Tea ceremony six gentlemen: tea canister, teaspoon, tea leak, tea rule, tea clip, tea needle

The six gentlemen of tea ceremony refer to tea cones, teaspoons, tea leaks, tea rules, tea clips, and tea needles.
1. Tea container: A container for holding tea art supplies.
2. Teaspoon: Also known as "tea chop", it is shaped like a spoon, so it is called a teaspoon. Its main purpose is to dig out the brewed tea, the tea in the pot, and after brewing the tea, it is often tightly filled with teapots. The mouth is not large, and it is neither convenient nor hygienic to dig out the tea leaves by hand, so teaspoon is used.
3. Tea leak: The tea leak is placed on the mouth of the pot when the tea is set to guide the tea into the pot to prevent the tea from falling out of the pot.
4. Tea rule: Tea rule (tea spoon) is the utensil for serving tea.
5. Tea clip: also known as "tea shovel" The tea clip has the same function as a teaspoon. It can scoop out the tea residue from the pot. It is also often used to wash the cup with a tea cup.
6. Tea needles (tea pass): The function of tea needles is to unblock the inner net (hive) of the teapot to keep the water flowing smoothly. When the spout is blocked by tea, it is used for dredging. The tea is at the bottom and the whole tea is at the top.
Editor-in-chief: Shuifangzi
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