What to pay attention to when making tea in a purple pot

Zisha pot is very convenient to make tea and tea, and the tea brewed in the purple sand pot does not capture the true aroma of the tea, and has no cooked soup. It can maintain the color, aroma and taste of tea for a long time. Many people like to use purple sand. The pot comes to make tea. However, there are some precautions for using teapots in teapots. Drinking teas in teapots properly can make them taste delicious and maintain the teapots. So, what should be paid attention to when making tea with a purple sand pot? Let ’s take a look together.
What to pay attention to when making tea in a purple pot
What should I pay attention to when making tea with a purple teapot?
The right amount of tea: When you make tea, you must add the right amount of tea, according to the type of tea and the volume of the pot. Generally speaking, the teapot with large stretchable tea needs a small amount of tea when the volume of the teapot is small. Otherwise, the water will be affected.
Fill water to fill up: When filling water, it is recommended that you fill it up as much as possible. Some pottery friends will be kept at eighth full every time they fill the water due to various reasons such as the pot is too large or used on the dry foam table. In fact, this is not good. After a long time, it will cause different degrees of color difference between the inner and outer walls. Therefore, it is recommended to fill it up with water every time.
Washing should be heated: after filling with water, such a phenomenon will occur, some tea powder will adhere to the pot body with the tea out. At this time, using hot water to shower the pot body can not only wash away the tea powder to clean some pot bodies, but also To a certain extent, it can play the role of additional temperature to make it better tea flavor.
What to pay attention to when making tea in a purple pot
Washing tea should be groomed: nowadays tea washing has become the norm, that is to say, the first time you brew the tea without drinking, pour it into a fair cup and pour the pot, which is basically the same now. The temperature of the kettle is high in the kettle, so the tea soup on it will be evaporated quickly, but the oily substances secreted by tea leaves a mark on the kettle, that is, tea stains, so after using the tea Be sure to rinse the tea stains with hot water, and then wipe them with a tea towel. One is to maintain cleanliness, and the other is to dilute the tea oil materials with boiling water and evenly wipe the pot body, which is more conducive to the cultivation of pulp.
Tips for pouring tea: A pot of tea has been drinking for a long time. After the pouring, it is found that there are still tea leaves on the inner wall and the lid of the pot, especially the lid. Many pot friends will hold the lid to shake it off. If you accidentally hit the edge of the pot, it will either be broken or missing. It is recommended to put the lid aside first, pour boiling water into the pot and shake it. At this time, the remaining tea leaves will be separated from the wall of the pot, and then it is discarded. Repeat this many times. The lid on the pot can also be washed away. Remember not to shake or you will run into it accidentally.
What to pay attention to when making tea in a purple pot
The bottom of the pot should be cleaned: Many pot friends will ignore this. Generally, bottomed feet such as stone scoops and milk tripods are better. Those without bottom feet such as Xishi pots should be cleaned after each use. The bottom of the pot, otherwise, after a long time, a circle of water stains and tea stains will be left on the bottom of the pot, which is neither beautiful nor easy to remove.
Benefits of making tea with a purple tea pot
First, it has a good taste-preserving function, making tea without losing its original taste, and without the odor of the tea set itself. The fragrance is good, the color, fragrance and taste are good, and the fragrance is not scattered.
Second, Chen tea is not stubborn. The summer day, the more you can't afford greasy moss, it is good for washing and maintaining the sanitation of the teapot itself. If it is not used for a long time, there will be no stale gas. As long as it is used, first fill it with boiling water, pour it out immediately, and then immerse it in cold water to rinse it. The vitality can be restored, and the tea still has the original flavor.
According to the research of relevant experts, the general ceramic tea set has smooth walls and poor permeability. The condensed water droplets fall behind, which makes the tea frequently stirred, and it is easy to promote mold reproduction and cause tea fermentation. The ceramic pot lid of the purple sand pot has holes, which can absorb water vapor, so as not to form water droplets on the lid, and drip in the tea water to stir the tea water and accelerate the fermentation of the tea water.
What to pay attention to when making tea in a purple pot
Third, the purple sand pot has been used for a long time, and the tea rust accumulates on the wall of the pot. Even if the empty pot is filled with boiling water, it will also smell yīnyūn. This is related to the certain porosity of the purple sand pot. It is unique to the purple sand pot. quality.
Fourth, the hot and cold rapid change performance is good, will not crack due to fire.
Fifth, the purple sand pot is used for a long time, and the body will become more luminous and cute due to touching and wiping. Therefore, Wen Long said in "Chajian jiǎn": "Mozhang Baoai, don't hesitate (chì only, only, often used to express doubt Or negative words, forming "not 啻") palm beads. It has been used for a long time, and the external type is purple jade, and the internal type is like a cloud. "It becomes a strange object.
It can be said that the purple sand teapot is cherished by people because of its excellent and unique practical value.
What to pay attention to when making tea in a purple pot
That's all for now. After using the purple sand pot, please pay attention to cleaning it. After each use, use a cloth to absorb the moisture from the outside of the pot. The purple sand pot must be kept dry after use. The purple sand pot also needs to be maintained. In daily life, we should also pay attention to the maintenance of the purple sand pot, so that the purple sand pot can be used the better.
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