[2019 New Product Review of Runyuanchang] Full of reputation and layers of energy

In a blink of an eye, Run Yuanchang has been in the public eye for the first time since the brand was founded to reach the hearts of the people for eight years. Although it is not too long for a tea brand, when you think of the new products , refined products and fine products that Run Yuanchang has brought to tea friends in recent years, you can see that the brand's dedication and original intention to the tea friends and even the entire tea industry .

In 2019, Run Yuanchang still adheres to the faith of bringing the best taste to tea friends, while continuing to introduce some classic audience products, it continues to introduce new ones and brings many new products.

This includes the Year of the Pig commemorative tea for the year of the pig [ Golden Pig Arch ] raw tea, [ Houfu gold bar ] cooked tea, re-launched in four years [ Banzhang red seal ] raw tea, new exploration models [ Banzhang single bubble pack] cooked Tea, the popular [ Linglong Xiaoban Zhang] cooked tea.

The Yiwu production area [Yiwu rubber tendon tea ] [Jiu Jiu Yi big tree], the Brown production area [Brown gold armor ] [ Brown sweet tea ] [ Gold class chapter ] [ Brown green brick ] and other varieties of raw tea also bring In order to enjoy the different mountain enjoyment , with its large amount of lotus roots, unique tea names and packaging characteristics, it attracted a lot of high-profile products of the year [Laobanzhang native chicken soup].

Only the old tea head related products include [Zhenpin old tea head] [ Dabanzhang old tea head] [boutique old tea head], and the "old tea head + mandarin tea " combination [ Phoenix old tea head and big red mandarin ] [Old tea head small green mandarin ].

Cost-effective continuation products [ Chinese good rhyme ], the festive [ opening door red ], the most popular series of tea citrus tea [ head picking small green mandarins], the kind [Mr. Agan] [tea phoenix ], to At the same time, the launch of Sambo Tea has also become a new weathervane.

Of the many 2019 fine teas mentioned above, which ones have become word of mouth tea from tea friends? And which ones are included in the list of tea friends who want to taste and appreciate? We selected some teas for a brief review.

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Collection of zodiac tea

Golden Pig Arch

The Golden Pig Arch is a new product of Runyuanchang's 2019 New Year's Pig New Year's New Year's tea. It is made from 2015 Ouhai fine spring tea with 3 years old raw materials. Excellent materials and compression make this zodiac commemorative tea fully reflect the Pu'er tea's " more old and more fragrant ". Traits.


The raw materials of the golden pig arches have been aged, and the fresh drink is comfortable in the mouth, rich in tea aroma, sweet and refreshing, rapid growth, the lips and tongue are fragrant after drinking, full of moisturizing, and the taste after more than ten soaks will not diminish. The traditional element packaging and the cultural implication of its name add points to the value of the collection, and the aging of the late period is just around the corner.

Houfu Gold Bar

Houfu Gold Bar is Runyuanchang Year of the Pig cooked tea. Its production is based on Erhai big tree spring tea, which is fermented with Runyuanchang's patented "Runhuo" technology.


Houfu gold bar, red tea with strong aroma, pure aroma without pile, strong tea flavor, full and vibrant soup, sweet and refreshing taste. During the Spring Festival, relatives and friends get together, and a cup of warm red tea with rich soup color is the best treat for customers.

Fresh and refreshing small orange series

Head picking

The ingredients are extraordinary. The high-quality citrus fruits in the tea pit and the 3-year-old matured palace tea create authentic taste. Alpine Spring Tea + Runhuo Fermentation gives fresh and sweet sweetness to the sweetness, the tea pit selection of citrus fruits gives a rich and delicious aroma, Run Yuanchang's original roasting technology gives pure harmony, and the 3-year-aged palace cooked tea gives a delicate smoothness.


The tea soup is thick and bright, the soup feels clear and smooth, the taste is sweet and fresh, and the aroma is strong and lingering. After drinking, the teeth and cheeks are fragrant, the mouth is refreshing and comfortable, the sweet and refreshing mouth is long-lasting and the aftertaste is long.

