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Introduction to Heru Rujin Tea's joining project (the project content comes from the Internet, which can be used as a reference basis, but the authenticity of the project cannot be guaranteed)

Anhua Heirujin Tea Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2017. It is a high-end tea company integrating planting, research and development, production, sales, tea culture inheritance and dissemination. The company is located in the birthplace of black tea in China The birthplace of tea-Anhua County. Anhua County is located north of central Hunan and north of the Xuefeng Mountains. Here there are four distinct seasons, abundant rainfall and short cold periods. The average annual temperature is 16.2 ° C, warm in winter and cool in summer, which is more suitable for the growth of tea trees. The tea garden has good soil quality, suitable pH and high nutrient content. Tea garden soils are mainly acidic and weak, and rich in organic matter such as nitrogen and potassium. The company uses high-standard tea garden bases in the hills of Anhua Yuntai Mountain and Jichen Mountain in Jiulong, Jiulong, Jiulong, Anhua, which have the best soil quality (all over 700 million years ago), and they have passed organic certification. From year to year, it is increasing step by step. The exquisite craftsmanship of the black as golden tea industry has been passed down from generation to generation for more than 200 years. The tea leaves are thick and the waxy fragrance is obvious.

Jiulongchi is known as the first peak in central Hunan with an altitude of 1622 meters. Jiulongchi is the highest elevation and mountain in Anhua. The highest grade of raw materials and the highest elevation of tea have achieved many firsts of Anhua black tea . Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it has been one of the main production areas of China's "Red Lake". The varieties of tea planted are very rare original fine strains of tea tree strains-large-leaf species with high organic matter content. The tea trees are all barren old trees, and the surrounding vegetation is Magnolia, bamboo forest, pine forest. Its Baiyan Mountain tea has been a healthy drinking product designated by the National Astronaut since 2012. The Jiulongchi is surrounded by clouds and mist all year round. It has beautiful and unique tourism resources such as the moraine geological promenade, Guanyin rock, Yanwuchong, and the cultural heritage of the Ming Dynasty.

Anhua Heirujin Tea Industry Co., Ltd. follows the concept of ecological environment protection, and adheres to the concept of “quality originates from professionalism and casts brand with integrity”, and acts with integrity. Based on the brand of “Heirujin”, it relies on Anhuahei The advantages of the tea origin, adhering to the traditional Anhua tea-making process, and further improving, to provide more tea lovers with more high-quality organic black tea, black tea, and green tea. For its products, collection. In pursuit of a higher quality of life with natural health, our company will continue to work hard to create a more classic Anhua tea.

Anhua was called Meishan in ancient times. Since ancient times, an ancient form of civilization and culture—Meishan Culture, has been witch-like, and Wu Chongwen has interpreted the development of Meishan's wild hunting, farming, tea, and primitive handicraft industry. The mountain peaks in Meishan are precipitous, the streams are vertical and horizontal, and the clouds are diffused. The "ice cap event" of the "ice sheet climate" of the Earth 600 or 700 million years ago has made a large area of the world's unparalleled moraine rock formations. Due to the unique geographical conditions and climatic environment, it is very suitable for the growth of tea trees, so it is said that "no land, no farming, one year (gai) tea for one year". When Emperor Songzong of Song Dynasty founded the county in the past five years, there was a record that "the tea was in Zhuzhou County, beside the cliffs and water, and does not grow on its own."

Historically, Anhua black tea was sold as a border tea, and most of it was shipped to the northwestern frontier region. It was loved by the border people: "It is better to have three days without food than one day without tea." With the change of modern life, Anhua's black tea has been popular in the mainland market due to its unique health-care function.

Anhua County Black Rujin Tea Industry Co., Ltd. continues to spread the Meishan culture and develop Anhua black tea. Top team, first-class management to create quality products. More than twenty models of "black as gold" brand Anhua black tea have repeatedly won praise from the market.

Anhua Black Rujin Tea Industry Co., Ltd. adheres to the corporate spirit of "Chongxin, Shangxin, Tea Respect, Love", adheres to the business philosophy of "win-win, sharing, and glory", and adheres to "good faith, quality first" Its service tenet is to spread the black tea culture, build high-quality products, and contribute to society selflessly.

