[2019 Review of Octagonal Pavilion New Products] Dawn Craftsmanship, Make Authentic Brown Taste

Looking back, do not forget the original intention, dawn, making tea with heart, time, and hard interpretation.
After years of continuous hard work and development, the "Octagon Pavilion" brand has gained the trust and recognition of consumers and has become one of the most influential brands in the market today.
From generation to generation, Dawningers have overcome difficulties. After 55 years of hard work, they have always upheld the classic and inherited purposes. Each classic product accompanies us through countless spring and autumn. Each classic product will bring different surprises to every tea lover. !!
At the beginning of 2020, let us look back at the past 2019, these great works brought to us by the Octagonal Pavilion.

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Octagonal Pavilion's zodiac cake “Pearl Round Jade Run” in 2019 implies wealth source Hengtong and Jinyumantang. With a sweet smile, taking a light footstep, set foot on the speeding time train, entered another new year, and officially listed on January 1, 2019.
"Zhuyuan Yurun" is selected from the brown tea in Menghai County in the early spring of three years, and it is refined by traditional ancient craftsmanship. The appearance is strong and fat, the color of the buds and leaves is oily, the soup is orange-yellow and translucent, the aroma is high, the sweetness is long, the fragrance of the blue is obvious, the fragrance at the bottom of the cup is lasting, and the taste is thick and overbearing.
Xishuangbanna is the hometown of Pu'er tea, and also the home of peacocks. Pu'er tea and peacocks interpret and paint classic legendary stories. Octagonal Pavilion Seven Star Brown Peacock Zhen selected dry tea stored in the dry warehouse for 16 years as raw material. It follows the ancient method of making tea and exquisitely made into cake tea. The bars are firm and firm, the fragrance is fragrant, the taste is sweet, and the tea is full of flavor It has a strong, deep throat, and the overall soup feels thick and full, and it is resistant to frothing; it is a rare Pu'er good product!
Banzhang Ecological Round Tea is selected from the original ecological big tree tea in Banzhang tea area. It is made by using traditional techniques to knead the green and then autoclaved.
Its buds are relatively long and sturdy, and the back of the leaves is densely dense and has a very high degree of recognition. Every strand, no matter it is stationary or in motion, appears full and powerful, with its majestic and heroic hair. You can feel its dominance at a glance.
Brown Mountain is a famous Pu'er tea producing area. Villages in the mountains include Banzhang, Laoman'e, Manxinlong, etc. Among them, Banzhangzhai produces the best Pu'er tea.
The Brown Mountain Ecological Garden Tea is selected from the Brown Mountain Tea Area of Erhai Lake, Yunnan. The Brown Mountain Tea Area is more than 1,600 meters above sea level. The soup color is golden and translucent like honey, rich and mellow, with strong mountain and wild atmosphere, long-lasting sweetness, and resistance to foaming; the Brown Mountain ecological round tea has the authentic Brown taste.
The most hopeful thing in spring is the fresh spring tea. After a drowsy winter, the tea tree sprung up thousands of buds under the nourishment of rain, green and verdant, fresh and dripping.
Erhai Early Spring Rock Rhyme Round Tea, with strong buds, soft leaves and full inner quality, is full of spring flavor. The soup color is bright, and the thick fragrance is lingering on the nose. Take a sip, the mouth is soft, and the sweet flavor is full of aftertaste. Good tea needs the right time and place, and "Yun Yun" is a masterpiece!
The octagonal pavilion in early spring silver, from its birth in 2003 to the new 2019 early spring in silver, this product has gone through more than a dozen spring and autumn, a classic continuation year after year, telling its tea friends Tea friends enjoy the joyful spirit and healthy lifestyle for many years.
Early spring 1901 Yinhao selected high-density early spring sun-dried green tea from the Brown Mountain large-leaf tree in Erhai Tea Area as raw material. It has a round cake shape, fat bud heads, and complete bars. The color of the soup is bright orange and yellow, and the aroma is strong. The taste of the tea soup is full and full, showing the flavor of early spring tea.
Loquat tea is a traditional product in Yunnan tea. It has a long history. Its special shape and excellent quality have long been known, and it is well-known both at home and abroad.
Bajiaoting raw scallion is selected from the large-leaf seed sun-cured green tea from Ouhai County, Yunnan, and processed by traditional autoclaving. The shape is straight, bowl-shaped, and the inner socket is deep and round. The strips are plump, the color is black and white, densely covered with white, the soup is yellow and bright, the aroma is pure and long-lasting, and the taste is strong and fresh.
The Bajiaoting Tea Industry specially launched the 70th anniversary of the founding of the country to witness the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and celebrate with the country! Released on July 1st at a time of special historical significance, it means that the heart is with the motherland and sends the most sincere blessings to the motherland!