Mr. Orange

The conventional small green mandarin is a continuation of word-of-mouth. It is made from selected citrus fruits in the core area of Xinhui + 3 years of Chen Gongting ripe tea ingredients. It has rich connotations, sweet and charming taste, and looks authentic.


The citrus aroma is strong and tangy, the tea soup is dark red and bright, and the soup feels smooth. The matured court tea for 3 years is matched with high-quality citrus peel from the core producing areas. The citrus tea is sweet, fresh and sweet, and the lips are fragrant after drinking. High foaming.

Old tea head small green mandarin

The raw materials are selected from Xinhui's core producing areas, filled with 15-year-old old tea head granules, and properly blended with palace materials to increase the extraction speed, and at the same time, it can balance the tea flavor. The old tea head Chen Yun appeared for the first time. The tea taste was mellow , and the tip of the tongue was soaked in the thick soup like rice soup.


Thick crickets full and accumulating energy: Laobanzhang native chicken crickets

"Local tyrants" and "like pigeon eggs in a diamond ring" are nicknames given by tea friends.

Laobanzhang local chicken soup is selected as the core village of Dabanzhang tea area. The high-quality spring tea produced by Laobanzhang, the dry tea exudes a refreshing floral and fruity scent. The sweetness and freshness are obvious, and the mouth is smooth and smooth across the throat, and the eyes return to Gan Shengjin. The throat is deep and deep, and the layers are stored, and the mouth and throat are diffused for a long time.


More than twenty soaked flavor rhyme is still good, intoxicated drinkers. The unfolded leaf bottom is green and bright, and the leaves are soft and thick.

"Each cricket is packed in a bamboo basket with original ecology, no odor, and can be stored for a long time. The national limit is 2640 crickets. Each cricket is one yard, and each cricket is worth collecting." .

The ideal mountain and ancient village wild trees : Iceland

Zhenyuan selected the scarce old tree spring tea raw materials from Iceland, which took two years to make. Run Yuanchang's first Icelandic tea.

The scent of flowers smells of fragrant mountains and scent .


Shengjin returns to sweetness, the drink is clear and sweet, the sweet mouth, the throat is cool and rhyme, and the throat rhyme lasts for a long time.

The bottom of the leaves is tender and soft, the veins are clear and clear, the bud heads are more full and full, and the stuffy soup is clear and the taste is good.

Aged 9 years , mellow and mellow with years of experience: Nine years old Chen Banzhang

The nine-year Chen Banzhang mid-term tea stored in dry warehouses has been slowly tempered for nearly 10 years, and the quality has slowly improved. The background of the mid-term tea is gradually revealed.


The tea soup is orange and translucent, like oil and honey, with a slight smoky rhyme and rich tea aroma blended into the tea soup, the soup feels smooth and thick. From the front section, you can feel the obvious sweetness of the middle-term tea; the middle section is strong and sweet, and the sweetness is obvious.

Yiwu's fragrant water softens the delicate elegance of spring tea: Yiwu Youlan

Tearing the cake shape by hand, tearing out the whole tea stick, tightly binding the fat bar with a refreshing dry tea fragrance.


Selection of materials Yiwu Forest Spring Tea is exquisitely blended, with a bitter bitterness, sweet and refreshing, charming aroma, rich taste and full flavor, rejuvenating and sweetening, good foam resistance, and comfortable and charming.

From Brown, it's really sweet and refreshing: Brown Sweet Tea

Selected brown mountain spring tea raw materials are produced by semi-autoclaving process, which makes the tea leaves loose and loose, and the gap between the bars is more uniform, which is beneficial to maintaining the integrity of the tea bars and the subsequent tea leaves. Store it.


