How to clean the purple tea pot

The purple sand pot needs to be cleaned after brewing tea, and then disposed of, so that the purple sand pot will be used better and more shiny. Therefore, in daily life, after every time we make tea, we must learn to clean and maintain the purple sand pot . The purple sand pot also needs maintenance. So, how to clean the teapot after making tea? Let ’s take a look together.
How to clean the purple tea pot
How to clean the teapot after making tea?
If you make tea and do not use it anymore, you should immediately remove the tea residue in the pot, and clean the inside and outside of the pot with hot water to keep the purple sand pot clean and hygienic. Don't use the method of keeping the tea residue or the remaining tea soup in the pot to keep the pot, because in such a long time, the pot will produce malodor and acid ambiguous, breed bacteria, which is harmful to human health and purple sand pot.
Also, do not use soap or detergent to clean the purple sand pot, so as not to leave the smell of the detergent. Wipe the cleaned purple sand pot with a clean cotton cloth. Do not leave water stains and tea stains on the pot body. In addition, you can slightly open the lid to allow the remaining moisture in the pot to dry as soon as possible to avoid ambiguity.
How to clean the purple tea pot
Daily maintenance method of purple sand pot in use
1. When making tea, first pour the outer wall of the pot with boiling water, and then pour water into the pot, which is often called "run pot".
2. Commonly use cotton cloth to wipe the pot body. Do not leave the tea soup on the pot surface, otherwise the tea surface will be filled with tea stains over time, affecting the appearance of the purple sand pot.
3. Don't immerse the water in the pot often, you should only flush when you want to make tea.
4. After each use, use a cloth to absorb the water outside the pot. The purple sand pot must be kept dry after use.
How to clean the purple tea pot
5. Don't keep near the place with soot or dust.
6. It is best to prepare several good purple sand pots. Use only a specified pot when drinking a certain type of tea. Do not use the same teapot for any tea. Identification should be added to avoid confusion.
7. Do not dip the purple sand pot with detergent or any chemical agent, otherwise the tea smell will be wiped off and the appearance will be tarnished.
That's it for here. Zisha pot tea does not capture the true aroma of the tea, and has no cooked soup. It can maintain the color, aroma and taste of the tea for a long time. It is a good tea making device. So everyone must pay attention to the daily use of the purple sand pot, take care of your own teapot.
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