Black Ru Jincha joins the advantage

Growth potential of black tea

Six major teas: black tea, green tea, black tea, white tea, green tea, and yellow tea. Only black tea has microorganisms participating in the heap during the fermentation process. Professor Wen Qiongying, a microbiologist, isolates and purifies microorganisms during the process of black tea. Globally, 3.4 million tons of tea are produced annually, of which 1.24 million tons are in mainland China. Of the 900,000 tons of tea sold, only 100,000 tons are black tea, accounting for 11%. Therefore, the growth potential of Anhua black tea is very large.

Tea is a key industry supported by national policies and governments at all levels. It is an industry benefiting agriculture, farmers and farmers, and a hopeful industry for building a new socialist countryside. The prospect of the black tea industry is very promising. In the past two years, tea has swept the country. With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, the demand for green and healthy drinks has become greater and greater. With the rise of China, the popular world in China will become popular; therefore Chinese tea has huge market space.

Small investment, big return, zero risk

Anhua black tea has significant effects, scarce resources, and appreciation. Anhua black tea is an "antique" that can be drunk. It has the characteristics of getting older and more fragrant , has the value of collection and appreciation, and has a high market return on investment.

Share resources and participate in joint promotions; have a perfect after-sales service system and professional network technical support. As long as you have the ability and passion, you can join us. Black tea is an "antique" that can be drunk. It has the characteristics of getting older and more fragrant. It has the value of collection and appreciation, and it is absolutely zero risk.

Hei Ru Jin Tea Industry Joins Support

1. Ample supply of goods;

2. National unified supply price system + complete market maintenance system;

3. Support for promotional activities: After becoming the official operator of Hei Rujin, the factory will provide promotional materials and advertising design plans, event implementation plans, etc .; for major exhibitions and promotional activities, send professionals to provide on-site support and assistance;

4.Promote and promote on the factory website; at the same time, carry out corresponding publicity in the selected newspaper and magazine sections.

5. Marketing support: from time to time to focus on the training of dealers' clerks; organize business managers to conduct professional marketing training meetings (high-level), seminars; share the latest marketing solutions and successful cases of dealers across the country; send people regularly Each store conducts communication and management guidance.

6. Product development: According to different market requirements, the factory can develop products suitable for sales in different business areas if the franchisee has sufficient sales.

7, for the first time to provide operators with a certain amount of free promotional supplies. Namely, tea knife, publicity brochure, internal journal, loose tea, etc.

8. Carry out corresponding rebates to the operators who have reached a certain sales volume, see the contract for specific plans.

9. Incentives are given to operators who have completed annual sales quotas. See specific contract

10. Give support to dealers participating in local exhibitions according to the actual situation.

Black Ru Jincha join conditions

1.Highly agree with the corporate culture, business philosophy and target vision of Hei Rujin Tea; good business reputation and business quality;

2. Possess certain cultural literacy, good health, and good at business; have corresponding ability to meet franchise investment;

3. Strong brand management awareness and good cooperation spirit; strong brand management and marketing ability.

Black Rujin Tea Industry Joining Process

1. Investment consultation: Investors can consult relevant cooperation matters with professional investment consultants at the headquarters by telephone, fax, and online message to obtain relevant information. 2. On-site inspection: Investors visit the headquarters to conduct project inspections and conduct business exchanges with headquarters staff. 3. Qualification review: The headquarters reviews the investor. Confirm the investor's qualifications for cooperation. 4. Signing the contract: The two parties confirmed that the inspection results were not in dispute and formally signed the contract. 5. Payment of fees: The investor pays relevant fees to the headquarters according to the investment type selected. 6. Headquarters training: The headquarters arranges investors for technical training. After the training is qualified, an authorized bronze medal will be issued. 7. Store decoration: The headquarters provides decoration guidance and design guidance for franchisees. 8. Opening: The headquarters will continue to pay attention to the operation of franchisees and provide business guidance and assistance.

Black Rujin Tea industry investment fee reference

Brand enterprise name: Anhua Black Rujin Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

Suitable for the crowd: free entrepreneurship, investment in existing companies

Investment amount, initial fee: 50,000-100,000

Regional Authorization: Hunan Brand

Founded: 2017-05-23

Development model: Free agency

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