The dry tea strips are thick and flat, with natural and tight knots, dark green, strong ornamental, more weight, and easy grabbing. At the entrance, the bitter bitterness turns into a slight sweetness, the sweetness accumulates more and more, the oral throat rhyme lasts and moisturizes, the soup is delicate, sweet and fresh, and the fresh drink is comfortable and pleasant.

Festive packaging, auspicious meaning: a good start

The 2015 Ouhai Alpine Spring Tea raw materials are used for live fermentation, the tea cakes are round and straight, the color is reddish brown and oily, the tea sticks are clear and clear, and the gold is even and smooth. There is no pile of taste, Chen Xiang is pure and strong, leaving a sweet taste. The soup color is red and bright, the taste is sweet and smooth, and the aftertaste is fresh and sweet. The bottom of the leaf is bright and stretched, the fermentation is uniform, and the touch is soft.


It is not expensive, and it is also suitable for use at various festive occasions and occasions.

National Diet Cooked Tea: Good Charm in China

Selected from the 2016 Erhai Spring Tea raw materials, fermented by live fermentation, 2016 new materials are used, and Chen Fang has just left the factory. After years of fermentation, the matured tea is precipitated and the pile of flavor is dispersed. The tea is milder, and the fresh drink can achieve a comfortable taste.


The dried tea strips are tightly knotted, uniform in shape, moderately tight, and oily. Pry the amount of seven or eight grams, inject hot water, the tea soup is red and bright, put it on the tip of the nose and sniff.

Cute and pocket-sized, famous: Linglong small class

The Linglong Xiaoban Zhangsheng Tea, which went on the market last year, gained many loyal fans, and the 801 Linglong Xiaoban Zhangshu Tea came into being.

Linglong small class cooked cakes are selected from the big tree spring tea in Dabanzhang tea area. It is fermented and fermented. Based on professional and sophisticated skills, the old materials are newly pressed. It takes 5 years to build, and the flavor gradually disperses. Small class chapter.


The dry tea is dark in color and tightly knotted. Continuing the common characteristics of "strong and strong" Mao tea produced in Dabanzhang, the tea soup is thick and strong, and the taste is rich and rich. The bottom of the leaf is soft to the touch, flexible and fresh, and shiny.

Spring tea fermented for five years, unexpectedly delicious: old cooked bricks

Selected 2014 3-5 grades of brown spring tea for fermentation, pressed in 2016, and launched in 2019 after three years of aging .


The compression is tight, and it is conducive to aging in contact with the air. It is not too laborious to pry tea to drink tea when drinking, and golden buds on the brick surface appear.

Supreme Tea Ceremony, Gift of Scent: Wild Old Tree Black Tea

The raw materials come from the virgin forest at an altitude of about 2,000 meters. The color is dark and smooth, the cords are tight and beautiful, the soup is quick, the soup is golden and bright, and the compound aroma is rich and mellow. It is long, pleasant and satisfying. The bottom of the leaves is bright and red, soft and tough, and has excellent foam resistance.


Sweet and mellow, with high comfort: Sambo Tea

Sambo Tea is carefully crafted from 6-year old tan peel + Fuding 3-year long eyebrow + straw grass. Chenpi is dark brown in color, bright in color, and rich in oil chambers; tea is brown and green in color, with stalk leaves as the main part, with a certain bud head; the dried fragrant Chenpi is rich in fragrance, and the white tea and straw grass are delicate.


The aroma is mainly from the scent of Chenpi and white tea, with a hint of medicinal herbs and grassy grass; the soup has a clear and smooth soup. The taste is not only 6-year-old savory sweet but also 3 years old. The mellow and sweet, tastes mellow and luscious.

Unconsciously, "Run Yuan Chang" has become the representative brand of "small but beautiful, small and refined" in the hearts of tea friends. I believe that the brand attitude of focusing on the richness and richness of the content of the product and focusing on the later conversion value of the product will definitely continue To provide consumers with a steady stream of high-quality, cost-effective fine tea.

Finishing 丨 Tea tea

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