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Introduction of Huaxianglong Tea Industry Joining Project (The content of the project comes from the Internet and can be used as a reference basis, but the authenticity of the project cannot be guaranteed)

Hunan Huaxianglong Tea Industry Development Co., Ltd. is an organic agricultural promotion, organic health care product research and development, sub-healthy organic natural conditioning and rehabilitation research, organic culture promotion by the National Organic Industry Alliance of the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Health Enterprise Association Medical Technology Development Professional Committee. Fixed-point research and development, demonstration and promotion of science and technology development enterprises. To promote the national tea culture and promote the health of the people as its purpose. Wholesale and retail of pre-packaged foods and bulk foods, promotion of organic agriculture, tea planting, research and development, sales, and research on health tea products. Huaxianglong Company was rated as 2014 China Outstanding Enterprise.

The company is a fixed-point research and development, demonstration and promotion of science and technology of organic agriculture, organic agriculture promotion, organic health care product research and development, sub-health organic natural conditioning and rehabilitation research, and promotion of tea culture. Develop business. To promote the national tea culture and promote the health of the people as its purpose.

Huaxianglong Tea Industry Joining Advantages

【Social Status】

(1) With the rapid development of the whole society and many other reasons, the natural ecological environment of air pollution, water quality changes, climate change, various radiation occupational diseases, and human healthy life has deteriorated and is becoming increasingly serious.

(2) Qualitative changes have taken place in people's healthy lives and the substances they depend on, such as pesticides, hormones, heavy metal pollution, genetic modification, anti-seasonal, various additives, and so on.

(3) The traditional Chinese medicinal materials that carry the healthy life of human beings are now much less effective because of artificial cultivation. Western medicine is not a medical standard, and it should be taken for life, due to the toxic side effects of various vegetarian ingredients. Stomach injury, liver injury, kidney injury, spleen injury, nerve injury will reduce the body's immunity and produce drug-induced diseases.

(4) The king of a hundred medicines, tea for people's healthy living drinks, has undergone qualitative changes in the case of using fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, additives and so on.

(5) For many reasons (not to mention one by one), people's healthy life and life health have been seriously affected and threatened, and time bombs have been planted in people's healthy life and life, making people's lives full of suffering Destruction and torture of illness. Such as: obesity triple high and various complications caused by triple high. Cardio-cerebral-vascular diseases, stomach, liver, kidney, spleen, diabetes and other diseases and sub-healthy groups, etc., have no good medicine for the time being, and they are gradually becoming more serious and younger.

[People confused]

(1) In today's society, there are many kinds of cultures that use excessive cultural packaging as their outer garments, and use all kinds of hype to earn tribute, imperial products , and even million-year gods. The so-called what grade, what brand, what brand of tea, health care products, etc., have no brand, and are expensive, unrealistic, and flooded.

(2) Some people today forget their surnames, betrayed themselves, discarded moral integrity, and the principle of being a human being, harming others and benefiting themselves, desperately “pretend, play with, brag, and deceive”, making people hard to distinguish between true and false and helpless!

In today's society, fake super gods, fish-eyes mixed with beads, advertisements are flying around, eardrums are grinded out of cocoons, and they are boring. With the Party's good policy, the emptiness of the market, the gradual awakening and rational consumption of life, many colleagues in the industry, tea companies, tea merchants and consumers are in perplexity.

[Expert secret product]

(1) A series of organic health care products developed by the founders of Chinese tea idiots, national tea taipei, and tea ingredients for health care, after more than 40 years of painstaking hard work, are medicine-food homology and medicine-food co-treatment Pure natural organic health products.

(2) This series of products have a good natural conditioning and health care effect in weight loss, lowering the three highs and various complications caused by the three highs, stomach, liver, kidney and spleen, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and diabetes. What it really means: disease conditioning and disease elimination, disease-free health and wellness, is a gospel product that benefits human healthy life and sub-health groups.

Huaxianglong tea industry joining conditions

1.Highly agree with Huaxianglong Tea's corporate culture, business philosophy and target vision; good business reputation and business quality;

2. Possess certain cultural literacy, good health, and good at business; have corresponding ability to meet franchise investment;

3. Strong brand management awareness and good cooperation spirit; strong brand management and marketing ability.

Huaxianglong Tea Industry Joining Process

1. Investment consultation: Investors can consult relevant cooperation matters with professional investment consultants at the headquarters by telephone, fax, and online message to obtain relevant information. 2. On-site inspection: Investors visit the headquarters to conduct project inspections and conduct business exchanges with headquarters staff. 3. Qualification review: The headquarters reviews the investor. Confirm the investor's qualifications for cooperation. 4. Signing the contract: The two parties confirmed that the inspection results were not in dispute and formally signed the contract. 5. Payment of fees: The investor pays relevant fees to the headquarters according to the investment type selected. 6. Headquarters training: The headquarters arranges investors for technical training. After the training is qualified, an authorized bronze medal will be issued. 7. Store decoration: The headquarters provides decoration guidance and design guidance for franchisees. 8. Opening: The headquarters will continue to pay attention to the operation of franchisees and provide business guidance and assistance.

Huaxianglong tea industry investment fee reference

Brand Enterprise Name: Hunan Huaxianglong Tea Industry Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Suitable for the crowd: free entrepreneurship, investment in existing companies

Investment amount, initial fee: 50,000-100,000

Regional Authorization: Hunan Brand

Founded: August 06, 2014

Development model: Free agency

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