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Time goes by

Everything is constantly updated and we are growing

Top tea for ten years , undergoing the most important transition

Like an elder

Gradually mature, calm and stable

Looking back over the past ten years, I'm very emotional

Time is the annual ring, and one year is just the deadline

What kind of good tea do we have ...

I. Memorial Tea

01 Yi Shi

Yi Shi, as a ten-year commemorative tea for top tea, fermenting ancient tree tea across the ten years of mature Tianmai technology, raw materials in the ten core producing areas, unique layers of Jingu Ganxiang, Maixiang and fungi, one sip is enough Intoxicated.

Taste: Deep red soup that shines like a ruby , clear and bright; full and smooth taste, warm and smooth as jade , sweet and mellow; endless sweetness and sweetness.

02 Youyi

The gentle Yiwu tea, which begins with its fragrance, is trapped in its mellowness , is loyal to its restraint, and is a poem and a distant place in the hearts of tea people. Ten years of Yiwu old materials put together a beautiful picture of "Yiyi", which is full of interesting things in Yiwu ancient town, and it is a lot of hardships for tea people.

Taste: It is easy to be filled with Yiwu tea from the inside to the outside. The dry tea has a greenish-brown and black color, with a pure floral fragrance , rich in internal quality, soft and sweet water, strong and durable Shengjin, not irritating, and sweet. The taste is mellow, but the flavor is soft and powerful like Tai Chi.

Wushuang series

01 Abundance

The fragrance of tea is coming, the delicious taste and charm, the abundance of clouds and water, and the cypress-like spirit. Chen Xiang interprets the years of Chen Xiang with the quality , and interprets the value of life with an attitude.

Taste: Abundant nectar, pure and long-lasting aroma, tea soup is clean and clear, the taste is refreshing, sweet and smooth, the cheeks return violently, and the sweetness of the mouth extends to the bottom of the throat. After drinking a few cups, the palms slightly sweat.

02 temperature

Yiwu Chashan has high fog and heavy soil, fertile land, warm and rainy, and rich in heat. As an upgraded version of "Temple" in 2019, under the original good ecological environment of the Yiwu Tea Mountain, the mountain peaks of Yiwu are blended and refined to make it more balanced in taste and rich in layering.

Taste: "Temperature" in 2019, the tea soup is full of strong medicinal fragrance, the soup feels silky and lubricating, the taste is sweet and full, and the body is strong, and the sweetness is obvious. Crimson is bright.

Top series


The autumn breeze is slowly, listen to the sound of the streams falling, and enjoy the smell of the ancient trees in the mountains. It is soft and quiet, and the packaging is still as it is, and a pot of still products is boiled away from the worldly hustle and bustle.

Taste: The honey-like aroma of Shangpin leads us. The thick tea-like tea soup is rich and full. The taste is slightly bitter and quickly turns into sweetness. Wait a second, the sweetness of the throat is born. The jin fluid is different from the sweetness of raw tea shengjin.

Fu font size series


Unbounded, the top tea production mixes ancient tree tea, strictly complies with the top tea process, strictly produces woolen tea, uses the master formula, allows the old Banzhangqi and Yiwu's soft rhyme to fully match, and uses the glutinous glutinous to neutralize the mellow bamboo slip The sharpness has become the first generation of top tea blending classics, the seven famous mountains are scientifically blended, and the fusion is excellent.

Taste: Rich and full of mountain wild charm, the soup feels smooth, the taste is sweet and mellow, and the dandan field is sweet and thick. The throat is constantly sweet, and the body feels a slight fever, and the feeling of fullness is strong.

Casual series


Waste time on good things, such as drinking a cup of tea with temperature and enjoying the taste of "interesting". As a portable raw tea in 2019, Jiugongge transformed into a Jiugong tablet, one piece is a bubble, the size is suitable, and you can take it with you on a business trip.

Taste: The flakes are tight and beautiful, the cord is perfect, the inner taste is strong, the throat is moist and long, the foam is durable, the aroma is pure, and the water is sweet and deep.

High pole mother tree series

Longevity tea

Pu'er tea has always emphasized the flavor of the mountain, like the strong and domineering old chapter , and also like the gentle and smooth Yiwu, Yishan Yiwei, the top tea takes you to appreciate the "twenty-four flavors" of the top melon. Wanshou Tuan Tea uses Banzhang and other 800-year-old ancient trees to match, which fully coordinate the taste of each mountain and is worthy of tasting and collection.

Taste: The tea soup is sweet and smooth, mellow and refreshing. The flowers in the soup are rich in honey , rich in layers, and the cup will be sweaty with strong body sensation. Feeling, the throat is extremely sweet, and the mouth can't stop violently.

other series

01 Sky vein brick

2019 Tianmai Brick is pressed with more than three years of ancient tree-grade raw materials, with strong medicinal sweetness and lasting flavor. It is a good interpretation of the top tea Tianmai technology's self-breakthrough and continuous improvement. Tianmai technology is determined to be a mature tea industry. LV, constantly innovating and improving.

Taste: The second-generation strong medicinal sweetness of Tianmai Brick sandwiches a touch of camphor, the soup color is deep red and translucent like a ruby, thick like sugar water, full-bodied, full of vitality, the tail water is sweet and sweet with a touch Straw fragrant.

Tianmai Gift Box: Tianmai Tea Brick + Jiujiujin Combination Gift Box, a combination tea gift box with two excellent teas in one. Selected from the ancient tea mountain community in Yunnan, which has excellent ecological conditions, the rare ancient tea tea in the original ecological ancient tea garden, the taste is sweet and mellow. The best product to give away, high-end with connotation, without losing etiquette. Paper environmental protection gift box, individually packaged for easy storage.

02 China Brick

Life needs to be full of ritual sense. The top tea bricks are simplified. The tea bricks are divided into nine small pieces. The thin tea bricks no longer need to be pried with a tea knife. You only need to poke with your hands to drink anytime, anywhere. For the needs of tea, bring a piece into a small pocket when you go out to share this beauty with your friends.


The rich and full-bodied medicinal aroma and sucrose-like sweetness of the Chinese bricks, the soup color is red and bright, the mouth is lubricated, the taste is full and sweet, and the full-bodied sweetness is obvious.

Huazhuan has a rich and full-bodied nectar. It smells sweet and savory. It tastes sweet and smooth on the mouth and has a refreshing taste. It has obvious tangs and sweetness. The tea soup has a high degree of clarity, a deep throat sweetness, and a fever after drinking.

The above are the products of the top tea in 2019

This year's top tea continues to grow

Thank you for your support and tolerance

We will do better in 2020

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