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Introduction of the Shangye Tea Industry Joining Project (The content of the project comes from the Internet, which can be used as a reference basis, but the authenticity of the project cannot be guaranteed)

Suzhou Shangye Tea Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. It is an innovative full-type tea industry supply chain operation company integrating tea product research and development, brand operation, and franchising. The company takes the "Shangyushan" brand as its core, adheres to the corporate philosophy of "sincerely being by the side and feels Shangyushan", is committed to optimizing the industry's traditional business model, relying on the tea industry's market size of 240 billion, and integrating domestic tea industry chain resources To build a “Shangyushan Haochacang omni-channel terminal chain sales platform”, break the industry price barriers, bring high-quality tea to consumers, and strive to build distinctive national tea brands, aiming to become a green, environmentally friendly, and credible industry benchmark enterprise!

Brand story

There is a crooked stream at the foot of Shangyu Mountain, a small road winding along with a camellia tree, and when the evening glow is shining, people nearby often see the figures of two brothers lining the path The afterglow sprinkled down, and the shadows danced in the flowing stream under the golden light, the picturesque mountains and the beautiful beauty that makes people linger.

A heavy snowfall in 2008 made road insurance difficult, freight tripled, and a car was hard to find. Chaxian's tea is in the mountains, and no one is willing to take risks on the cliffs along the way, the order must be overdue; Chaxian is anxious, and Zhao Ge's phone rings; 80 Riga is shuffled, the road is full of rain and snow, and the danger is still on time and safely delivered. Chaxian knew that this trip was not easy and he wanted to pay three times the fare. Brother Zhao did not allow it. "It is the way to seek wealth from non-generations while the fire is under fire. It is the basis of life to give charcoal in the snow." Since then, the two have become friends. He has tea. He has a car; tea makers and Xi Tu people start brothers together; he makes tea, he tastes tea , he slowly understands the tea, he makes tea more and more pure; with his tea, tea lovers in the north and the south are more and more The more; with his car, the good tea warehouse in all directions was rich and fresh.

Spring and autumn come again and again, year after year, slowly the six major tea lines have their own familiar hills, red, green, yellow, black and white citrus. They have all found the flavor of tea they are looking for. Households' desire to drink good tea has finally begun to bear fruit. In 2017, Tiansui people wished that the Shangchaoshan good tea warehouse, which had been brewing for ten years , was officially completed in Suzhou. The alleys in Suzhou on the roof of the green tile have since added many tea fairies.

Advantages of Shangye Tea Industry

Conditions for joining Shangchao Tea

1.I highly agree with Shangyu Tea's corporate culture, business philosophy and target vision; good business reputation and business quality;

2. Possess certain cultural literacy, good health, and good at business; have corresponding ability to meet franchise investment;

3. Strong brand management awareness and good cooperation spirit; strong brand management and marketing ability.

Shangye Tea Industry Joining Process

1. Investment consultation: Investors can consult relevant cooperation matters with professional investment consultants at the headquarters by telephone, fax, and online message to obtain relevant information. 2. On-site inspection: Investors visit the headquarters to conduct project inspections and conduct business exchanges with headquarters staff. 3. Qualification review: The headquarters reviews the investor. Confirm the investor's qualifications for cooperation. 4. Signing the contract: The two parties confirmed that the inspection results were not in dispute and formally signed the contract. 5. Payment of fees: The investor pays relevant fees to the headquarters according to the investment type selected. 6. Headquarters training: The headquarters arranges investors for technical training. After the training is qualified, an authorized bronze medal will be issued. 7. Store decoration: The headquarters provides decoration guidance and design guidance for franchisees. 8. Opening: The headquarters will continue to pay attention to the operation of franchisees and provide business guidance and assistance.

Reference for Shangye Tea Industry Investment Fee

Brand enterprise name: Suzhou Shangye Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

Suitable for the crowd: free entrepreneurship, investment in existing companies

Investment amount, initial fee: 50,000-100,000

Regional authorization: Jiangsu brand

Founded: November 21, 2017

Development model: Free agency

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