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The beautiful things in life always lead us to deeper memories like a lamp. For example, a tea can always lead me to ancient civilization or beautiful poetry.

These years, perhaps because of the aging, rarely drink coffee, but habitually drink Pu'er every day. Like me, I like people who are swaying everywhere, and I like to engraved a cup of tea into the soul, to accompany my long journey!

Maybe this is the relief of human desire, there are always things to accompany us in the journey of loneliness , dialogue or game with them. So no matter where I go, I will bring tea set, tea cakes, alcohol stove, kettle and other things related to drinking tea. During the tiring journey, I slowly dislike these things are too cumbersome, but there are no such things I ca n’t drink tea. When I was having a headache about tea , the appearance of Chinese tea and tea came to me like women in the Book of Songs, holding up a paper umbrella and reading the most beautiful poems. The heavens and the earth speak of the beauty of Pu'er cooked tea.

The essence of Chinese tea and tea, the packaging design is like the "Hermes" in tea, elegant, simple, light and gorgeous and elegant. When I first got Cha Zhisu, I directly wondered if the merchant had a joke with me. I obviously bought tea. Why did I send me a cigarette? When you look closely, tea is a package designed in the shape of a smoke, even the interior is almost the same. Designed from smoke, in addition to being convenient to carry, the small and exquisite Chinese- style style, a tea like a delicate and clear flower is generally implanted into our daily life at our fingertips. I think the original intention of this tea is that I hope there is a little comfort and tranquility behind the hustle and bustle, let us calm down, find our true self, and pass on a light luxury lifestyle!

How to live well, I think it is something that everyone should consider carefully. Tea nori, cleverly approaches our life, so that we can enjoy the beauty of light luxury in every moment of life! I didn't really believe in deep processing, especially on the issue of tea, because in my mind and concept, the closer to its original appearance, the more it can taste its original taste.

Between classic and modern, among fashion and elegance, Cha Zhisu brings magical surprises. On the high-speed rail going to Chengdu, I put a cup of tea into a thermos cup, put in appropriate warm or boiling water, and the mellow tea fragrance smelt. With unique Chen Xiang , there is no residue in the bottom of the cup, and the herbal essence of Huang Jing is blended into the Chen Xiang charm of high-quality Pu'er ripe tea, which makes people feel refreshed. The simple combination makes the journey very easy. Sitting at the window, looking out into the distance, and slowly savouring the soft power of tea, without any sculpting, set in elegance and conciseness. Only after the tongue tip is blended with the tea soup can you reach your heart.

Light luxury is simple, open and natural, wide and beautiful. This is the intuitive feeling that Cha Zhisu brings to me. Now whenever I go out, I have to bring a few cups of tea in my coat pocket or a bag that I carry with me.

Unique flavor, unique packaging, unique way to present, tea with a unique flavor, high-cold and tender romance gives Pu'er ripe tea a vivid vitality and meaning!

The writer is He Qing, a media person. The article was slightly modified when it was published.

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