The "70th Anniversary Cake" is made from the Yiwu tea area, and the ropes are evenly and tightly knotted. The color of the soup is golden and bright, crystal clear, and the charm of the original forest is attractive and refreshing. The mouth is soft, refreshing, sweet and mellow, with a thick and full flavor. It is a precious tea in Yiwu Tea with its supple beauty.
The 75 formula tea is still active in the market, and is regarded as the benchmark tea in the market, and even Pu'er tea raw tea and Pu'er tea cooked tea are popular in the market.
The octagonal pavilion 7520, 7560, and 7570 are based on different grades of spring tea and tea cyanine from Brown Mountain. Two seasons and one ripe, different grades of materials create different tastes and tastes; 7560 can also be said to be popular tea, its honey fragrance And sweet rhyme almost meets the taste needs of various taste groups. Compared with 7560, 7520 has more obvious tea flavor and more tea flavor. Exquisite selection has greatly improved the gelatinous texture of the tea soup, which fully shows the richness of the brown camellia soup.
For 7570 cooked tea, the traditional large-scale fermentation mode slows down the fermentation of the tea and grows in full accordance with its own breathing rhythm. The fermentation degree conforms to each bud; the tea soup is strong, the jujube flavor is obvious, the soup entrance, and the tea soup is lubricating. Invades the whole body.
Octagonal Pavilion Purple Indian Ancient Tea Round Tea Purple Garland Noodle Design, which not only highlights the atmosphere and solemnity of the high-end cooked tea design elements of the Octagonal Pavilion, but also is novel and easy-going! Integrating traditional aesthetics with the trend of the times.
Collected from the Banzhang tea area of Ouhai County, Yunnan, the soup is rich in red, rich in taste, rich in gold, pure in aroma, smooth and smooth. The bar is complete, showing the flavor of early spring tea. It is made by traditional hand kneading and tanning, and moderately fermented and refined.
Brown's collection of ancient tree round tea selection Banzhang tea area Brown Mountain early spring large-leaf tree species ancient tree tea cyanine as raw material, refined using traditional techniques. The color of the soup is orange and yellow, the taste is strong, the sweetness is fast, the health is strong, the aroma is unique, and the wild atmosphere is full of charm. A fine product, fragrant lips and teeth, refreshing.
When it comes to Pu'er tea, there is no way around a mountain, that is, the "Old Banzhang", the Banzhang is king, and it shows its status in Pu'er tea. It is rarely noticed that a "new class chapter" that was originally rooted has always been sharp. At the 11th Erhai (International) Tea King Festival this year, the "New Banzhang" proved its identity with absolute strength. A "Brown Mountain New Class Chapter" won the Tea King Award of the Ancient Mountain Tea Group.
The new Banzhang ancient tree tea is characterized by its strong blue fragrance and golden and bright tea soup, which is sweet at the entrance of the soup; the soup has a strong sense of thickness and a long-lasting throat rhyme; after the natural storage, the tea becomes stronger and fuller, and the aroma is more intense , To fully display the unique flavor characteristics of the new Banzhang Shantou.
The Baoji Pavilion Palace Pu'er King selects the spring high-grade tanning palace-grade wool tea from the Brown Mountain in the Erhai Tea Area in Yunnan as the raw material, which is fermented and refined.
As one of the regular products of the Octagonal Pavilion, the palace Pu'er King inherited the tea-making experience of the Octagonal Pavilion for more than 50 years, continued the classic formula, and guaranteed stable quality. It is a good tea that can stand the test and is worthy of being treasured.
Clouds flowing, like honey and sweetness, are the beating of dew in the morning, and the splendor of the evening evening glow. They are low-key when they converge, they are swollen when they bloom, they are in the wilderness, they have their heart in their hearts. The waiting time slides frame by frame, the time that can't be held flows, and finally turns into colorful clouds and aurora.
Inexplicably following the rhythm of the heart, when I feel the tension of my first love tightening each nerve line, it is difficult to slow down my breathing.
Not seen old
The old man has turned his head
Why bother
I have stopped talking
——Ji Ye
A pot of tea, a room of fragrant incense, where the heart is, tea fragrance comes from. Octagonal Pavilion 0432 green cake, since the first batch of production in 2004, has continued to this day, and is loved and sought after by many tea friends.
Yunhai Bajiaoting Tea Industry Co., Ltd. of Yunnan Agricultural Reclamation Group has gone through the storms and hardships. In the long river of years, generations of dawn people use their intelligence and wisdom to present a glass of citron in front of everyone.
I want to go from heart to road
Making tea like medicine
From every slice of tea to every cup of tea soup
This is a baptism, a sublimation
This is a metamorphosis, a spirit?
After more than half a century of ups and downs, "Octagonal Pavilion" has been working hard, always keeping in mind consumers, and making every piece of tea with the spirit of "craftsmanship"! In the products of 2019, it can be seen that making Brown Camellia with heart and authentic Brown taste is the original heart that Octagonal Pavilion has always forgotten, and it conveys a different Brown flavor to the majority of tea friends.
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