Asia Pacific Interview | Mr. Yang Shihua: Using Tea as a Medium to Promote the Revival of Oriental Culture

Asia Pacific Interview | Yang Shihua: Using Tea as a Medium to Promote the Revival of Oriental Culture

——Interview with Yang Shihua, President of Shenzhen Tea Industry Association and Chairman of Zhongjihao Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

In Shenzhen in December, the weather was slightly cool; in December, the tea market was promoted by the market and enterprises in a healthy and rational way! 2019 is a year of continuous struggle for the country's "tackling poverty" campaign. In recent years, the parties and governments at all levels have attached great importance to the development of the tea industry and upgraded the tea industry to one of the pillar industries of agricultural development and one of the key industries for poverty alleviation. To play the positive role of the tea industry in rural rejuvenation and poverty alleviation, it is incumbent on tea enterprises to actively respond to the national call and assume social responsibilities. What is the focus of promoting tea farmers' income and poverty alleviation? What is the significance of the major Puer Warehousing Forums being held? Is tea culture just a "mouth talk" after tea? With these questions in mind, [Asia-Pacific Tea Industry] the whole media interviewed Yang Shihua, the chairman of Shenzhen Tea Industry Association and the chairman of Zhongji Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

Production and marketing development, a green leaf to help farmers get rich

Yunnan is located on a low-latitude plateau, with high mountains and deep valleys, and low-south and high-south topographic structures that create a hot south and cold north environment, making Yunnan the core birthplace of the world ’s tea trees. Yang Shihua said: "Yunnan is the origin of Pu'er tea , The hometown of Yunnan black tea, Yunnan tea industry in the early stage of development, related industries and supporting facilities backward, coupled with the complex terrain of Yunnan tea area, traffic blockage, economic backwardness is inevitable. But with the gradual rise of the Yunnan tea industry, especially in the past ten years The further construction of tea area infrastructure and the promotion of Pu'er tea in the coastal Pearl River Delta region have grown together, and the joint development of production and sales has not only promoted the rapid development of the entire Yunnan tea production area, but also boosted sales. Development of the regional market. "

Green water and green mountains are the Jinshan and Yinshan. The tea industry chain is interlocked. After many years of practice, it is proven that tea farmers can develop well only if the industry develops well. It is very gratifying that Yunnan tea farmers have benefited from it. Regarding agricultural development, Yang Shihua expressed his thoughts: "Actively responding to the country's call for poverty alleviation, helping tea farmers to get rid of poverty is the responsibility of every tea company. It promotes the development of production areas through sales areas, and allows tea area enterprises to take the lead in" out of poverty " 'Development, wealth first drives wealth, and it acts as an' engineer to help farmers' in development, helping tea farmers in the production areas to continue to generate income and increase income. Although this road is tortuous, the road ahead is indeed bright. "

An industry must be big, and a standardized operating environment is essential. Yang Shihua said that the rational and active sustainable development of the current tea industry market requires the establishment and improvement of market rules, brand companies to lead, government support, and standards to establish in order to achieve long-term development.

With the rapid development of China's Internet, people's access to information is becoming more and more convenient, but diversified information dissemination has also brought about the phenomenon of fragmentation or dusting of customers. Facing the "dustification" of customers, Yang Shihua said: "The more customers are scattered, the more sober they must be, accurately positioning product customers, highlighting brand characteristics, and building their own core competitiveness." Twelve years of deep cultivation of Yiwu Ma Hei , allowing Ma He tea products to be continuously promoted from the wild to the popular tea table. Through years of hard work and dedication, the tea farmers in this tea area have been truly enriched by a leaf During this period, Yang Shihua also actively participated in charity, and successively established Zhongji Respect for the Elderly Fund, Talent Fund, etc. to help the education and cultural construction in poor areas. He said: "Being good at this and doing Zhongji is a necessary help for farmers. The focus of development. Zhongji is making two products, hemp and banban , which indirectly promoted poverty alleviation in these two villages and brought actual benefits to the tea farmers. This is both our gratitude to the tea farmers and ours. proud".

Shenzhen tea market, full of hundreds of stores, the future can be expected

2019 is the 41st anniversary of China's reform and opening up. Shenzhen, which has always stood at the forefront of reform and opening up, was born of reform and strengthened by opening up. It has witnessed China's tremendous changes. Shenzhen's achievements are a microcosm of China's historic changes and great achievements in 41 years of reform and opening up.

Talking about the development of the Shenzhen tea industry market, Yang Shihua said with mixed feelings: "Shenzhen is actually a frontier city of reform and opening up. People's perception of tea health is more rational, and there is some in-depth thinking about the value estimation of tea, so the market prospects Very good. At present, the Shenzhen Tea Industry Association is also actively promoting the six major teas. The effect is very good and the market response is very good. For the future work of the Shenzhen Tea Industry Association, the most basic points are two points: first Promote the six major tea cultures in China, promote tea drinking for the whole people, so that Chinese tea culture can infiltrate into people's lives, go abroad and go to the world; second, drive the tea industry market to just develop and adapt to the market's diversified development The essence of tea is beverages. Consumption is the largest market driver. Shenzhen has a large population base, strong purchasing power, a strong tea drinking culture, and the convenience of geographical location. Whether it is local consumption or export, the market for the tea industry is It has great potential. So I think the market in Shenzhen will get better and better in the future. "

Professional warehousing, a sign of industry maturity

With the convening of storage forums at major exhibitions in recent years, Pu'er tea storage has also become a relatively important topic in the industry. The "good raw materials + good craftsmanship + good warehousing" mentality that produces good Pu'er also affects the tea makers' definition of high-end Pu'er tea.

"Throughout the Pu'er tea industry, the rise of professional warehousing brands is a sign that the industry is mature. Professional warehousing plays a vital role for black tea, especially Pu'er tea. In the past, companies focused on market growth and output growth. Ignoring the role of warehousing, with the expansion of the tea industry market, professional warehousing has begun to revive, but at present, professional warehousing cannot form a fixed model, but at least it has brought benefits and newness to the development of the entire industry The establishment of a professional warehouse can also allow consumers to understand where a cake of Pu'er or a piece of black tea has stayed, with a traceable direction and basis. "Yang Shihua said.

Using tea as a medium to promote the revival of oriental culture

Tea culture has been an important commodity for foreign trade and economic exchange since ancient times. Tea culture has a long history and is a treasure of Chinese civilization. It is of great significance to use tea as a medium to promote oriental culture to the outside world.

"China's reform and opening up in the past four decades has witnessed the historical achievements of the 'Chinese economy' and 'China speed', and has re-established the national culture of China, an oriental power. Participating in the tea fair is most proud of Foreign guests introduced our Chinese tea, because tea is not only a drink, it is a ritual of the Chinese nation's emotional transmission, it is also a heritage of the Chinese traditional spiritual culture, and it is a way to calm down the spirit and body in the hustle and bustle of the floating world. Tea As an important part of Chinese traditional culture, culture is not only a representative of Chinese traditional culture, but also an important business card for Chinese traditional culture to go abroad. For thousands of years, tea has become an important cultural symbol of China's foreign exchanges. In the future, tea will not humiliate its mission and contribute to the reconstruction of oriental culture. "Yang Shihua said.

As the builder of the development of the tea industry, I know the importance of following the development law of the industry itself. The development of the industry should be rational, positive and stable. 2019 is a year in which the entire tea industry is steadily moving forward. In the upcoming 2020, this tea dream belonging to Yang Shihua and the tea people will be full of everyone 's original intention to make tea. , Sail sailing!

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