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Original title: Exciting life, righteousness and arrogance [ Octagonal Pavilion ]

Tea is like life.

Sweet and bitter, life is full of taste.

This is a kind of tea that can experience the pain of life.

Old man

Characteristics of Lao Man E Pu'er Tea: Bitterness is a major feature of Lao Man E. The bar is thick and thick, the texture is tight, the soup color is clear and bright, the taste is strong and thick, and it has a long-lasting aftertaste. It is resistant to brewing, and has a bitter taste at the entrance. Long and refreshing.

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Drinking <righteousness>

While drinking this cup of tea, the tea soup hit the tongue coating, bitter and intertwined, slowly and verbosely. Can't help but think of when I first came out to work hard, I was young and full of energy, and determined to work hard to create a world in the society.

Life is unsatisfactory , want to escape the city for the 16th time

Unsatisfactory work, want to leave the 9th time

Living in a rushed and congested city, you and I will inevitably have such moments, such as:

This is the fifth time I do n’t want to write a draft

This is the 6th time I am tired of working overtime

Righteousness: Selected as a raw material, the alpine arboreal tea plantation in the Brown Mountain Dabanzhang tea area in 2008. It has been aged for more than eleven years. It is precious and charming.

Righteousness is rising, and the 11-year-old collection is aged.

What have you experienced in 11 years?

When encountering difficulties, people generally shake the original idea and give up their choices:

"Maybe just leave it all"

"Maybe it's a good time"

Who is not trying hard while suffering.

If you can't stand it, you can only find your teeth with the slapp of life, and you will feel helpless.

If you can survive it, you will be able to build a steel bar and walk towards a better life.

It's like on the subway, while sulking bread, forcing a grievance and tears.

Crying people who have eaten can go on.

Life is just a bitter, not a lifetime.

Bitter sweetness, bitter and sweet, is the taste of life.

Some people say that every adult is the rest of his life. There is no victory in life, hold on means everything. As long as you hold on, you can find hope and faith to continue:

When looking for a job, that's the company you most want to go to;

Your original intention was to "make the best product.

I have to admit that the current urban environment is too impetuous, fast and efficient, we are easily surrounded by people and things around us, we rarely calm down and take a serious look at ourselves. We went too far and too fast, forgetting why we set off.

Netizen A: In addition to the life in front of you, there are poetry and fields in the distance .....

Long throat, long lasting. Isn't it like life?

It seems that pushing us from the bottom of the muddy valley to the highest peak, people really feel that no matter how anxious life is, there is still hope to follow.

[Name] Righteousness

[Process] Pu'er tea raw tea

[Specifications] 400 g / cake, 5 cakes / lift, 2 lifts / piece

[Packing method] cotton paper + bamboo leaves + inner carton + outer carton

[Raw materials] Brown Mountain Dabanzhang Tea Area

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