How to make tea in a purple pot

Zisha teapot is a very good tea-making equipment. Tea made with the Zisha teapot does not capture the true aroma of the tea, nor is it cooked. It can maintain the color, aroma and taste of the tea for a long time. Zisha tea set is also popular because of its simple and unique shape and excellent temperament. So, how is it best to make tea in a purple sand pot? Let's take a look together.
How to make tea in a purple pot
How to make tea with purple sand pot is the best?
Zisha pot to make tea, what kind of tea to make depends on the shape, mud and personal preferences of the teapot. From the perspective of tire quality, purple clay and clear cement are suitable for black tea and Pu'er tea with high concentration, while Zhu mud is more suitable for fragrant tea, mountain tea, mountain tea, and Tieguanyin.
Oolong tea generally chooses belly flat, smaller purple brown purple sand teapot when choosing purple sand teapot. And when brewing Pu'er tea, generally use a large belly and large capacity scarlet purple sand pot. But this is not absolute, you can also choose according to your personal preferences.
When the teapot is opened, generally, if it is a good teapot, first clean the outer and inner walls with a small hair brush, and then use tea (if you want to brew Puer tea, soak it with Puer tea, if you use it Oolong tea can be soaked with green tea, so you don't need to choose too good tea leaves) Soak it three to five times until there is no muddy taste. It is best to change the water once a day and once a day or two. It is also worth reminding that the purple sand tea pot for Pu'er tea and the purple sand tea pot for oolong tea should not be mixed.
Take the cinnabar noodles in purple sand for example. Generally, the mesh number is high, the density is high, and the aroma adsorption loss of the high-flavor tea is less. It is an oolong tea companion. The small clay pot of Zhu Zhu should be brewed with an Anxi Tieguanyin in the shape of a string, which expresses the characteristics of tea aroma, and smoothly releases the tea fragrance of Tieguanyin. At present, many citizens of Yantai choose "Kung Fu Tea" when they are in the mood. If it is a special tea, the container capacity is recommended to be served in a small pot of 100-200 ml, which is a symbol of good luck.
How to make tea in a purple pot
Duanmu (Benshan Green Clay) is more suitable for brewing green tea, Tieguanyin, Taiwan Baochao tea, and Oolong tea (light roasted fire series). Light and sparse, good for making green tea. A tall tube (such as a well bar) is a good choice for making tea.
From a capacity of less than 200ml flat short purple sand pot is most suitable for drinking Tieguanyin. Because the teapot can reach high temperature in an instant, it just meets the brewing requirements of Tieguanyin.
Pu'er tea and black tea require long heat preservation time. It is best to drink Pu'er tea and black tea with a purple teapot with a depth of 250ml. 250ml wide mouth purple sand is a better choice for making green tea, because green tea is not suitable for long-term high temperature soaking, it requires that the tea set must dissipate heat as soon as possible.
Purple tea pot steps
The first step is a warm pot and a warm cup: tea is made of hot water inside and outside the teapot and the tea cup, so that you can clean the pot, remove mold, and warm the pot. Soaking the inside and outside can prevent the dirt left by the frequent brewing of tea and remove the impurities that are bad for the body.
How to make tea in a purple pot
The second step is to cast tea: first, select the tea leaves, use the tea to slightly raise the teapot about one-fifth of the tea leaves, and put them into the teapot. The amount of tea must be well controlled. The more flavor, the less flavor.
The third step is to wash the tea: the boiling water is then poured into the teapot, and the water in the teapot is immediately poured out. If foam appears, you can gently scrape it off with the lid, which is also called tea washing. The effect is to filter out a layer of unclean material on the outside of the tea.
The fourth step is to brew tea: brew again with suitable boiling water, green tea is suitable at 80 ℃, black tea, puer tea, oolong tea, and simmering tea are suitable at 90 ~ 100 ℃. There are many factors in the pot body capacity, which are not difficult to master after many exercises. Repeat this step to sip tea carefully.
How to make tea in a purple pot
Fifth step, return to position: After use, clean it, remove the lid, the bottom of the pot is facing the sky, and the mouth of the pot is naturally air-drying. In this simple and simple five-step process, you can enjoy the good tea brewed by the purple sand pot.
That's it for here. It is better to choose a suitable pot shape according to the tea leaves for using purple sand tea pot, so that the tea brewed will taste better. Zisha teapot is a simple and convenient tea set, but in daily life, you must pay attention to the maintenance of Zisha teapot, and Zisha teapot also needs maintenance.
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