Six Tea Mountain 2019 Summary Reports: Staff

At 9 am on January 6, 2020, the Six Great Tea Mountain Tea Industry Co., Ltd. held the Six Great Tea Mountain 2019 Summary Report at the Six Great Tea Mountain Headquarters. Ruan Dianrong, Chairman of the Six Great Tea Mountain Company, Gao Yanhong, Director of the Administrative Center, and Production R & D Center Director Cai Changmin and 7 main department heads and department employees attended the meeting.

The six major tea hill 2019 summary report meetings will be conducted in two days. On January 6th, employees of all departments will perform year-end report, and on January 7th, each department manager will perform year-end report. Today's year-end reporting is mainly around employees in various departments.

The main content of this meeting: employees from various departments talked about and summarized the achievements and experiences achieved in the work in 2019, learned from each other, made common progress, and found out problems in the work. Based on the current good operating conditions, we will quickly and effectively pursue the victory, sort out and plan the key work plans for 2020, and make preparations for the sixteen Chashan 18-year-old ceremony.

This year-end job description meeting is mainly divided into two parts: the first part is the employee's personal report; the second part is the high-level comment.

First of all, all employees of the company participate in job reporting, and sales management, finance, e-commerce, marketing, logistics, administration, and production departments in turn perform year-end job reporting in turn. Year-end reporting is mainly divided into four major sections: work content, deficiencies in work, work improvement methods and suggestions, and integration of work reporting in the new year work plan. Each employee is strict with himself and fulfills his due diligence. The contents of the work are summarized and finally presented to everyone in the form of a PPT.

Secondly, after listening to the report on the mid-2019 report by members of various departments, the meeting moderator asked questions about the report. The main leaders of the company, Mr. Ruan, Mr. Cai and Mr. Gao, took the lead in putting forward suggestions and views on the work content and work direction of department heads and employees, evaluating the content of the debriefing staff, and looking forward to everyone's enthusiasm and strive for upstream in 2020. Companies and individuals bring better development.

The year-end report is to summarize, analyze and study the work of the year, affirm the achievements, find out the problems, draw lessons, and explore the development law of things. A written style used to guide the next stage of work. The work summary is an important part of doing a good job. Through it, you can comprehensively and systematically understand the past work. You can correctly recognize the advantages and disadvantages of previous work, and clarify the direction of the next work, which is conducive to improving work efficiency.

2019 is over, but our journey is still over. Whether it is an old employee or a new employee, as long as we join Liushan, we are one family. Every Liushan person is dedicated to his own position, and contributes to the development of the Six Great Tea Mountains, and doing every job well is the best return to himself and Liushan!

Supported by a lofty goal, work non-stop, even if it is slow, you will surely succeed. Liushan people will take this as their goal and work hard for it. Chashan grows together. In 2020, we will only develop better and take off higher. I wish the future of the six tea mountains is getting better and better !

In 2020, let's fight for the day and night, and live up to Shaohua !

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