Tianhaoyuan Tea Industry Joining Information

Introduction of Tianhaoyuan Tea Industry Joining Project (The content of the project comes from the Internet, which can be used as a reference, but the authenticity of the project cannot be guaranteed)

Quanzhou Tianhaoyuan Tea Industry Co., Ltd. is located in the historical and cultural city on the coast, the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road-Quanzhou. The company's main products are Tieguanyin, Jinjunmei, Dahongpao, Zhengshan race, health tea, clematis, organic tea , Pu'er tea, maca, Dendrobium candidum, tea set, gift box, etc .; it is a tea of origin Ye wholesale, sales and cultural promotion in one integrated platform.

Tianhaoyuan Tea uses a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, and according to the consumption habits of different regions, it offers different tastes, high quality, unique flavors, unique styles and complete varieties to meet the needs of customers at different levels.

Tianhaoyuan has long adhered to the "hundred years of great cause, integrity-based". On the one hand, it accelerates the construction of its own chain stores and online shopping; on the other hand, it strives to provide customers with good products and services through extensive cooperation with franchise stores and agents.

Integrity management: "Nothing can be far from tranquility, how to operate without integrity", "Integrity management" is our business philosophy, and "Four Seas are Friends" is our good wish!

Our goal: treat friends with tea, treat people with sincerity! Let Tianhaoyuan Tea fragrance be famous everywhere!

Our aim: customer first, courteous service! Customer satisfaction is the driving force for our development!

Common wish: Enjoy tea together to make the space more interesting! Growing together makes life more successful!

Tianhao Yuanyan Tea Knowledge

The overall characteristics of rock tea are shaped: tea sticks are twisted and knotted, the color is green and brown, and the leaves are covered with frog-skin-like small white spots. The aroma is scented: long-lasting aroma, strong sharp, and you taste Qingyuan : The taste is mellow , fresh and sweet, the throat is obvious, and the rear teeth are fragrant. The color of the tea soup is clear and clear, and it is golden or orange. The bottom of the leaf is soft and shiny, even and clean.

Tianhaoyuan Tea Industry Joining Conditions

1.Highly agree with Tianhaoyuan Tea's corporate culture, business philosophy and target vision; good business reputation and business quality;

2. Possess certain cultural literacy, good health, and good at business; have corresponding ability to meet franchise investment;

3. Strong brand management awareness and good cooperation spirit; strong brand management and marketing ability.

Tianhaoyuan Tea Industry Joining Process

1. Investment consultation: Investors can consult relevant cooperation matters with professional investment consultants at the headquarters by telephone, fax, and online message to obtain relevant information. 2. On-site inspection: Investors visit the headquarters to conduct project inspections and conduct business exchanges with headquarters staff. 3. Qualification review: The headquarters reviews the investor. Confirm the investor's qualifications for cooperation. 4. Signing the contract: The two parties confirmed that the inspection results were not in dispute and formally signed the contract. 5. Payment of fees: The investor pays relevant fees to the headquarters according to the investment type selected. 6. Headquarters training: The headquarters arranges investors for technical training. After the training is qualified, an authorized bronze medal will be issued. 7. Store decoration: The headquarters provides decoration guidance and design guidance for franchisees. 8. Opening: The headquarters will continue to pay attention to the operation of franchisees and provide business guidance and assistance.

Tianhaoyuan Tea Industry Investment Fee

Brand name: Quanzhou Tianhaoyuan Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

Suitable for the crowd: free entrepreneurship, investment in existing companies

Investment amount, initial fee: 50,000-100,000

Regional authorization: Fujian brand

Founded: September 19, 2016

Development model: Free agency

Tianhaoyuan Tea Industry Investment Joining Phone:

Merchants page, phone: contact me here!

Merchants address: http://www.xincha.com/jiameng/

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