What tea in a teapot? After reading this you will know!

Purple tea is the best for making tea, which is known to many tea visitors, but many tea friends are confused about what to use and how to make it.
In fact, there are some small details about what tea is made in the purple sand pot. Let's talk about the purple tea pot drinks of the six major teas today.
green tea
The more common green teas are "Biluochun, West Lake Longjing, Mengding Nectar" and so on.
The green tea is preferably a purple sand "segment clay pot, green clay" pot, which is light in color, has excellent breathability, and is beneficial to the cultivation of the pot. It is not easy to form black tea scales and cultivate the purple clay pot.
In the process of brewing, you should also pay attention to the boiling water that is not suitable for boiling. The temperature of the water is preferably 80 ° C to 85 ° C. The ratio of tea to water is 1:50. The brewing time is 2 to 3 minutes. , The soup is clear, green, transparent and clear, and it is now soaked.
Oolong tea (green tea)
Oolong tea is one of the six major teas in China and is a semi-fermented tea , such as "Tieguanyin, Dahongpao" and so on.
"Water is better than stone spring, furnace is better with charcoal fire, and tea set is better."
Oolong tea is most suitable for soaking with purple sand "Zhu Ni, Hong Ni". Small pieces are preferred. Zhu Ni red clay has high crystallinity, fast aroma and high aroma. It is most suitable for this kind of high aroma tea.
It is suitable to use boiling water at 95 ° C. Oolong tea has a relatively large amount of leaves. The tea leaves are basically half or more of the pot or bowl used.
Each brewing time is from short to long, preferably 2 to 5 minutes.
Yellow tea
Yellow tea belongs to lightly fermented tea. "Mengding yellow bud, Junshan silver needle, Sheshan Maojian" and so on all belong to yellow tea.
Yellow tea is better than the purple clay pot of "purple clay".
The best brewing time for the first bubble is 30 seconds, the second bubble is extended to 60 seconds, and the third bubble is extended to about 2 minutes, so that the taste of the tea soup is better.
black tea
Black tea is a fully fermented tea, such as "Kimen Black Tea, Red Strip Tea, and Broken Black Tea".
Black tea is best made of "purple clay and cinnabar clay". It has its fragrance, and it can brew its original taste better, with clear layers.
It is best to use freshly boiled water. The brewing time is preferably 3 to 5 minutes. The high-end Gongfu red strip tea can be brewed 3 to 4 times, and the red crushed tea can be brewed 1 to 2 times.
Black tea, Pu'er
"Black tea, pu'er tea", such as "tea" and "puer tea", have the characteristics of being older and more fragrant for a certain period of time, so they are also popular among tea friends.
For making this kind of tea, it is better to use purple sand pots such as "purple clay, bottom trough clear", etc. The tea is good and highlights its mellow taste.
The first brew of this type of tea is to wash the tea and filter out impurities in the tea. The subsequent brewing time is usually 2-3 minutes.
White tea
White tea is divided into "white silver needle, white peony, spring city red, spring city green, tribute eyebrow, shoumei and new white tea".
White tea is also best for "Zhu Nian, Hong Nian" type purple sand pot . Its tea soup is slightly golden, and its aroma is fresh and fresh. Of course, Zhu Nian is the best.
White tea brewing requires delicate raw materials and thin leaves, so the water temperature should not be too high when brewing, generally it is appropriate to master at 85-90 ° C.
After reading these six major teas, do you have some understanding of what teas and purple clay pots are used? Generally speaking, purple clays have wide tea suitability. Many teas can be brewed with purple clays, so do n’t worry about it. Wrong.
Finally, please pay attention to reminding that it is very easy to cultivate flowers without using black mud and so on.
Editor-in- chief : yunhong
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