intention of "rational Puer, player spirit" and give you the most authentic and professional Puer tea dry goods knowledge.

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