Chinese tea tea element: can be brewed everywhere

The Monkey King Liu Xiaoling once said, "Some people can't come down from the stage." Tea drinkers are also the same. They are used to kung fu tea. As soon as they go on a business trip or travel without their favorite tea, they will Feeling tea shortage. Just like me, I usually drink cooked Pu, and when I go far, I have to look for tea.

When I first went out, I brought tea bricks, but I found that the tea bricks were heavy and not easy to carry. The packaging was scattered on the way and the debris was scattered everywhere. Later, I took a few pieces of cake and took it, but occasionally it was pressed to become powder, without a filter, and there were many impurities after brewing, which made it difficult to eat.

At first glance, the tea and tea element -Huang Jing Pu'er (Cooked Tea Flavored Tea Solid Beverage), was impressed by its appearance, high-grade golden long bar appearance, luxurious and elegant, as a gift for self-drinking; ten double boxes after opening The inner packaging means perfection, and it is layered up and down. The tin foil at the bottom of each layer is easy to remove the inner box. The packaging is similar to cigarettes, but it is more user-friendly whether it is a flip design or a layered drawing of the inner box.

There are 10 tea solid beverages in each small box. It is very convenient to carry. One box can be used for short-term business trips. Two boxes can be used for long-term trips. Take one with a friend. It does not affect each other and is easy to carry.

Pure Puer Tea

Chinese tea, tea essence-Huang Jing Pu'er (cooked tea flavored tea solid beverage) uses high-quality Pu'er cooked tea as raw material, brown crystals, uniform particles. After brewing, it will dissolve in water immediately without stirring. Take a sip of it, it is full-bodied, sweet and mild, brew in 1 second, and you can enjoy the good taste of kung fu tea at home.

Huangjing Pu'er is healthier

Business trips, changes in the environment and climate can make the body easily tired. And the Chinese tea and tea-Huang Jing Pu'er (Cooked Tea Flavored Tea Solid Beverage), contains Huang Jing Herbal Essence, one cup in the afternoon and one in the afternoon.

Pure natural extraction technology

Pure natural extraction, high concentration, no addition, reaching the international high standard of natural pH value, better taste.

Simple tea lifestyle

Chinese tea, tea essence-huangjing pu'er (solid tea flavored tea solid beverage), drink high-quality huangjing pu'er in a simple way, simplify the complicated way of making tea, drink tea, and taste a simple but not simple tea lifestyle. It can be said that tea can be brewed everywhere.

The author of this article is Li Wenyi, a media person. The article was slightly modified when it was published.

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