National Tea Association

Dear tea lovers, the New Year is approaching. If you intend to invite three or five tea lovers to the tea festival during the Spring Festival, Cai Nong Tea will provide you with free tasting samples. The activities are as follows:

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Tea Ceremony | Lao Banzhang No. 1 High-ranking Ancient Tea King Area Cooked Tea, National Association

Activity mode: The tasting will be organized by the sponsor

Quota: 20 (Application for main bubble quota, while stocks last)

Shows: 2

The number of people required for each tasting: 4-8 people are recommended

Tea Party Time: Before March 1, 2020

Requirements: Each tea party must provide more than 5 pictures of the scene of the tea party to Cai Nong Tea (it is recommended that you find relevant professionals to take photos) for the promotion of event companies.

Support: Cai Nong Tea dispenses 20 grams of old Banzhang cooked tea for free, for on-site tasting.

Reward: The excellent organizer of this event will receive a barrel of cooked tea from the old class, limited to three.

The above tea ceremony tasting event, everyone is welcome to participate in a happy Spring Festival with tea fragrance.

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