[2019 Chen Shenghao new product review] Continuity of ingenuity, inheritance of quality

For Chen Shenghao, each product is a continuation of ingenuity and quality inheritance. "Scent of high, full of qi, thick bottom, deep rhyme" is Chen Shenghao Pu'er tea raw tea products, classified according to taste type. For example, "Tian Yun" is the representative of Xianggao type, "Chen Sheng No. 1" is the representative of Qi foot type, "Bawangqing cake" is the representative of bottom thick type, and "Old Ban Zhang" is the representative of Yun deep type. And these products will continue as usual in 2019 ...

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Chen Shenghao Zodiac Commemorative Tea started in 2008 (rat cake), and this year (pig cake) ushered in a happy moment of "Happy Reunion of the Zodiac".
Twelve years of spring and autumn, as if between the beards, people are not old, tea has not changed. The growth of the mind, the fragrance of tea, is a gift given to us in the years, everyone has a share ...
The situation is short, and the end is over. How lucky it is to be able to treasure the "Happy Reunion of the Zodiac"!
Famous Mountain Series · Classic Continuation
All come from the core Pu'er tea producing area in Ouhai County. Each tea is classic and of superior quality. It is loved by the majority of tea friends and can continue to this day.
The first Naka was born in 2013, and the 2019 Naka classic is the seventh year. Because of its superior quality, it is made of pure base materials. Once it is on the market, it is loved by tea lovers. In recent years, "Naka" has the inherent reputation of "small class chapter".
At the awarding ceremony of the "Leadership Di Tai" 2019 "Two Exhibitions and One Festival" tea product selection campaign sponsored by the China Tea Distribution Association, Chen Shenghao "Naka" won the "Special Gold Award" for its excellent quality!
The Chen Shenghao Yiwu Tea series originated in 2006 and continued to be produced for more than ten years. Although the name has been changed several times, "Yiwu Tea, Yiwu Yun" has always been the same.
The 2019 Chen Sheng No. Yiwu Dashu base is pure material, with high aroma, full soup, profound charm, new and old combination, and better coordination. Inherit the ancient style and create a classic and stable taste for 13 years.
The high mountain clouds produce good tea. In 2019, the glutinous tree will inherit the quality and reproduce the classics. Ten years ago, the continuation of the classics allows the quality to be sublimated in inheritance.
The Nannuo tree has been extended from 2008 to the present, and the production has continued every year, which has become a classic Chen Sheng flavor in the hearts of tea people.
The "玖 玖" Chen Sheng old class chapter in 2019 is the twelfth year system of Chen Sheng. It has a great reputation and is a product that has written a legend. Lao Banzhang is an outstanding representative of Pu'er tea, and it is also a full-scale gold signboard. The world has been titled "King".
For the past 12 years, Chen Sheng's old class chapter has a reputation as a thunderbolt, and its quality is well-known. It is a good drink and a treasure.
"玖 玖" Chen Sheng Lao Ban Zhang implied the status of the king, the pinnacle of work, and also contains long-lasting good wishes.
Chen Sheng benchmarking products
"Chen Sheng No. 1" and "Bawang Qingbing" are two benchmarking products of the Chen Sheng brand. They are an iconic banner of the brand and a representative product of blended tea. The first was born in 2009 and continues every year thereafter. Benefiting from the excellent selection of materials and the exquisite blending skills of Chen Shenghao, under the careful blending of the two generations of craftsmen, the two tea products have not changed their names and styles for eleven years. It is commendable that their quality and taste are the same.
Chen Shenghao · Quality Standard of Big Tree Tea
With the celebration of the country, Chen Shenghao's blockbuster product-"Chen Shenghao" was officially launched! This tea is spread across the country in the name of the brand, setting a benchmark for branded tea and redefining the quality standards of tree tea.
"Chen Shenghao" is a product that carries the spirit of artisans, conveys the brand's dream, and has a milestone significance in the brand development process! This is also a kind of tea that gathers the strengths of the mountain, and achieves a "golden ratio" in terms of taste, taste, coordination, bitterness and sweetness. It is rare and cannot be copied.
The naming method of “Chen Shenghao Kaichun First Cake” is full of characteristics. Everyone still remembers that the first cake was “sweat” in 2016. After being watched and loved by tea friends, every spring, “Chen Shenghao Kaichun First Cake” is with everyone Meet as scheduled.
"Kanqing-Qingyun-Yunyue-Yueyuan ..." This naming method, which is connected end to end, borrows from the "father-son joint name system" of the Hani ethnic group in Xishuangbanna. It is a unique product culture. In addition, it also represents the inheritance of the quality of this series of products. Although the age is reciprocating, the quality of tea is still the same.
The growth environment of Pu'er tea and its unique natural geographical conditions have created distinctive qualities. The aroma and taste of tea are endlessly changing, which is fascinating.
And Chen Shenghao "Tian Yun" is the representative of Chen Shenghao brand Pu'er tea raw tea fragrance. It has been produced since 2012 and continues every year. Its raw materials are selected from the ancient tree tea of Chenshenghao Naka base. The biggest taste is the back to Gan Shengjin Remarkably, the aroma is high. Due to limited raw materials and scarce product output, fifty years of ingenuity in craftsmanship and the production of tea based on the concept of pharmaceuticals, the quantity is small and the quality is fine, a cake is hard to find.
Chen Shenghao's "Shengtianxia" products, selected from Xishuangbanna above 2,000 meters above sea level, rich in moss and other parasitic plants on the tea tree, are used as raw materials. Chen Shenghao uses the pharmaceutical concept to make tea-without floor production. The condensing is obvious.
Woody scent is one of the aromas of ancient tea tree tea. It is extremely rare. Chen Shenghao selects teas with unique woody scent from thousands of teas.
Chen Shenghao high-end cooked tea red coral is a high-end cooked tea product in 2019. One-third of its raw materials are old Banzhang tree tea. It is aged for five years. The craftsmanship has been crafted with Chensheng's 50 years of ingenuity. Carefully selected, the tea is bitter-sweet, mellow and fragrant, and the aftertaste is endless. Red Coral was released on the 12-year factory celebration day, and it shines together!
The reason why the Chen Sheng No. 2019 gift box of heavy and cooked tea products are named "Shinian" is to reflect the meaning of "ten years old, new materials and new pressure"; second, the word "pick" means "pick, take" , Taste this tea, just like regaining the past ten years, so that all the beauty is transformed into the flavor of the tea soup, drink it in one drink.
The two generations of Chen Shenghao craftsmen made tea, benchmarking products, famous mountain series, and heavy products. The tea products they produced were favored by many tea friends all over the country, and their tea-making skills were also talked about.
"Fifty years of ingenuity, making a hundred years of good tea" is a powerful word printed on the "Chen Shenghao" product cotton paper. There are only ten words. It seems simple but not simple. It condenses the teamakers' countless years of research. And epiphany. Over the years, with the joint efforts of all Chen Sheng's families, the Chen Sheng brand has grown vigorously, and has opened branches and leaves all over the country. More than 300 specialty stores with a certain size and strength have brought the ancient and precious tree tea to love and drink. Tea friends of tea, together build a century-old dream.
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