Tea Ceremony of the Year of the Rat in 2020-"Family and Everything" Send out the most beautiful wishes and drink the good luck of the New Year!

As time goes by, the years change, and the Spring Festival in 2020 is near. The days when the uncle reunited , set off firecrackers, ate New Year's Eve, and visited friends and relatives to celebrate the New Year are getting closer.

For the Chinese, celebrating the Spring Festival has evolved from an ancient festival ritual to a way of sustenance. Leave the old and welcome the new year, another round of the zodiac signs, prepare a heartwarming tea ceremony, and pass on good wishes!

Chinese New Year Tea Ceremony : Mangala "Home and Everything"

"Home and family are flourishing, family is flourishing, family is flourishing, and everything is flourishing."

"Home" is not only an emotional concern, it is also a starting point for a person to settle down and cultivate his morality. "Harmony" is the core and essence of Chinese humanistic spirit. Home and everything is not only a reflection of the harmonious integration of traditional Chinese culture, but also people's vision of a harmonious and happy life!

[Name]: Mangala Home and Everything

[Category]: Ancient tree tea

[Year]: 2017

[Morphology]: cake tea

[Specifications]: 357 g / cake, 7 cakes / lift, 6 lifts / piece

[Packing]: cotton-wrapped cakes, bamboo hulls, buns, carton packaging

[Price]: 3080 yuan / cake

The highest mountain in the Langhe Township of Erhai County is a branch of Nanshan, surrounded by mountains and rarely visited, with an altitude of 1500 ~ 1800 meters. There is an ancient tea garden here. The ancient tea trees in the tea garden are about 4 meters high, with wide tree shapes and lush foliage!

Under the influence of the monsoon climate, there is abundant sunshine, rain and heat, and the mountains are often clouded. The soil layer is soft, the soil is fertile, the tea tree grows lushly, and the quality is excellent.

However, the perfect ecological environment is by no means the only condition for achieving "home and prosperity". The meticulous craftsmanship and rigorousness in the tea making process are also the key links. Meditate carefully, through a bubble of sweet and sweet tea soup, experience the ancient tree charm that grows up over the years!

Mangala named it "Home and All Things Prosperity", while bringing the best tea to every tea customer, it also sealed this blessing of "Home and All Things Prosperity" in the tea. A friend who tasted it is happy and prosperous!

Tea as a gift, sharing health and passing happiness

In the year of family reunion, the round tea cake is a symbol of beauty and blessing. Take tea as a gift, share this share of health, and pass on this share of happiness.

Taking "Home and All Things Prosperous" as the 2020 Gengzi Tea Ceremony is the best and most appropriate wish. During the Spring Festival of family reunion, you will soak up a strong and rich family, share with your family, share this health, and firmly hold the joy of reunion.

In 2020, the Golden Rat is fortunate to bring the Mangala Tea Ceremony “Family and Everything” to bring home reunion, love, and the most beautiful blessings. I also wish every friend as clever as the zodiac , Many sons and blessings , lucky fortune !

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