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  • Chenpi Village Daoxin Xinhui Chenpi Series: What should I do if the "home" is at home in an unusual period?

    In order to accompany you through a long holiday, the mall has selected a number of Xinhui Chanpi products, and accompanies you to "online" happy shopping.
  • Hundred Years of New Products Launched Fuyuanchang "Dragon Mission": Time Quality

    Five years of time, poured into the years, the charm of time, the beauty of quality, the beauty of the Spring Festival, the beauty of hope. Dragon Tuan celebrates the New Year and enjoys the New Year!
  • The new "Red China" of Dianhongpumen is listed on the market, this is a tea ceremony for "rat"

    During the storage of "China Red", the internal texture became more mellow and soft with the passage of time.
  • Dayi Double Cake Annual Ritual "Fulu Double Happiness" is listed on the market.

    As the New Year approaches, Dayi Double Cake Annual Gift "Fu Lu Double Happiness" is fully upgraded and listed. In the name of tea, I wish the Jubilee a new year, setting off a storm of year-on-year tastes, and a national hot sale!
  • Kaisa Industry Xinghai Tea Product Brochure

    Kaisa Industry Xinghai Tea Product Brochure
  • Hundred Years of New Products, Fu Yuanchang, 15 Years of Time Warehouse 753

    The raw materials are selected from the original ancient tree tea in Xishuangbanna tea area and stored in the original place of Xishuangbanna for more than 10 years. It presents the beauty of Yu Fusheng Fu Yuanchang's raw materials selection, the beauty of ancient craftsmanship, the beauty of mountain aging, the beauty of origin storage, and reproduces the style of "Puer Tea King".
  • Hong Datang: What made a real piece of Chenpi?

    Hongdatang has always adhered to a sincere heart, following the tradition and paying tribute to the classics, just to retain the scent of sunshine in a piece of tan. Each piece of Hongdatang Chenpi has its own unique spirit, which is the smell of Xinhui Chenpi, and the taste of real years.
  • Li Gong Qiao Bao: Soak a glass of tangerine water in the New Year to care about health with your family

    Qiaobao · Xinhui Chenpi, warming your heart and stomach, sweet and mellow, will help you keep this warm holiday forever.
  • Qiaobao Xinhui Chenpi: Happy New Year, Passing Warmth

    On this festive day, we have selected Xinhui Chenpi dedicated to you. Passing warmth, health, and love to friends, relatives and friends in the new year!
  • "Red Indian Round Tea", the representative of classic Indian Puer tea

    According to the internal data of China Tea Company, the "Red Seal Round Tea" in the 1950s was the first Pu'er tea produced after the founding of the People's Republic of China. Because of its very important historical significance, all parties have strict standards for the production of this batch of tea. Benchmarking and experimental ...
  • Chenpi Village, Xinhui: No snooze during the Spring Festival! Let's "year" together

    The Xinhui Chenpi with identity is more secure. It owns the tea plantation to keep it fresh; authentic citrus fruits to keep it true, and enjoy the Xinhui Chenpi lifestyle together!
  • Run Yuanchang: Hometown haze is getting thicker. Only Orange Pu!

    New Year's haze-prone weather, Runyuanchang Mandarin Tea, a natural body purifier, take care of your body and mind, a small green mandarin in the afternoon, clear the lungs in time, smooth mouth and nose, relieve throat itching, and tea Gentle and warm, family-friendly, home essential.
  • Price List of Baifu Tea

    List of Baifu Tea Products Price List!
  • A hand-made dragon ball makes the return journey no longer long

    The Spring Festival is busy and the journey is long, inevitably exhausting. Come home this time, something different! A small dragon ball will make your homecoming journey no longer just a "clogging" on the high speed, a "crowding crowd" in the station, comfortable and easy!
  • [2019 Shimonoseki Tea New Product Review] Taste the years, the classic returns

    [2019 Shimonoseki Tea New Product Review] Taste the years and return to classics. Xiangrui Xuanwu, Gan Pu'er, 8603, Flourish Discus, Mid-Kuxi Mountain, Busanlu Mountain, Mahei Commune, Fuchunhe, Flower Moon, Chinese Heart, Yunnan Tea, Rizhao Jinshan, 1902 ...
  • New clothes for the new year, new upgrade of Pumen Dianhong (big can red)

    Times are changing, and we are also changing. As the New Year approaches, the term "new weather for the new year" is used for "Pumian Dianhong (big pot of red)". Red (big can of red) new upgrade.
  • New Year's recommended Zhenghao cup of tea: On the way home, warmth is always with you!

    Zhenghao Convenient Original Leaf Cup Tea, selected high-quality ecological mountain tea as raw material, and then passed 36 strict security check procedures. The cup body and inner wall are made of PLA corn material, no wax, no odor, anti-scalding, no deformation, originality Make a good cup of tea.
  • Junzhong red-headed boat ancient tree tea, wish you luck

    A selection of 100-year-old tea from Wuliang Mountain with large leaves and thick lines, rich and rich in aroma, with a delicate aroma of orchids, with a delicate orchid fragrance, golden and transparent tea soup, a quick and lasting return to the mouth, typical flavors .
  • [2019 Xinmaotang New Product Review] Read the Holy Sage Book and Drink Xinmaotang Horse Tea

    [Review of Xinmaotang's new products in 2019] Read the sage book and drink Xinmaotang horse tea. Pocket pig, Slippery bamboo beam 2429, Iceland, Busy lungs, Daxueshan Gongcha Manor, Blangong Tea Manor, Brown Old Tea Head, Tianma One, Red Furnace