[2019 Mangala New Product Review] Enjoy Pure Erhai Tea, Drink Famous Mountain Ancient Tree Tea

As one of the few minority tea brands in the cloud tea industry, "Mangala" has many unique labels-derived from the Buddhist scriptures of the Dai ethnic group, from the tea mountain, and from ethnic minorities. Mr. Ban Hanfeng, the founder and chairman of Mangala once said: "Life is like tea, tea is like life, we go through sweet and bitterness, through adversity and ups and downs, and we can always turn into good times and completeness."
At the beginning of the new year, waving goodbye to 2019, a new chapter and journey are already underfoot. Every year, the Menggala Famous Mountain Series meets everyone as always, and it surprises everyone who loves tea with the purest and most authentic taste!

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As the so-called "thin is rare," the output of the real old class is very limited. A true old class cooked tea needs to pass two major tests: the authenticity of the quality of the raw materials and the maturity of the production process. The old Banzhang cooked tea that meets these two conditions and is born will inevitably become a hot product on the market.
Mangala 2019 Old Banch Cooked Tea
Mangala Old Banzhang Ancient Tree Pure Tea, carefully selected the high-quality old Banzhang Ancient Tree spring tea raw materials for the three years 2016, 2017, and 2018, and created it with rigorous technology and mature fermentation technology. After 3 years of raw materials accumulation, 45 days of careful fermentation and 40 days of patient care, this old Banzhang cooked tea was finally polished. The tea soup entrance is full and thick, and the feeling of returning to sweetness and sweetness is obvious, and the charm is long and long ...
Pasha Ancient Tea Mountain is located in the southwest of Gelang and Xiang in Erhai County. The highest altitude is 1,850 meters and the average altitude is over 1,700 meters. Geographically, it lies between the famous ancient tea mountain "Nannuo Mountain" and "Brown Mountain". Rain and mist linger here all year round and there is plenty of rain. Mangala's famous mountain series "Pasa" is from here. Every year, every tea lover is pleasantly surprised with the purest and most authentic taste!
Mangala 2019 Pasa
Speaking of Erhai Tea, Brown Mountain naturally cannot get around, because there is a tea king laoban chapter that has made countless tea people "race each other". But if we want to talk about the oldest walled village on Brown Mountain and the most bitter tea, the answer must be the old man.
Mangala 2019 Mane
The ancient tea mountain in Mannuo is the farthest tea mountain from Erhai County among all the ancient tea mountains in Erhai County. It is about 85 kilometers away from Erhai County. The black-leaf species in Erhai Lake are the main species. There are three main places where ancient tree tea is produced: Mannuo Dazhai, Mannuo Shangzhai, and Mannuo Zhongzhai. Mannuo is special, especially its fragrance, which is why it has been titled as "the first fragrance of Erhai Lake".
Mangala 2019 Mango
Regarding its fragrance, people who have drunk Mannuo will probably feel like this: Mannuo ancient tree Pu'er, the fragrance melts into water, wherever the soup goes, the fragrance goes! The dry tea strips are tightly knotted and black, and the wild mountain is strong. The tea soup is full and fragrant, and the cup is obvious. The tea soup is soft and the mountain is long-lasting.
From the point of view of dried tea, Mangala's Hekai has a long, bright golden color. From its full soup quality, there is a bit of bitterness, but it turns quickly, and you can feel the faint flavor of the ancient tree tea. Although there is no domineering of the old Banzhang and the lack of oldness, but He Kai's excellent tea flavor and unique aroma also show that it is indeed a good tea not to be missed. Because the tree is old enough, coupled with the high-quality ecological environment, He Kai has not only lost the fierce domineering of Brown Mountain tea, but also added a bit of faint orchid and honey.
Mangala celebrates 2019
As the so-called "one mountain and one flavor", some people are obsessed with the domineering of the old Ban Zhang, the old man is bitter, and naturally someone is intoxicated by He Kai's unique orchid fragrance and mountain charm.
The pure materials of the ancient brown tree are pressed by hand-milled stone. The lines are plump and strong, the tea is overbearing, and the hydration is strong. The tea soup is translucent and golden, the throat is full, and the palate is sweet. Fresh and flexible, strong tea aroma, natural aroma at the bottom of the cup, pure taste after sun exposure, fragrant at the bottom of the cup, the mouth is sweet and lasting after drinking.
Mangala 2019 Brown Mountain
Erhai Song and Song, also known as "Da Song Song". This ancient tea mountain is located in the Songsong Township of Ouhai County. It is connected to Jinghong City in the east, Gelanghe Township in the south, and Liunuosha across the river from Nannuo Mountain. It is also one of the oldest tea areas in Erhai County. Mangala's classic famous village ancient tree raw tea tea Song Song is from here!
Mangala 2019 Song Song
Selected from the ancient tea tea of Baotangzhai, the ancient tea mountain of the Song Dynasty, in the Mangala ancient tree raw tea series, the Song of the Song Dynasty is a delicately conserved tea product, which has prominent features such as strong and thick flavor, and long time aftertaste; In terms of type, the scent is unique and full-bodied, lasting and sweet, and the throat is refreshing, which is an indispensable representative of Pu'er tea.
