Strong return to health, lasting life: 2018 Trial of Five Star Peacock Raw Tea 357g Trial Report

I. Tea Information

Name: Five Star Peacock Pu'er Tea (Raw Tea) Pressed Tea

Brand: Zhenghao

Product number: GB / T22111-2008

Ingredients: Yunnan big leaf sun-dried tea leaves

Food license number: SC / 1453282210088

Net content: 357 grams

Production date: August 28, 2018

Shelf life: long-term storage under suitable conditions

Produced by: Erhai Zhenghao Tea Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer: Ouhai County Lixiang Tea Factory

The peacock itself means auspicious meaning, it also represents the local characteristics of Yunnan. Many tea friends have unique feelings, natural love, and representatives of the collection industry. Most manufacturers have the name "peacock", and they all want to make a classic, Products that can represent the strength and quality of the enterprise are commonly understood as representative works. I believe that the products are strict and detailed in raw materials, production and later storage.

Brand Introduction

Zhenghao Tea Industry Co., Ltd., located in Erhai County, known as "the first county of China's Pu'er", is a professional enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service, and strives to create high-quality, high-quality Pu'er tea enterprise. Relying on the advantage of Pu'er tea tree resources in Erhai area, the brand insists on using arbor spring tea from famous mountains and villages as its basic raw materials, and combines traditional ancient methods and modern high-standard tea-making techniques, giving the spirit of bow and arrow, creating high-quality Pu'er tea ; Adhere to the consumer as the foundation, adhering to the brand management philosophy of "authenticity, clear source, high-mindedness and vigor", develop green, natural and healthy modern tea drinks, committed to let pure Hao tea fragrance flutter in Kyushu, and help tea culture inheritance . Have a long history.

The color and design of the outer packaging are lively and bright. Through the outer packaging, you can smell a touch of tea, the tea cake is round, the color is dark green, the cord is thick, the elasticity is moderate, and the cord is evenly distributed!

This tea review only represents personal feelings of drinking. If there is anything wrong, please advise.

Specification: 357 g / cake

Net weight: 357 grams

Process: raw tea

Shape: Cake Tea

Year: 2018

Ingredients: Yunnan large leaf seed sun-hair tea

Shelf life: the more Chen Yuexiang

Evaluation time: 2019.6

Number of tastings: 3


Tea set: lid bowl

Capacity: 120cc

Tea drop: 7 g

Water quality: purified water

Water temperature: 100 degrees

Brew and tea

The first soup is light yellow and clear, the tea is clear, the honey and flowers are strong, and the mouth is bitter and astringent, but it turns quickly!

The second soup has a deeper color, rich aroma, floral and fruity aroma, honey aroma, tea soup is full, the honey aroma is prominent, and the bitterness is aggravated.

Thirty-four bubbles: The soup is golden and translucent, the tea lasts, the soup is smooth and thick, and the flavor is full.

Fifth, sixth, and seventh bubbles, soup color, aroma, taste, soup feeling, are very stable, strong and strong Huigan, longevity, deep throat rhyme, full flavor, layered, full flavor!

Eighth, ninth, the color of the soup gradually decreases, and the aroma, soup, and taste gradually decrease.

The bottom of the leaves is yellow-green in color, flexible and flexible, fresh, the leaves are large and thick, uniform, the buds and leaves are neat, and a few tea stalks!

Summary: The five-star peacock is rich in honey, with a bitter taste at the entrance, but it melts quickly, and has good foam resistance. This product has a clear sweet scent, a mellow taste , a strong return to sweetness, a long-lasting hydration, a light yellow soup, and a thick soup. The price / performance ratio is also very high, and the conversion space in the later period has a strong potential. It is believed to be a good tea with strong collection and tasting value!

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