Academy ripe tea tasting notice: the second fermentation of Qiandui No. 62 Xiaohu Saigushu ripe tea

Original title: Tasting Preview | Qiandui No. 62 Xiaodou Seguro matured tea second fermentation

" Yanku Shibaizhai, Zhaizhai has good tea ." The Xiaohusai is located deep in the western part of the Panku Mountain , backed by the Panku Snow Mountain , at an altitude of 1750 meters. The ancient, ecological and closed growing environment has attracted much attention in recent years, and is considered to have the closest taste to Iceland .

Xiaohu Saisheng Tea has a fragrant and fragrant honey, a smooth soup, a long throat, and a long-lasting, comfortable oral feedback such as Ganshengjin.

The first fermentation of the Xiaogu Saigushu ripe tea everyone has an impression of it: the entrance is sweet, the soup is supple, the medicine is obvious, and the tea soup is a bit thin. In this issue, I will share with you the taste of the second-fermented Saishu cooked tea. I ’m looking forward to action. Scan the code to register and share the tasting experience ~

On Thursday, we will share the taste of the second-fermented Saigushu ripe tea!

Time: Thursday, January 9th 2:30 pm

Address: No.5 Academy of Cooked Tea, Building 82, Kangle Tea Culture City, Guannan Avenue

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Welcome to the tasting and participate in our Qiandui Ancient Tree Fermented Tea Fermentation Program!

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