Lao Village of Bangpen, located in the Brown Mountains of Erhai County, at an altitude of about 1760 meters, is a Lahu village belonging to the Hekai Village Committee. Looking across He Kai, but adjacent to the old Banzhang, made the ancient tea garden in Bangpen an elevation, climate, soil, ecological environment and even the same as the old Banzhang.
Mangala State Bonsai 2019
Bangpen is one of the more outstanding products in the famous mountain village series of Mangala. The hand-made tea from Bangpen Laozhai ancient tree is selected as the raw material, and the traditional tea-making process of iron-cooking and stone-milling is continued. Bring the most authentic and pure taste of the ancient trees of Bangpen to everyone. The fragrance of Bangpen is special. Take a sip of the slightly mysterious fruit fragrance, making people feel like they are in a deep and quiet forest.
It is made from an ancient tree tea from a small village on the Brown Mountain, pressed by a full manual stone mill. The cord is firm, with a slight floral scent, and the sweetness is good. The tea soup is translucent and golden, and the throat is full. The anterior oral cavity is sweet. After that, the mouth becomes sweet and lasting.
Bangalore 2019
This secret place, originated from a small village in the Brown Mountains of Erhai County, is hidden in the mountains and forests, retaining the original national style, so there are some beautiful legends. The girl and the prince met in this tea forest, and finally formed a wonderful marriage.
Mangala 2019 Mystery
These incidents are mysterious like the clouds in the Brown Mountains that are unknown and retreat, and that tea plantation is also one of the mysterious factors. I wonder who planted it? I wonder who cultivated it? To this day we get it, pick it, and turn it into a cup of delicious citron, so we call her a mystery, and for her mystery and her preciousness!
Mangala Yayun Pu'er raw cake, selected from the Brown Mountain Xiaozhai ancient tree tea, pressed by hand stone grinding. The strips are thick and thick, and the honey fragrance is long after brewing, the mouth is sweet, the soup is translucent, the tea soup is full, and the taste of the tea is relatively soft.
Mangala 2019
A cooked tea from the ancient tea mountain of Hekai, Ouhai County, "Renhe", not only welcomes the arrival of the New Year, but also completes the end of the only "2019".
Mangala 2018 man and cooked tea
The new "Renhe" ancient tree ripe tea in 2019 is selected from the high-quality Hekai ancient tree spring tea in 2018 as the raw material, which is traditionally fermented on the ground. Fermentation with spring tea as raw material ensures a rich material basis in tea. The palate is thick and mellow, with high sweetness, resistance to brewing, long-lasting aroma, and good leaf base activity. Tap lightly and wait for a while, you can feel the charm of the ancient trees growing up in the long years.
2019 is the third year that Mangalla has been producing small green mandarins. Every year, we return to the market with the same quality and excellent taste.
Mangala 2019 Little Green Mandarin
When the small green mandarins in Guangdong Xinhui ushered in the picking season, the Brown Mountain ancient tree ripe tea exclusively fermented by Mangala was filled. The fresh fruity aroma is ingeniously blended with the mellowness of the old-fashioned mature tea. In a pot of hot water, a cup of red tea with a clear, smooth mouth and delicious fruit flavor is served!
A cup of sweetness that warms your entire spring
The greatest advantage of the ancient tree black tea is the age of the tree. Because of its ancient age, its root system can penetrate deeply into the soil and can absorb minerals deep in the soil. Secondly, the fermentation process is the biggest reason for the good taste and unique quality of the ancient black tea. The exquisite processing technology fully retains the rich inner quality and mellow taste of the ancient tree tea. The difference is that it satisfies the full and smooth taste of black tea, whether it is amber-like soup color or unique floral fragrance.
Mangala Bada Black Tea and Passa Black Tea are selected from the fermented ancient tree spring tea in Erhai Tea Area. Each one is selected from the best ancient tree teas, and each one is carefully made by Mangala tea makers Made of. Have a cup and let your "warm up" this spring day!
Mangalapasa Black Tea
Kindness is like the winter sun and the summer breeze. No matter the character or virtue, it can move people. Kindness makes people trust, makes people practical, makes people iron, and moves. The good people don't count you, the good people don't deceive you, the good people don't betray you, and dealing with the good people is like boating on the moonlit lake, which makes people quiet and warm.
Mangala 2018 Houdao White Tea
Mangala tea is kind, and so is the tea, so we named it "Houda" according to the characteristics of this tea. It looks the same inside and out, and it is real; we believe that the authenticity of the "Houda" ancient tree white tea will definitely move .
Leave the old and welcome the new, and work together towards a new 2020!
In the new year, the Mangala Ancient Tea Party will return consistent quality and more perfect brand service to the public! I hereby wish my friends a wealth of money in the new year, all things Mangala!
Finishing 丨 Tea Fruit
Picture 丨 Mangala Ancient Tea
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