Why is the fair cup called fair cup? What are the uses of it?

The fair cup in the tea set, also known as the cup, is a tea dispenser.
A pot of tea, if poured directly into the cup, the tea that is poured out first is light, and the tea that is poured out later is strong, and the tea in each cup is not the same. The use of the fair cup is to evenly share the tea soup, which has also sublimated to the spiritual level and inherited the "fair" spirit.
There are many etiquettes about using a fair cup of tea, let's take a look at it together.
Dry the bottom
The fair cup is easily stained with water on the bottom of the tea tray. Before pouring the tea to the guests, first dip the fair cup on the tea towel to keep it dry and clean, and avoid dripping on the bottom.
High punch low pour
When brewing tea, pay attention to "high red and low pouring". When you brew tea, you need to hang the pot and high red, in order to stimulate the aroma of tea; while using a fair cup of tea for guests, you need to get as close to the cup as possible to reduce the loss of aroma and avoid Splashing tea soup.
Only seven points full
As the saying goes, "Wine is full of respect, tea is full of deception." It is the consensus of the tea people to pour only seven minutes of tea. It is convenient for guests to pick up tea cups without burning their hands. The amount of tea is also suitable for small snacks.
Renew tea in time
Tea should be kept in the fair cup at all times. When the guest's cup is empty, refill it as soon as possible; if you notice that the tea in the guest's cup has not moved, you should pay attention to whether the guest is unwell or the tea is not appetizing. .
Cannot "cross over"
When pouring tea, be careful not to "overrun and cross". The so-called "overrun" means that your hand passes over other tea utensils, so it is easy to accidentally touch the tea utensils and get wet on your sleeves. The so-called "cross" is to pour tea to the right guest with the left hand and tea to the left guest with the right hand. This way, the range of motion is too large, the body is easy to skew, and it will give people uncoordinated and unsightly visual experience.
The so-called "fairness" spirit is determined by the functions and characteristics of the fairness cup.
The fair cup is one of the tea sets on the tea table. The etiquette and norms reflected by its use method are also applicable to other tea sets.
Editor-in- chief : yunhong
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